Pueblo Dominicano Series I Cigars
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For fans of complex, medium and full-bodied handmades, this Pueblo's for you and it's exquisitely tasty. Smooth yet peppery goodness awakens your taste buds, spawning a velvety creaminess across the palate. Order now, when they are gone, they are gone!

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Pueblo Dominicano

The La Aurora factory is not typical. It's a sprawling compound consisting of dozens of buildings resembling more a Fortune 500 company's campus in the United States than the usual Central American or Dominican cigar factory. In some of the buildings they brew beer including Heineken and Presidente; in still others they make cigarettes such as Marlboro, or machine-made cigars, or flavored handmade cigars; others house medical facilities and cafeterias for their workers. And on and on.

Then you enter the building where the main cigar-making operation is. Immediately you sense the rich 100+ year history. Really, this place inside is just a boutique, relatively low-production operation - from the size and look alone it is immediately clear that the focus is primarily on quality and not volume. I'd estimate just 50-60 pairs at work, bunchers and rollers plying their craft. They focus on a few brands: Leon Jimenes, a marvel of consistency; La Aurora, a wonderful, Cameroon-wrapped sleeper of a blend; 100 Anos, their celebrated, powerful anniversary blend; and of course Preferidos, the ultra-premium perfecto-shaped beauties. Despite these great blends and a nice portfolio of top ratings, La Aurora's brands are really somewhat underappreciated, blends that somehow don't seem to get the acclaim and PR you'd think they would given both the acclaim and substance behind them.

With that backdrop, in comes Pueblo Dominicano, re-released in mid-2005. In keeping with La Aurora's style, Pueblo is somewhat low-key - even the printed rings and packaging, while lovely and elegant, are simple and understated. The cigars themselves are very appealing visually - the wrapper is a mottled sun-grown leaf with a gorgeous sheen and somewhat marbleized appearance. I've noticed a slight bit of wrapper color variation from box to box, with some being slightly darker and some more of a chestnut-brown color. Different sizes within a given blend, of course, often taste different. But interestingly, the two sizes of Pueblo Dominicano - a churchill-sized Ambassador and a Torpedo - are very different in my experience. The Ambassador is right at medium-bodied in strength - a very cool, smooth-smoking cigar with pronounced leathery and buttery flavors, building up to a more rich, robust final 1/3rd. The Torpedo on the other hand is borderline full-bodied - a spicy opening, long, lingering finish, and very feisty, complex and intense flavor profile all the way to the nub.

My recommendation: Do it. Early and often.

Pueblo Dominicano

Steve R
Pueblo Dominicano is a cigar that I’m very excited about. Although it’s not in stock yet, it will be shortly, and I am waiting for its arrival with baited breathe. I’m about done with the last of my samples, which is making me even more eager to receive our shipment.

Before I get into the gory details about how this beaut smokes, I’ll give you some background info on the brand. First, it’s made by the La Aurora family, owners of the Dominican Republic’s oldest, and longest running factory. The tobaccos used are top-notch – a premium 6 country blend of the finest tobaccos. In fact, some of these tobaccos are used to create the prestigious La Aurora Preferidos. But the real treat is the wrapper. It’s simply stunning. A thick, coarse, durable Ecuadorian sun-grown leaf that’s been aged for 5+ years and seems to glow red with oils oozing out of every square centimeter.

And now, as promised, the details. In a nutshell, delicious. Simply and utterly delicious. Every sample, from start to finish. Right from the get-go, it opens with a bang. The robust, peppery start instantly grabs my attention. The flavor is pronounced and unique, and the aftertaste lingers enough to keep me from wanting to use my ashtray at all. But, I spent $20 on the damn thing, so I feel obligated. The opening strength settles a bit after a few minutes, giving way to a relaxing, smooth flavor filled with chewy hints of leather. The thick white clouds of smoke are plentiful, and seem to hover around my desk. It’s rare that I don’t find the box of matches at my desk useful, but this cigar doesn’t even give hints of burning uneven or going out. The flavor remains creamy right up to the nub, where it ends with a grand finale of complex, exciting flavors that leave me more than satisfied. It’s like 3 cigars in one: strong, peppery start – creamy, leathery center – intoxicating, toasty finish. All perfectly balanced, with a gradual transition between them.

I can’t wait for Pueblo Dominicano to arrive. If you’re looking for a genuine smoking experience, I highly recommend this one.