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Oh yes.

The latest bait to emerge from Rocky Patel’s deep bench of blends is the ‘R4’. Set to be released nationwide, I pulled a crafty move and stuck my prodigious snout in the trough, buying his entire production. Still, I have a chunky allotment of these sticks resting in the fabled CI humidor even as I write this prize-winning bit of literary gold you see before you.

The Rocky Patel ‘R4’ cigar is draped by a thick and toothy Corojo leaf and blended with aged long-leaf tobaccos from Honduras and Nicaragua, resulting in a delicious medium-bodied's earthy, rich, nutty, and buttery smooth, Rocky Patel R4 will no doubt set up shop as a permanent resident in your humidor. I’ve slashed the prices on all sizes - up to 54%! RP's tasty ‘R4’ can be yours for as low as two bucks and change. The youngster in the office across from mine may have said it best: "Whoa dude, this might be the deal of the year."

Overall Rating 3.74 out of 5 Based on 34 Ratings

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2 out of 5
Not great
Bad burn, not enjoyable
5 out of 5
Rocky Patel R4 Rocks!
Great Cigar! Light enough for a afternoon smoke, big enough for an after dinner finish with a great port.
5 out of 5
Great offer. Thank you.
5 out of 5
R4, sorry to see you go.
With the recent news from Rocky Patel about dropping the R4 line I will be sorry when they are gone. These have been a favorite of mine for a few years. I prefer a smoke that is medium, not mild/medium and not robusto and these have been an excellent choice for me. From one box to the next they are consistent giving great volumes of taste and smoke with each stick. So goodbye my friend R4, I wish Rocky would change his mind.
4 out of 5
Smooth and mellow flavor. Good smoke!
2 out of 5
Decent enough
These were a great deal for a weeks worth of smokes for the hunt camp. The only issue I️ had was how dry they were. Almost as if they hadn’t been in a humidor at all prior to being shipped. And if that’s the case, who’s to complain? They are decent cigars, mine were just very dry and cracked when punched. Great price, great shipping, each cigar had a memory, so 5 stars for CI but only a few for Rocky on these sticks.
5 out of 5
Great everyday cigar.
Great everyday cigar.
5 out of 5
Good cigar for the price
I like the way it burns and it’s taste.
3 out of 5
not good
first i noticed stick had a hard draw. second, no taste. tried second one. same with large lump about 1/3 way down. still no taste. sent back for refund. first time i ever did this. sorry.
5 out of 5
Never go wrong with a Rocky!
A really nice smoke for the money.
3 out of 5
Poorly built
I was looking for a reasonably priced cigar for the golf course. I've had many RP cigars, so my appraisal of this cigar is not without RP experience. This cigar is not we'll constructed and burns unevenly. Oh well, I still smoke them at the golf course.
5 out of 5
It's Definitely a Rocky Patel
Yeah, Better than just a Grass Cutting Cigar, The R P R4, is a enjoyable anytime of the day cigar when $$$ is a problem. Infact I:very smoked more expensive cigars that weren't as good. For the $$$ I give cradit where credit is due
3 out of 5
Very hard to draw and
Very hard to draw and comes apart when smoking
5 out of 5
2 out of 5
I'm a huge CI fan and more over a huge RP fan. Very disappointed with these. Bad draw, unravel, ok flavor but not nearly as taste as most of the RP line....
5 out of 5
Good old Rocky
As enjoyable as ever.
4 out of 5
Great deal
Quick delivery great flavor
3 out of 5
RP - R4 double corona smoke
Beginning good and ending weak
5 out of 5
Very smooth smoke. Burns well.
4 out of 5
Great cigar if you can get a draw
The RP R4 is a fantastic, smooth smoke with characteristic RP flavor and notes. That said, so far 2 out of the 5 sticks I have lit have been virtually impossible to draw - even with concerted efforts to improve the situation. The other 3 were very enjoyable.
2 out of 5
Not good
The price was good but the smoke very hard to stay lit and tobacco beetles. First time issue 😎
1 out of 5
Very Disappointing Cigar
WoW. What a disappointment. With the Rocky Patel name I was tempted by a great price and my expectations were high, but this cigar's performance has been low. It tastes "ok", no complaint there. The problem is that none of them have burned even half-way decently. They are difficult to draw and keep lit. I'm constantly re-lighting, pushing a draw-enhancer through it and trying to squeeze out the inevitable "hard spot" that has been in each one so far. The squeezing of course eventually ruins the wrapper. And this isn't an "every so often" event, it's happened with EVERY one I've smoked so far. I will NOT buy these again, no matter how tempting the price may be.
5 out of 5
love rocky patel and great
love rocky patel and great size.
5 out of 5
Awesome Cigar and Brilliant white ash
Amazing smooth cigar .Has an awesome draw and brilliant white ash .Am going to buy 2 orders of these babies
3 out of 5
Rocky Patel Problem
