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Ramon Bueso Olancho Vintage

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Dare I say, crowning achievement?

Although it’s only been a few years since Ramon Bueso’s first project, it feels like I’ve been waiting for decades. I, like many of you, am a huge fan of Bueso’s other blends. Genesis is still in my regular rotation, and there are few things finer than an Odyssey paired with a hot mug of coffee. But I’m greedy, and I want more. Well, finally, that wait is over. Ramon Bueso Olancho Vintage is here, and burning one of these feels like coming home from a long trip.

This is the cigar that Ramon always wanted to make, and his passion really shines through. All of the tobaccos in this blend are absolutely flawless, aged, handpicked leaves, with each cigar receiving personalized attention and care. So what's in this recipe? We've got an aged 2005 binder leaf from Talanga Valley, and a wide variety of long-filler leaves including selections from 2008 Nicaraguan Esteli, 2010 Honduras La Entrada, 2008 Honduran Jamastran, and 2003 Honduras Olancho. On top of all of that, the wrapper is a Colorado Oscuro Olancho, grown exclusively for this cigar. These leaves were purposefully fermented for a shorter amount of time than industry standard, and the experiment paid off with an absolutely unique flavor unlike any other cigar on the market.

Lighting this one up, I find a medium to full-bodied blend with blasts of earth, spice, leather, and cedar in a harmony that feels different than anything I’ve burnt before. Each cigar this guy puts out tastes better than the last, and with Olancho Vintage, we’re seeing Ramon’s finest work to date. I’d easily recommend this cigar to any enthusiast. Stock up, because with the rarity of these fine leaves, this is one limited release you absolutely don’t want to miss out on. 

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