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RO Series Acadian Pipe Tobacco

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The RO Series is a variety of blends that have been created by the madman master blender himself, Russ Ouellette. He concocted these masterpieces purely off his own preferences. All of these blends have been made in small batches and are limited editions because of the limited availability of some of the tobacco used. 

The RO Acadian Series is made from a brand new tobacco. Russ and Mark Ryan, of L.A. Poche Perique Company, had a meeting of the minds and came up with an unimaginable way to process bright yellow Canadian Virginia in the same method as Perique which they dubbed Acadian Gold. Gold it was, resulting in a sweet medley of flavorful tobacco with far more depth than your typical Virginia. He took this brilliant tobacco and crafted three unique blends that show off its unique properties. 

Acadian English: A shout out to all you English fans! Acadian English is a fantastic fusion of Acadian Gold with a modest amount of Latakia and a morsel of unflavored black Cavendish. This results in an English blend full of richness and flavor that you have never had before. 

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