PSyKo Seven Cigars
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PSyKo Seven

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A cigar that momma Bates would love.

PSyKo Seven cigars are your ticket to escape the mundane, to disconnect from the disorder and tumult of daily life, and to “medicate your mind.” This cigar is crafted to tantalize the palates of the new generation of cigar enthusiast and offer a richness and depth of flavor that will have you craving another go ‘round with this delectable blend.

Coming from Ventura Cigar Company and crafted by Henke Kelner in the Dominican Republic, these unique cigars boast a six country blend of tobaccos. This stick features a prescription form as its band listing the tobaccos, and signed by “El Diablo Blanco.” This beauty is draped in a Dominican Hybrid wrapper over a Mexican Sumatra binder and Peruvian Pelo de Oro Viso, Honduran Holancha Seco, and Pennsylvania ligero, to deliver a mellow to medium-bodied experience with a complex transition of flavors. Expect notes of cream, nuts, wood to emerge, and complement each other while maintaining a perfect balance.

PSyKo Seven received a well-deserved 92-rating, noting: "First puffs show notes of sweet cedar and oak before building ot savory leather, black pepper and a touch of brown sugar sweetness." 

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