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Perdomo SONOR Drum Humidor


Truly, one of the most stunning and innovative humidors to ever cross my desk... ladies and gentlemen, set your eyes on the Perdomo SONOR Drum Humidor. A beautiful piece, that easily belongs in anyone's man cave. Emblazoned with the Perdomo 20th Anniversary logo, this drum humidor holds 40 cigars up to 7" in length, and features a real, working SONOR drum on the top. That's right lads, this one ain't just for show - it's a functional work-of-art. With all types of innovations and bespoke design details, you'll soon find this piece holding all of your treasured, favorite cigars, and wondering how you lived without it before. The coolest feature? A small tray on the bottom that slides out, designed to perfectly hold a Boveda Humidification packet. Seriously, do yourself a favor and get one of these while you have the chance - I don't know when we'll see a piece like this one come around again. 

NOTE: To use your Drum Humidor, rotate the lid counter-clockwise one inch to "unlock" the unit, and then lift the top off. Failure to do so may result in damage to the unit. To "lock" the lid, simply slide the lid back on with the metal lining up with the grooved wood, and rotate clockwise one inch. The included key is to tighten or loosen the drum head, not to lock or unlock the humidor. 

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40 Cigar Capacity
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