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Partagas Spanish Rosado

A mellow blend from one of the biggest names in the business.

Welcomed with open arms by cigar enthusiasts, the Spanish Rosado makes an excellent addition to the Partagas stable. The name is derived from the gorgeous, reddish-brown wrappers grown in the San Augustin Valley of Honduras. This leaf is rich and oily with a thick texture and stunning reddish hue that almost seems to glow. The uniqueness of the San Augustin soil creates a bold, spicy taste with a hint of cinnamon, leaving a white, beautiful ash. Combined with the Connecticut broadleaf binder and Dominican, Honduran and Mexican long-fillers, you can expect a medium-bodied cigar with a rich character and some spicy goodness.

The Spanish Rosada of Partagas received a well-deserved '90' rating, noting:
"A dark little robusto that draws and burns well, imparting a good balance of medium-bodied woody, fruity and nutty notes that culminate in a pleasant sweet finish."
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Familia (Toro) (6.0"x54)
Single In Stock $6.90
Gigante (Gordo) (6.0"x60)
Box of 25 Out Of Stock $192.50
save $52.65 27% off
$139.85   Notify
Gigante (Gordo) (6.0"x60)
Pack of 5 Out Of Stock $38.51
save $8.51 22% off
$30.00   Notify
Gigante (Gordo) (6.0"x60)
Single Out Of Stock $7.10   Notify
Rojito (Robusto) (4.5"x50)
Box of 40 Out Of Stock $239.60
save $77.93 33% off
$161.67   Notify
Rojito (Robusto) (4.5"x50)
Pack of 5 In Stock $32.48
save $11.48 35% off
Rojito (Robusto) (4.5"x50)
Single In Stock $6.50
save $1.65 25% off
San Agustin (Robusto) (5.5"x52)
Single Out Of Stock $6.40   Notify
Overall Rating 5 out of 5 Based on 1 Rating

Customer Reviews of “Partagas Spanish Rosado”

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5 out of 5
A favorite but no longer avail. 11/16
Very unfortunate this will be no longer available.
Customer Testimonials
The toro: what a nice smoke! The construction is top notch, the draw perfect for me, and the color is a blast. I'm not the best at flowery taste discriptions, but this stick has a nice bit of spice and yes, there is a a bit of cinnamon. A perfect medium in strength, it has a slow razor burn and a contrasting white ash. This is my favorite Partagas. I say treat youself to this really nice cigar.
As a daily smoke and one to present to occasional smokers, this is the perfect cigar. Robust and spicy, but not too much so. Superior construction at a great value. The unique reddish wrapper is an eye catcher, as is the white ash; definitely a conversation starter. Add that this one's seldom seen on the market (CI is my only source), and you've got a stick that will make any smoker feel special.
The Partagas Spanish Rosado is my favourite Partagas cigar. At 1st inspection the stick is very hard which made me wonder about the draw, but the draw is ever so smooth & easy. The ash and burn are great. The flavour is medium bodied and slightly spicey! Very enjoyable! So tasty I kept wanting to bite it as I smoked it. This is one cigar that left me craving more, I almost bought a second stick and chained smoked that evening.
Excellent medium smoke. Great blend, good burn, really good flavor. Love the 60 ring gauge. One of my favorite smokes.
Bought a box of the Gigantes before new years when the 10% off everything deal was going on. I usually see this size on other sites from 130-$180, so I got a heck of a deal buying these from CI. The Spanish Rosado will always be one of my favorite cigars. Most cigars take some time from the light-up point to actually get some flavors other than your basic cigar taste. But the Spanish Rosado lets you know what it's all about from the get-go. I know this sounds redundant, but the predominant flavor is a "rosey", earthy, cinnamon taste. First day they came in the mail, I lit one up and had a little bit of burn issues along with a not so pleasant finish. But after letting them sit in my humidor for 3-4 days the burn issues have subsided for the most part, and the finish is toasty and very enjoyable. If you like a medium bodied smoke, just skip getting the 5-pack and get yourself a box..... You will not regret it.
One of my favourite Partagas cigars. (Partagas Spanish Rosado) Draw, ash and burn...all first-class. The flavour is very enjoyable and I keep a few of these in the humidor all the time.
The Spanish Rosado has definately made my cabinet. Truly one of my favorite daily smokes... Rich, fragrant bouquet and a light plume a cigar for gentlemen. Medium dark wrapper, oily with a veiny character. This is a great Saturday morning stick with an Irish Coffee... you know a nice overcast morning. Very nice! My rate: 89
This is a great smoke (Partagas Spanish Rosado). Anyone who likes cigars medium bodied and a little spicey would enjoy this one. The draw is a little tough at times but the burn is nice and slow. Great cigar in the afternoon or after dinner with a drink.
The Partagas Spanish Rosado is an excellent introduction into the Partagas line up. I have only recently begun my experience with Partagas, but have not yet been disappointed. The Spanish Rosado burns evenly and produces a nice white ash that is held well. The flavor is rich, though being a medium bodied cigar not at all overpowering. Slight hints of cinnamon can actually be realized and even while it burns towards the end, I put mine out with about 3/4" to go, the flavor remains subtle and satisfying.
This is by far my favorite partagas (Partagas Spanish Rosado). The construction, blend and burn is fantastic. The draw was difficult on some due to the tight roll but easily fixed fixed with a plug file. A great addition to my smoking rotation.
My favorite Partagas (Partagas Spanish Rosado). The Rosado wrapper gives this cigar a uniquely smooth character. Uniformly well-constructed (it is a Partagas), this cigar has yet to disappoint. Excellent!