In my recent order I purchased a pack of Rocky Patel and when I smoke one they are packed too tight. When I try to to breathe in the cigar nothing happens and I noticed in the middle of each cigar there is a hard spot that blocks them.
5 out of 5
Great Cigars
I really love these and recommend them. They aren't a everyday smoke for me but when you want something smooth and a little sweet finish this is a go to.
3 out of 5
What out turns into a powerful house.
I have bought R4s many times in the past and there a great med. Cigar. This size because of its so long will make your eyes roll back because it gets real strong. I found solution though just cut then in half .Makes them 2 for 1 and med power.
4 out of 5
Very smooth smoke. Good draw.
Very smooth smoke. Good draw.
1 out of 5
never again
Very unimpressed with this cigar. Bland, hard draw, and very little smoke. I believe this could be due to being rolled to tight. Waste of my money. Will not buy again.
5 out of 5
Excellent service
Excellent service
3 out of 5
Perfectly serviceable.
Perfectly serviceable stick. Good to break out and enjoy with the in-laws or your mooching buddies while keeping the Decades for yourself.
1 out of 5
Don't waste your money!
Bought two bundles of these because the were 'Rocky Patel' at a good price. Major disappointment! When they weren't tunneling making them unsmokable, they were unraveling. Several rolled so tight I couldn't draw through it. Do Not buy these! Rocky Patel should be ashamed.
4 out of 5
Ordering more
Nice light and burn - this stick sat in my humidor for about 3 months - tonight was the perfect late summer evening to give it a shot. Will order more to replace - I enjoyed this smoke. A nutty and leathery smooth flavor from start to finish. Very mild and thick smoke through and through. Went well with a few good glasses of wine ... is a long smoke.
5 out of 5
Not Bad
These are not bad little cigars. Have only smoked a few of them at this date, but enjoyed them.
Customer Testimonials
For less than $3 a stick, it's hard to say anything bad about these. They are not my favorite, but they are a great backup/go-to cigar when you are doing yard work or are driving. They are not the most consistent in build, flavor, or burn, but they are great value.
Very nice, smooth, full flavor, a good smoke.
If only one word could be used to describe the R4 it would only be DECENT. Decent is being quite fair. Burn was good requiring one minor touch up and the draw was good. Nothing really exciting about this one. It could just be after smoking a lot of cigars this one does not come close. I have tried 3 with the same results. Taste wise you get a peppery, earthy flavor with leather. The finish is a bitter tobacco flavor. I don't hate it....
Was unimpressed with the first one, right out of the box, but after a few weeks in the humi my opinion changed. While the first one was dry and lacking in flavor the second was completely the opposite. Full of spice and cream. Ash falls off quickly but is a whitish gray. Construction is good, nice and firm and the draw is just right. Plenty of billowy smoke with a pleasant aroma....
My favorite cigar is Arturo Fuente Double Chateaus with a maduro wrapper but at $5 a cigar. Could I find one almost as good but for $3 a cigar? Yep. This one: Rocky Patel R4 Coroho. I enjoy this cigar and love the price. Thanks Cigar International!
This is a must have in my humidor at all times.
I'm a Rocky Patel fan, so I love them. They are easy on the wallet, too.
The R4 in Robusto is a pretty good smoke for the price. I usually let cheap sticks age for at least 4 weeks at 65% to 68% RH before lighting them up. The draw was a little snug on the 1st one of 2 that I have. The flavors started out with a slightly sweet tobacco with a pepper taste without the spice. The 2nd third the sweet tobacco gave way to an earthy leather taste. Finally the last 3rd welcomes and slight creaminess (texture not taste) to the earth and leather. Throughout the entire stick no touch ups were needed that lasted about an hour. These guys are worthy of making room for in my humi.
A decent cigar, but not too interesting. I bought the double coronas on special. They burn and draw just fine, but I don't see anything so special about the taste.
I bought some R4s for the first time a couple of weeks ago....I'm hoping they improve with some time in the humi... While the construction seems decent...the ash splits and turns out and the draw is far, I would have to say they are a "yard-gar" at best.
Perhaps I had a Dud, but I just finished a R4 Torpedo and I found it hard to draw. The first inch of the ash curled out (like an exploding cigar as seen in the movies). After 2 inches, the ash was nearly normal but has a brownish hue in the center of the ash. The Cigar started to get really mushy which actually helped out the draw. It was still enjoyable, but I'm wondering if anyone else has had this issue. This not my first R4, but it it is my first Torpedo R4. This is the first time I have had this issue with any of my sticks and my Humi is well aged. I bought this R4 in a sample pack, so I don't have another one for comparison.
