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Rocky Patel 'OSG'


We brought this hidden gem on a few years back due to a purchasing mistake, a big one. Instead of sending them back, we threw the towel in and offered them up anyways. You can't go wrong with Rocky, right? Well, they ended up being a huge success, and now they're back for round 2. Here's the background:

Rocky Patel ‘OSG’ was the original RP Sun Grown blend, a delicious medium to full-bodied cigar with literally 5 years of additional aging. The Sun Grown wrapper hails from Honduras, boasting a thick, oily and leathery texture. Light one of these bad boys up: it greets the palate with a toasty, woody blast, while a pronounced peppery flavor begins to develop toward the back half of the cigar. Medium to full-bodied in strength and, fundamentally, very complex and satisfying. Naturally, I was sure this would be a huge hit and bought all of them, a veritable boatload of which we sold every last one. Now they're back for a limited run. Reasonable price, terrific full-body, Rocky Patel blend. You can't go wrong here, dig in pal. 

Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Robusto (5.5"x50)
Pack of 18 In Stock $120.00
save $60.0150% off
Robusto (5.5"x50)
Pack of 6 In Stock $40.00
save $17.5044% off
Toro (6.5"x52)
Pack of 18 In Stock $135.00
save $70.0152% off
Toro (6.5"x52)
Pack of 6 In Stock $45.00
save $20.0144% off
Torpedo (6.2"x52)New
Pack of 18 In Stock $150.00
save $80.0153% off
Torpedo (6.2"x52)
Pack of 6 In Stock $50.00
save $22.5045% off

Customer Reviews of “Rocky Patel 'OSG'”

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Wish I'd have bought some more of these (Rocky Patel OSG) while they still had the larger sizes available. The coronas are great with morning coffee, but the torpedos that I got some time ago have even better flavor. Get some before they're gone forever. BTW, the current RP Sungrown is as good or better. There'll always be some in my humi.
I found a Rocky Patel OSG "in hiding" in my humidor after about a year. I just finished it and it was as good if not better then when I had purchased a whole lot of them. I noticed a very nice nutty and spice flavor to it after ageing. Regardless if you smoke one right from the shipment box or you let them sit around for a while, an excellent smoke! A very nice surprise indeed!
I am a big fan of the Rocky Patel Sun Grown, so I jumped at the chance to buy the Rocky Patel 'OSG' at such a great price. I expected a very similar cigar, but instead I was pleased to find a completely different set of flavours to tempt my ever growing palate. The wrapper suggests a very mild smoke. The actual experience was anything but. The pre-light aroma was earthy and rich. The smoke itself had earthy tones, with hints of allspice and citrus. As it neared the middle, I found deeper, richer tastes borfdering on full bodied. I detected hints of chocolate, and a nice cedar finish. I hope these stick around for a while. I definitely enjoy them.
I'm placing my 3rd order today! I hate to see these go away! What a great smoke by Rocky and what a great price by CI! (Rocky Patel OSG)
One of my favorite smokes. (Rocky Patel OSG) Can't beat them for the price!
This is my favorite weekly cigar. (Rocky Patel OSG) Everyone has that cigar that they turn to time and time again and I have to say the OSG is mine. Lasts me exactly 9 holes on the golf course and tastes great. And now that they're down to $2/cigar I'm thrilled! Don't worry CI, I know its a closeout now, but I will be coming back for these until they're all gone.
The "Rocky Patel OSG", this is a fine smoke. Don't get shutout. Order now.....and if C.I.'s phone is busy, relax, i won't be long. Later.
The Rocky Patel OSG is a winner. Nice toasty notes, draw and construction. It's become my go-to cigar for any cigar smoking moment.
I tried the OSG Torpedo on a 1-day deal, and let me just say - WOW. It's such a nice cigar, well-made, complex, and a really nice smoke. I might have to pick up a few more Mazos for my Humidor. I think my remaining cigars from my first purchase are getting lonely.
Bad cigar (RP 'OSG'). Terrible, no one should buy them!! There, now that I convinced you, there may be enough left for me. Stop buying them!!!!
What a cigar! The Rocky Patel OSG has a perfectly applied slightly veiny wrapper. Thick and chewy, it's only a start to the good things in store. It opens with a peppery blast and quickly settles down to a leathery and woody smoke. There's hints of nuts that make their appearance now and then just to keep you guessing. Billows of creamy smoke and a pure, crisp finish complete this very nice smoking experience. With CI's 1-day specials, it's a shame NOT to take advantage of this Rocky Patel gem.
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