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Rockwell Binge Cutter

The ultimate double-fisting tool.

The Rockwell Binge Cutter features a thin, compact design and two razor-sharp blades, allowing it to easily clip up to a 64-ring cigar. As a bonus, there’s a sturdy, built-in bottle opener. That's right, bottle opener. It's friggin awesome. Without a doubt, every beer drinkin' cigar dude needs one of these. 

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Rockwell Binge Cutter

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It's okay, at least it works until the blade dulls.
My first impression was that it was well made but on the heavy side. Overall all it seems ok and well constructed. Unfortunately it doesn't cut very well and takes too much pressure to make a cut. On the good side it was a freebie. CI needs to deep six the Rockwell line. None of the Rockwell products float my boat.
I'm not impressed, and you won't be either. This is a novelty item only, with the emphasis on the bottle opener. The cutter came with a nick in the blade and it binds at 90% closed. Sure, this is a nifty thing to have for cutting cheap sticks and opening cheap beer....get a belt with a bottle opener in the buckle. That way you get a better cutter and more laughs when you open your buddy's beer for him!