Love this stick, very tasty but had two duds yesterday. Both lit up nicely and got about 1/2 inch into into and burned out. The cause on both was construction. There was a hollow area about an inch and a half long in both sticks. I tried cutting an relighting both but they became extremely bitter. So on to the third stick and I smoke it down till I burned my fingers. :)
Very nice smoke for those who are more inclined to a mild to medium cigar. If you enjoy, the Rocky Patel Lites, LEC's, Sancho Panzas, Perdoma Champagnes or Nubs than give this cigar a try, it will well worth the effort.
If you like the Edge (my personal fav) you will like these. Last couple of draws a little tight but might be my humi is a little humid. Will adjust and look forward to smokin this one again.
I'm pretty much a cigar newbee, cigarette smoker 32 years. Cigars like this one will easily make me forget all about cigarettes! This big ole double corona lasted nearly an hour and a half. Lit it up, smooth, tasty cigar right from the start. Right down to the finish, it never got harsh, and kept good flavor. The one I smoked had one drawback, the outer leaf of the wrapper unravelled pretty bad, but once I tore that away, I much enjoyed this cigar. Definately one for a long period of relaxation in the evening. I WILL buy again!
The Patel r4 is a decent smoke for the price point. However the construction leaves a bit to be desired I have had multiple cigars with poor wrappers. In my opinion the vintage seconds are head and shoulders above for a small fee more.
Forget about deal of the year! This is the Deal of the Century! Anytime you can get a smoke this good for less than 3 bucks a stick it's nothin' short of cigar heaven!Rocky is the man!
I got an R4 as part of pack with a herf-a-dor buy. Boy what a great cigar! Just smoked it today (my 54th birthday) - great from light to finish. Smooth, great draw, easy tasting - no aftertaste or bite. Taste autumn leaves - draws saliva to the mouth like a roux cooking.
I had to weigh in on these smokes. On a whim I bought these as an early father’s day present. I had been handing over some of my full bodied cigars to dad only to later hear him request something on the milder side. We both found the R4 a pleasure to smoke. Since he’s a man of few words any cigar he finds satisfactory speaks volumes. My tastes, leaning more towards medium to full, found this one as flavorful as any stick in my humidor. Construction, draw and taste far exceed the status you would ascribe to such an economical price point.
I love the R4 corojo, but two years ago when you guys introduced the line there was also a maduro version. Any chance that one will be making its way back to the shelf, hands down one of the best cigars I have ever smoked.
I've been curious about these ever since they were introduced, and finally pulled the trigger on a bundle. I'm mainly a maduro kind of guy, but like a spicey corojo change up once in a while. That's just the flavor profile this cigar has, slightly spicey sweet, and it gets a little creamy about half way there. It's very well constructed, tightly rolled, and the burn is usually perfect. Well worth the price, I will always have some of these in my humi, I am partial to the torpedo, which takes my well over an hour to burn.
This is the first time I have ever smoked a Rocky Patel Cigar... It's needless to say that I will be going back for more once this bundle is gone. Awesome draw, with a smooth mild-medium flavor that is consistant all the way to the last inch and a half.
This was the first time I tried Rocky Patel cigars they are excellent.I couldn't believe a cigar this good could be found at this price. I will definately be ordering more,way to go Rocky!
Rocky does it again!!! This is an excellent cigar!!!! CI does it again !!! This is an excellent price !!!! Trust me, Rocky, and CI, this is a winner!!!
Sitting in the desert with no humidor, there is not an option to let your smokes age. Hesitated to get these (7" Double Corona Corojo) but an RP for the price couldn't be passed up. Took a couple weeks to burn through them all, had to use a field-expedient (zip-lock) humidor but these maintained their RP quality down to the last stick - did not have any draw problems from the changing temp/humidity like I have had with other brands (Graycliff being the worst). Durability in a combat zone is definitely a plus. After MRE's there is no 'palette' left to distinguish pepper from cedar from... but great taste is great taste, the tremendous amounts of smoke kept the wonderful aroma lingering. And BZ's to the CI Staff - no extra shipping costs to APO adresses, smokes arriving in a week or less, still fresh and smokable from the day they show up in mail-call, outstanding customer service at all times!!! You have a customer for life!
man is this a tasty stick!great draw,sweet taste on the prelight draw the foot toasted nicely and produced a great aroma.first smooth and buttery with a light pepper taste on the finish which is kinda short and so is the smoke time.i nubbed the torpedo in 45 or so min. all in all great value and even better flavor.
