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Po' Man's Premiums Mega-Sampler

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20 cigars. Only $1.75 a cigar. This is going to be huge…

I love cigars. No, seriously. I really love cigars. So the fact that I burn through a few sticks a day, means I’m also burning through a fair amount of cash each day. Hell, not even CI’s competition crushing deals can keep up with me. I’m sure I’m not alone either, right? So I went ahead and found a loophole in all of this. Through various promos with vendors, overages at factories, and other cigar industry shenanigans, I was able to land this lineup of gems at unheard of prices. Brands like 5 Vegas, Torano, etc. landed in our warehouse for a song. And since I know my fellow cigar brethren are in a similar situation, I’m spreading the wealth in the form of 74% off retail! These aren’t your yard ‘gar throwaway, folks. These are delicious, decadent premiums at unspeakable prices. You’re welcome.

Po’ Man’s Premiums contains:
5 - Don Felix Toro (6.0" x 50)
5 - Carlos Torano Noventa Santiago (5.0" x 50)
5 - HC Series White Shade Grown Robusto (5.0" x 50)
5 - 5 Vegas Classic Double Corona (6.0" x 48)

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So far I have smoked a couple of the Don Felix first was dry not that good 2nd one much better but nothing special. I also tried a Torano nice and mild good burn. Letting the others sit in humidor for a while let them age a little so they don't be dry also.
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