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Pinar del Rio Seleccion 2010

Pinar del Rio, the 2010 Selection.

Pinar del Rio is made in a smaller factory in the Dominican Republic. But unlike many of the neighboring factories, PDR cigars are loaded with flavor and boutique charm.

The Seleccion series of Pinar del Rio is nothing short of delicious, and the 2010 edition is no different. This dark, lush handmade boasts a rich and chewy Pennsylvania Broadleaf maduro wrapper overtop a feisty combination of Dominican and Nicaraguan long-fillers. The profile is medium in body and complex to the core, issuing a dense series of rich tobacco supported by leather, roasted espresso, black pepper, and a lovely, toasty-sweetness on the finish. Scrumptious with every last puff, PdR Seleccion 2010 is a treat for the senses.

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Churchill (7.0"x54)
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Churchill (7.0"x54)
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Robusto (5.0"x50)
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Robusto (5.0"x50)
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Toro (6.0"x54)
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Toro (6.0"x54)
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Torpedo (6.5"x52)
Pack of 5 Backordered $31.00

Customer Reviews of “Pinar del Rio Seleccion 2010”

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Seleccion is an ugly duckling from PDR, and with the black on white background on the label it looks cheap. The veiny, hard wrapper makes for the threat of a harsh cigar, in opposition of the usual soft, smooth, oil wrappers of most of the rest of the PDR line which deliver sensationally smooth, tasteful smoking experiences. However, the flavor of Seleccion is by far the best. Deep nuances to tickle every sensory receptor in your tongue, throat, and sinuses. You take in the puff, trap it in the upper part f your throat (the oropharynx), and allow it to waft up into your sinus area (through the nasopharynx) then allow it to escape through your nostrils slowly. Not a move recommended for all smokers, but for the initiated and experienced. Certainly not for every cigar you smoke, but only for the best. You will get flavors you simply do not get with any other cigar coming out of PDR. Kind of like why you see supermodels with nerds, or simple girls with superstuds. There's something wonderful in every ugly duckling. Sometimes....
I purchased of a box of Obsidian White Noise coronas about 5 months ago & was lucky enough to receive a freebie that featured several Pinar del Rio selections. I put them away & after several months of aging tried one of each of the 5 blends in toro or torpedo size. I had never smoked a PdR cigar before, but can assure you that I will be enjoying them in the future. Particularly the Seleccion 2010 & the Small Batch Corojo. Both are medium/full bodied delights. The Seleccion is spicy & fills the room with clouds of smoke. Thanks for introducing me to yet another line of top notch boutique stogies.
The reserve limitada is an interesting cigar flavor wise. It has a very broad band of flavors and it's nicely blended. It needs a good month or two nap before burning. I found that at 65% it really comes alive, above that it gets muted. Also on the torpedo's, cut a nice 5/8" opening to experience the large flavor profile, an absolute great value for the price.
Absolutely awesome cigar! I really love the new PDR Reserva Limitada but I like this one a little bit more. Very well made and burns great. I peg this one as leaning a little more towards the Full Body side over the Medium Body. Really love the myriad of flavors I experience every time I smoke on of these. Pinar Del Rio is definitely on their game and it shows in their products.
I really don't want to write a positive review of this cigar ... until I've purchased my limit and plenty of stock ... also I'm a little confused as to the difference between the Seleccion 2010 and the Reserva Limitada (both have a second ring that says this), but one cigar on the main band has Seleccion and one has Exclusivo ... and both cigars visibly are hard to tell apart (except for this one word difference on the label) ... so I really haven't gotten a handle on the flavor distinctions of each ... I need to smoke a few more to get a hold of that ... The first "S2010" I had was a toro, and I thought it was intense with lots of flavor, but felt it had some rough edges that could/would be smoothed out with some more humi time ... since then I've had a couple more and the cedar love does improve an already good cigar ... One torp that came from the torpedo sampler did not have much flavor but that was pretty much OTT. The toros and churchill I've had were more intense. One warning ... I suggest not smoking this right before bed time ... I had some very strange dreams after smoking the toro on a couple different nights ... better have it a little earlier. Very interesting cigar.