For anyone who's a big RP fan, this cigar has it all: Excellent RP quality, a prefect draw, volumes of rich, satisfying smoke, and a price that lets it take up residence in your humidor as a go-to smoke. With the RP R4, Rocky has created another big winner. Don't miss out. Savor his victory for yourself!
The R4 opened up with a smooth peppery flavor. Very consistent and it is as smooth as they say! For a corojo leaf, this blend has got to be in Rocky's top 5 of all time. Recommend the smaller length for all you amatuers out there :) The flavor lingers well after the smoke is done! Oh what a feeling!
Don't let the lower price fool you! These are great cigars. For those of you that take your "aging" so seriously, I yanked one of these bad boys from the box the minute I received my shipment and blazed it up. Perfect burn throughout with consistent taste. This one is a keeper! Imagine how good they'll get with some aging! Solid 90 in my book. Do yourself a favor and buy twice as much of these instead of the more expensive RP's and as my Daddy always said,"smoke up Johnny!"
About what I've come to expect from Rocky Patel: plenty of flavour, about medium in strength excellent burn and draw. This cigar could easily become a favorite. It's beautifully made and very pleasant to smoke.
(Rocky Patel R4) well done! i cant stop smoking his cigars and the R4 doesnt let done. its perfect wrapper with the mellow spice and rich flavor is great. at the price this smoke can be enjoyed everyday. the burn and draw are perfect after speed smoking my first five of these bad boys i cant wait for my next one. smoke them smoke them smoke them. all of you people out there in cigar land come down to new orleans and bring my city back. call me up and we will smoke together. rock on cigar international your the best
Just smoked my first two (Rocky Patel R4) cigars and enjoyed them alot. They have a nice spice-wood-leather flavor that lasts throughout the entire cigar. Burns well and has a smooth draw for a very good smoke. you'd be a fool to pass up the great deal CI has on these beauties, grab some and enjoy these Rocky R4 cigars. I sure am.
The (Rocky Patel R4) in the corojo wrapper in a very tasty, well made cigar. I have smoked my way through about a dozen of them and they have been a real treat. These are typical Rocky cigars in that they are well made, rock hard, draw well, burn evenly, and have some real good flavor. The first couple of puffs give me some serious nose tingle and a huge blast of spicy flavors. After the first inch or so, it settles down into a very flavorful medium plus bodied cigar that continues to develop a nice depth of flavor as I smoke it. This R4 also has a touch of the Rocky Corojo Twang going on, which for me, is a good thing. I'm glad I decided to get a few bundles. CI's pricing on these is great too. Cheers
Just received my bundle yesterday (Rocky Patel R4). WOW! What a smoke. Smoked it until it nearly burned my fingers. As one other person commented, these are a bit strong for the beginner
Rockey Patel R4 MAD........ Mr. Patel, you have my attention. I love RP's cigars in general, but this beauty is one for the ages. Lush smoke, deep rich chocolaty goodness, a lovely burn.... A cigar to relax with. I think this is my La-Z-Boy cigar....
Christmas came early for me this year as my bundle of R4 Torpedos showed up on Christmas Eve. At first glimpse you notice a really nicely constructed smoke. Heavy is weight and firm to the touch. The Maduro wrappers are excellent hardly any imperfections. I like the short torpedo tip, it reminds me of a Mini Belicoso, not too long or pointy. Upon lighting the taste is a bit peppery but not hot or too spicy just enough to remind you that you are smoking a cigar. The pepper slowly faded and gave way to leather and a bit of chocolate. Once reaching the last 3 inches the pepper miraculously came back (again to remind you that you are smoking) and continued to build until the finish. I like my cigars to finish a bit spicy since my palate has become immune to the flavors after 90 minutes of smoke. And oh yes thats how long it took to smoke. The draw was typical Rocky, not too tight but not to loose, just right. The burn was great just a slight boating but easily fixed with a twist or two. I only ashed once on this thing so the build is nice, great peppery ash. Overall a good smoke and if you factor in the cost a great smoke. This is no Olde World but for this price you cant beat it. This will probably be a regular in my box along with my RP Sun Growns and my CI Legends Rocky's.
I just pulled out a Rockey Patel R4 MAD Torpedo from my humidor over the weekend and what a smoke. Lots of flavorful smoke and taste. I would highly erecommend it. Not for the amateur.
If you want a great everyday smoke that's reasonably priced and much better than those cheapie everyday smokes, Rocky Patel's R4 is THE cigar. I picked up some corojos and of course had to smoke one after a few minutes of organizing my humi. Great draw, excellent nutty taste, hint of spice (pepper or ginger?), well rolled. Rocky Patel's line of cigars never disappoint. His new R4 is an excellent addition to his lineup. Kudos CI, thanks for "stealing" these from Mr. Patel! I'll add the R4 to my "favorites" list.
