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Revenge of the Nerds Mega-Sampler


It’s a party fit for a Poindexter!

What if I told you that the best cigars out there aren’t always picked first for the team? Cigar fans usually go for the popular stuff, but true cigar geeks go for the gems that take a little more digging to find. Well, dig no more! We wear the title of Cigar Geeks with pride, and while all jocks think about is sports, all we think about is cigars, so we did a deep-dive into our best brands and pulled out four of the best underrated gems for a mighty new Mega-Sampler! No one’s really gonna be free until cigar nerd persecution ends, so grab the Revenge of the Nerds Mega-Sampler, and you’ll see why it isn’t always the most popular blends that win the talent show.

The Revenge of the Nerds Mega-Sampler includes:
5 - Man o’ War Side Projects 52C Wedge (5” x 52)
5 - Crowned Heads Las Mareas (4.5” x 48)
5 - Diesel Unlimited d.c. (5” x 42)
5 - Illusione Rothchildes Connecticut (4.5” x 50)

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