Pueblo Dominicano Series II Cigars
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A robust blend rolled only in the belicoso shape, Pueblo Dominicano Series 2 is medium-bodied handmade, that is exquisitely tasty. Smooth yet peppery goodness awakens your taste buds, spawning a velvety creaminess across the palate. Order now, when they are gone, they are gone!

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Pueblo Dominicano II

Steve R
As I write this review, a 53-foot truck is parked at loading dock #4. On this truck, Pueblo Dominicano Series II. Since I knew this truck would be here at this exact time, unloading boxes of La Aurora’s highly anticipated second installment of Pueblo Dominicano, I decided to burn through the rest of my samples over the weekend. Samples I held on to for roughly 8 months.
Before I discuss the experience, I’d like to briefly discuss the blend. Most notably, it being a Dominican Puro (each leaf of tobacco is cultivated from the DR). Puros can be considered a rarity these days, as various growing regions throughout Central America offer some awesome tobaccos. But, La Aurora knows what they’re doing, and designed a beautiful cigar combining 4-year-old wrappers with a superior mixture of Dominican long-fillers. Surprisingly complex, even after sleeping in my humidor for 8+ months, the Series II of Pueblo Dominicano tastes exactly how I remembered it: super-smooth with a mellow assortment of toasty flavors.
Instantly upon lighting I notice a generous amount of spice with each puff. Not peppery-spice though. Rather, a sweet, creamy spicy. A spice that remains throughout most of the smoke, but often becomes masked slightly behind a rich array of earthy flavors. Still medium-bodied despite the additional aging, Pueblo Dominicano Series II is a satisfying, well-made cigar. Deep, smooth and balanced flavors. Cool and even burns. Perfect draws and beautiful shapes; each cigar is beautifully crafted into a dense Belicoso (torpedo) shape that feels heavy in the hand.
To say I’ve been looking forward to seeing these cigars arrive would be an understatement, and the timing couldn’t be better. Last year’s Pueblo Dominicano is just about sold out – just under 200 boxes of the Ambassador size remain and then……no mas. Truth be told, the truck outside reminded me to pick up a few boxes of the old series before they’re gone. I now have some to enjoy and some to age, while adding the new Series II to my regular rotation.