Bought a five pack of R4s(corojo) at the new store on a recommendation from sales person. Give the guy a raise. I bough the Robusto as I am looking for a quick smoke. This was anything but quick.Great draw exquisite flavor,a little peppery but mostly nutty and smooth. I have tried most of Rocky,s blends and this will become one of my favorites and at the price per stick,a no brainer.Once again CI and Rocky have done it,really great smoke at a reasonable price. Keep up the good work CI, I will be back to order some of these R4s in the Torpedo
I usually let my sticks sit for several months in the humidor before smoking them. For some reason I picked one out after only 1 day in the box. Clean, smooth, medium bodied smoke... beautiful construction. It could become one of my favorites. I think Rocky Patel has another winner in the R4 maduro. It pleased me almost as much as the first 92 vintage I encountered.
HEY NOW, received my Rocky Patel R4 MADURO Toro 25 CIGARS. Man what a GREAT smoke, I left them in my humidor for week, broke one of these BAD BOY'S out today and they are really good smoke. Mild, smooth and flavorful, order some kick back an enjoy. I'LL BE BACK ... FOR MORE !
I picked up a single of the Maduro Robusto of the R4 at the Bethlehem store this weekend. I figured I'd give it a try! It seems like Rocky is producing ALMOST as many blends as Gurkha these days, although Rocky's are far less confusing. At any rate, the R4 is a really nice cigar. I'd describe it as 'thick.' Not in ring size (I think this is a 50), but flavor. The oily dark maduro wrapper reminds me of being dipped in molasses and retains a pleasant deep sweetness. The fillers have a very full aroma and slight nose spice. The flavors are full of licorice and leather...plenty of body here. The smoke burns with a cool blue hue. And what I like's solidly rolled. You know that feeling when you pick up a La Gloria Serie R and the thing feels like it's made out of stone? But draws like a dream? That's the R4. Who needs the fancy box? It's a great cigar for the money if you like a lot of flavor in a small package.
I bought the Corojo mazo (Rocky Patel R4) as it was offered to me at the end of my checkout on CI's site. It seemed cheap for Patel's, but I've never been disappointed by Rocky... so I shot for it. I smoked one when I got the package, and set the rest in the humidor to age. Even fresh out of the pack, what a pleasant surprise! The ash was a unique and beautiful chalky white. Every draw was perfect and the burn was great. This is the best Rocky Patel bang for your buck! A great everyday smoke and good enough to give to friends you don't want to disappoint.
My friend and I split a 25 mazo of the maduro torpedo beauty (Rocky Patel R4). I received the package at my place and once it arrived I tore open the package to take my first sniff of this beauty. I stacked my humi minus one. That smoke was accompanying me to the Yanks/Orioles game. I couldn't be a bit more happy lighting this puppy up. Right off the bat, the hint of peppery goodness filled my palette followed by some creamy earthy insanity. An enjoyable smoke all around. This smoke is consistent and awesome right to the end. To me the Edge is the epitomy of cigars and the R4 is right up there as Edge's little brother. I don't feel it is as complex as the Edge, but serves as a great alternative. Rocky continues to amaze me and will definetly make this smoke part of my regulars.
Peppery....earthy.....creamy....sweet, "TORO MADURO" (Rocky Patel R4), R.P. has done it again. At this price you had better stock up guys, they wont last long.
All i can say is perfection (Rocky Patel R4) i got the double corona corojos the draw was almost effortless started off witha burst of slight pepper followed the first drag with a nutty creamy taste that filled your palate taste stayed very consistant all the way through of a nutty earthy creamy taste left a smooth peppery aftertaste on the touge that was just enough to let you know it was there but not enough to over power draw was PERFECT hardly any effort to smoking this bad boy, lasted me 45 minutes 10 minutes later i still have the perfect peppery taste on my tounge, I WOULDNT WANT TO GET RID OF IT this cigar is amazing and a great price GREAT PRICE FOR A GREAT SMOKE!!!
This is a great cigar (Rocky Patel R4) considering the sub-$3 price. Frankly the construction and appearance is right up there with Rocky's best. I smoked one on the day of delivery and it was exactly what I was looking for. Perfect draw and perfect burn in a cigar that's just a little milder than my other Rocky favorites. Flavor is mild to medium, a perfect 'step up' for someone who typically smokes mild cigars. Nice job Rocky!
Rocky patel r4 is a awesome smoke very nice and smooth.
Not as smooth a draw as I'm use to from rocky but the flavor is great (Rocky Patel R4).This is a good everyday smoke

