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Pack of 20

Steak at frozen dinner prices.

The Dominican-based Pinar del Rio brand is responsible for a slew of delicious, full-flavored brands, that's no secret. But from time to time, during the rolling process, production is exceeded. This can result from a myriad of reasons, reasons I won't bore you with. What's important here is that the factory is left with overruns. Essentially unbanded firsts, in varying shapes and sizes. It's a lot like cooking for a family of 8 and only 6 people show up to eat. And there's no sense in lettin' that good home cookin' go to waste!

Each and every one a first-rate specimen, but what's even more enjoyable are my dirt-cheap prices. Every cigar in the bundle is the exact same blend and size, so no mismatching up in here. If I were you I'd pull up a chair and get your fill. These tend to move outta here fast. Note: Each of the different "Ligas" marked represents overruns of a particular brand made by Abe Flores in his PDR factory. I can't tell you exactly which ones are which, but if you do a little investigative work, I'm more than convinced you'll quickly figure it out.

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Liga SBH - Corona (Short Robusto) (3.5"x52)
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3 out of 5
From rank to rave
I bought these a couple years back. Why am I writing now?To help a brother out. When I first got these and smoked a couple. I was really disappointed in them. So I tossed them back in one of my humidors and forgot about them. Well about 8 month later a happen grab 9ne again. Completely differant smoke. They went from rank to rave. This is an outstanding smoke if you let them rest for awhile. Great with coffee,rum or a dark craft beer. Great Lakes porter or Founders porter are great matches. So I hope I helped a brother out.
5 out of 5
Great for quick smoke
Love the half corona size, and good all around smoke, no construction or burn issues.