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Peterson 3 P's Perfect Plug Pipe Tobacco

Peterson, a fine choice in pipe tobacco.

Peterson's Perfect Plug pipe tobacco. Sounds like an infomercial product, for sure, but this tobacco delivers. 3 P's is damn tasty, thanks to a mixture of Virginia leaf from Africa and Brazil, carefully blended with Malawi Burley. These tobaccos are lightly cased, dried, and pressed....then heated and stored for 2 weeks prior to cutting. This unique process produces a full, but smooth bouquet with fruity notes and rich tobacco flavor. A bold blend for the seasoned enthusiast.

Since the 1800s, the Peterson name has been a prominent fixture in luxury pipes and pipe tobacco. Charles Peterson revolutionized the pipe industry nearly 150 years ago, and the same passion and craftsmanship used then is applied to every Peterson pipe and pipe tobacco produced today. If you're going to fill your pipe, few choices are better than Peterson pipe tobacco.

50g tin

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Overall Rating 4.33 out of 5 Based on 3 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Peterson 3 P's Perfect Plug Pipe Tobacco”

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5 out of 5
Never having smoked plug tobacco I had to look up what to do. A sharp knife and I cut slivers off, and broke it up. Enjoyed the smoke. The block is packed very tight.
3 out of 5
Quality, but not for me
This is a very high quality tobacco, but is a bit sweet for my tastes. Also, for new pipe smokers like me, it's REALLY easy to over pack and end up unable to smoke the bottom.
5 out of 5
I agree with Joann, this is pretty dang good.
Strong and sweet and flat out cool to pull out your pocket knife and shave off a bowl. Note: Smoke something else when you are drunk to minimize emergency room visits for stitches. I don't know how to explain this in terms of essence of, or flavor profiles. I will leave that for a professional. I know what I like and sometimes I fill my bowl with this one. If you do the same, you will like it too. If not, smoke an aromatic with ladies perfume on it for added weirdness.
Customer Testimonials
I am no stranger to Peterson’s line but this was my first purchase of 3P. I’ll admit I was a bit disillusioned when I opened the tin and found this little 1.75x1.75x.75 inch chunk. It looked quite dinky in the over-sized tin. It does come sealed in cellophane and looks a bit odd for a first time plug user. I opened the outer wrapper and wow! It smells like this dark delicious fig, date, raisin cake. Dark and wonderful. I cut off a slice and rubbed it between my palms to loosen it up. A thin slice rubs out to more loose leaf than I had expected. Sticky stuff. The aroma is inviting. Once loosened, it packed wonderful into my bent Ben Wade briar. It takes a two match light to get going. Burns slow and cool. Lovely billows of smoke. And the taste is “Perfect”. I get oak, dark fruit, and cigar leaf flavors coming through. I had this with a dark Belgian ale and it was a great pairing. No bite. I’ll give it a three on strength even though CI gives it a 4. I have to admit, there is something appealing to cutting and rubbing your own tobacco.
Wow this stuff is awesome. It comes as a solid chunk and it's alot of work cutting a chunk off and rubbing it out to smoke but when You load up Your pipe and fire it up Man is this stuff Good. It's like no other Pipe tobacco I ever smoked. I love it. All kinds of yummy flavors hit You.
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