Rocky Patel R4


I love cigars and I love cigars that have intriguing names - they get me so much more excited before I smoke them for the first time - 5 Vegas (of course), La Vieja Habana, CAO Black, Free Cuba, etc.  They create a drama into what I might be smoking and the flavor begins to embody that name.  When I think of 5 Vegas Series 'A', I can almost taste that rich maduro flavor and strength of body that'll set me back on my heels.  I've been struggling with this one though lately, R4.  Luckily it has the Rocky Patel qualifier, otherwise it wouldn't mean anything to me.  So generic, so uninviting, boring.

Took me awhile to pick one up until a few of my faithful readers (Keven and JB) said "Dude, you gotta try the R4, it's got Gonz written all over it."  Ayyt, I'll give it the old college try.  First, and most importantly, it passes the Gonz cheapskate test - $2.40 per stick - excellent.  With the exception of the RP Vintage Seconds, tough to find an economical one in the Rocky Patel line.  So that's nice.  Finally, the darn thing looks nice enough to be smoked - no odd shapes or sizes.  I chewed on the Corojo for a few days before finally sparking it up.  Firm and solid with a nice toothy Corojo wrapper.


Starts off gentle with no corosive flavor, it fills the palate nicely from the get-go, and the firm roll doesn't allow any annoying cheap lighter fumes through (only the best for Gonz of course).   The next 4 inches smoke exactly like the first inch, a soft unintimidating finish but enough "wow, that's nice" to keep you puffing for more.  I get a lot of cedar from this cigar, mellow-to-medium, and chomp-able all day, it stays firm down to the last 2 inches.  The ash is a bit flakey and annoying here at the desk, but the flavor makes it worth it.  I never thought I'd say this, but there's a ginger-y spice (Ginger Spice, wasn't that one of the Spice Girls?) that I get in the aroma of the smoke.  It disappears quickly, but makes my office smell rather nice.

So, after a few 4-5 browbeatings on this cigar, I give it a solid Gonz recommendation.  For the price it's a homerun, for more than an everyday, I'd tend to something a bit stronger.  But while I'm working furiously on the table saw in the garage trying to finish off my basement, it's perfect.  Yum.  I just wish it had a better name, so maybe I'll just call it the Renegade 4 or something.  Yeah, that's better.  RP Renegade 4, I'm sure that'll make it sell better!

Spark'em up,

- Gonz