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RO Series Perique Pipe Tobacco

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The RO Series is a variety of blends that have been created by the madman, master blender himself, Russ Ouellette. He concocted these masterpieces purely off his own preferences. All of these blends have been made in small batches and are limited editions because of the limited availability of some of the tobacco used. 

The RO Series Perique Blends pays homage to Russ’s years of tobacco blending. Mark Ryan, of L.A. Poche Perique Company, offered Russ a once in a lifetime opportunity to formulate new blends using unique varietals of Perique from different sections of the Golden Triangle growing region. These tobaccos have never been used or made available to the public, so this is your chance to experience these rare blends before they run out! 

Blend P-37: The Paulina region Perique has an earthy, slightly sour, peppery and a touch of coffee character about it. Russ had decided to combine this Perique with sweet Virginias and some unflavored black Cavendish to bring out the outstanding qualities of this tobacco. This exceptional blend speaks for itself and is well worth a try! 

Blend B-41: This Perique blend comes from the Belmont region of the Golden Triangle of St. James Parish. This compelling tobacco has a buttery characteristic that’s reminiscent of brined olives along with a red pepper note that gives you a kick. Russ made the decision to combine this with shag-cut golden Virginia and dark-fired Kentucky for an exotically robust experience. 

Blend GP-11: Blend GP-11 contains Perique grown in the Grand Point region. This Perique has more familiar characteristics of a traditional Perique, with a fruitiness, sweet spice and a touch of cocoa. Russ blended this with some extraordinary bright Virginias and double toasted Burley to allow this blend to showcase the natural flavor of the Perique to come through. 

Blend SV-23: This blend incorporates Perique from South Vacherie, which is the only part of the Golden Triangle situated to the south of the river. It has heavy notes of coffee with an herbal influence and a touch of white pepper. Combining this exquisite Perique with sweet and somewhat neutral tobaccos allowed the natural properties of the leaf to shine. 

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