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Bask in the glow of this ‘94’ rated coffee-black maduro.

This oily, blackened maduro is a genuine beaut, and it was rated a stunning ‘94’ by Cigar Aficionado! Onyx Reserve is a rich, full-bodied, box-pressed Dominican rolled with Connecticut Broadleaf wrappers and a long-filler combination of Dominican, Nicaraguan and Peruvian leaves. Satisfying and long on flavor with a pleasant aroma. You'll find spades of dark, rich flavors all coming together in a buttery-smooth combo. And at these prices, you can afford to enjoy this top-rated gem any day of the week.

Overall Rating4.64 out of 5 Based on 22 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Onyx Reserve”

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4 out of 5
Good Cigar!
Fantastic! A great flavor, rich soft tabacco and great balance. Would definitely buy again.
5 out of 5
Great full body stick. Slow
Great full body stick. Slow even burn. Well made. Even better when you bought it during cyber week box sale. Making it a real deal.
4 out of 5
Really nice cigar, burn was
Really nice cigar, burn was sometimes inconsistent but taste great.
5 out of 5
my favourite cigar since i
my favourite cigar since i started smoking over 25 years ago
5 out of 5
A surprisingly good cigar
4 out of 5
I've always been an Onyx fan so when CI ran them on sale, I had to get some. Still a consistent smoke, good flavor and nice burn.
4 out of 5
I had not smoked an Onyx in years and decided to give them a try. Was very impressed with the smoothness and flavor over the entire cigar. Very good smoke.
5 out of 5
well made, box after box burn good. Mild with a slightly sweet aftertaste.
4 out of 5
A Maduro - must try
A definite favorite in any size. I prefer the No.2Belicoso, but all Onyx sticks will please the full flavor enthusiast
5 out of 5
Onyx are the best.
Smooth and rich . Never a bitter finish.
5 out of 5
Great Cigar
Very well constructed, great aroma, love the box press. Tried many and this one is by far the best. Goes great with cooking on the grill and a cold IPA.....And as David Caruso once said, "They make you look cool even if you're not. Want one?"
5 out of 5
I love these full flavor
I love these full flavor cigars, on my second box! The second half of these babies are excellent for some reason. You would think the first half would be better.
5 out of 5
great cigar
Great cigar have enjoyed for quite a few years
5 out of 5
Great cigar for the price. Taste is great, burns evenly. You’ll want to smoke this right down to your fingers!
5 out of 5
great Smoke!
great Smoke!
3 out of 5
Good Smoke
Great cigar
5 out of 5
Onyx Reserve Churchill
Smooth taste, always burns even, a tight cigar, perfect blend, I've been enjoying Onyx Reserve Churchill's for almost 20 years and you won't be disappointed.
4 out of 5
DB in Otsego, Mn
Got a box of the Mini Belicoso's and put them to sleep for a month in the humi. Fired one up yesterday and found it to be as enjoyable as the last one I smoked around 12 years ago. Nice black cherry and raisin notes as well as sweet tobacco. The only down side was that it went so fast. Still was a great 40 minutes!
5 out of 5
Onyx Churchills
Great smoke, good price and timely delivery.
5 out of 5
Go to cigars!
Received in good condition all the way to south tx. Couple of humidified rest weeks - good to go!
5 out of 5
Great all around smoke.
Onyx reserve is a great, well balanced smoke. An amazing value buy.
5 out of 5
Consistent, Always Consistent
Onyx is generally always consistent in it's texture, taste and it's burn. Just like CI you can consistently expect them to come through
Customer Testimonials
I actually had 3/4 of a box given to me because the original owner couldn't get past a bitter flavor he was getting on them. I lit one up a few days later and I can see where one might pick up some bitterness, but I really dug the flavors. Some spice, a little earth, and I kept getting some type of fruit flavor and smell, but couldn't narrow it down to what it was. The best I could come up with was a blueberry (weird). Anyhow, construction was nice, pack dense, and burn was good. I think the only thing I would disagree with is that I would not call this cigar an all out full body smoke. I would say it is on the light side of being full.
NL of Grand Ledge, MI
This cigar in the CI catalog rec'd a "94" rating and is worth every rating point. Altho' it was the mini belicoso that rung up that score, the whole line is noteworthy. I prefer the corona (5 x 40) but have smoked the mini belicoso, too. They're all great! I consider it a full-minus body/flavor, but the sizes I've smoked delivered ample smoke & flavor and excellent draw. In my opinion these are not--repeat,not--a true maduro. Instead they are as described: a CT-grown broadleaf. Dark, yes. A little rough and splotchy in places, ( but who cares?). The Reserve line is awesome for >$100 a box.
KK of Valdosta, GA
The best maduro I have ever had! Started off with strong nuances of earth, chocolate, and spice. The spiciness intensified almost halfway through the cigar, and then suddenly the smoke was smooth as leather. The stick is well constructed, the wrapper didn't unravel at all and didn't break until the nub. I finally understand all the hype about full bodied cigars. I'm ordering a box now.
AH of San Jose, CA
I just got a 5 pack of the Robusto - a friend insisted I try Onyx. Perfectly ready to smoke when delivered. Thanks CI. These may now be my new "go-to" cigar. Luscious. A flavor profile with great earthy-oak-like notes, favoring the finish on a fine bourbon or scotch. Tight draw. Firm consistency. Delightful in every way. If you like Gurkha Widowmaker or similar - step-up to Onyx.
GB of West Chester, OH
An "OK" smoke considering the hype and pricing. Very smooth. Not too full, medium at best....
SS of Chapin, SC
Hi I am a self made cigar fiend. I will tell you this is one of the best cigars for the first smoked. After the third cigar or so you should smoke a few other types of cigars so that you can feel that joy again when you go back. This cigar is very mechanical in nature like a bering but is is more tightly wound with a better wrapper making for a longer smoke. The draw is very good and so is a bering. It is a much better value than a Padron because the quality of that cigar was lowered some time before the emergence of the Onyx Reserve.
great smooth smoke
RP of Jacksonville, NC
Is still the best rated cigar for the price; cigar International y'all give excellent service; Thanks!!!!! Brett LAFAYETTE LOUISIANA
In my opinion, this is one of the best cigars you can smoke. If you like maduros, or haven't tried them yet, this is one you definitely need to get. You won't be disappointed !!! ALOHA !!!
GK of Kahului, HI
I've been a Maduro fan for the past few years. I fell in love with the Onyx Reserves when I received one in a sampler from CI and it's been a wonderful relationship with this cigar since then. I highly recommend the Onyx brand and Reserve to any Maduro lover. Good ale and a Reserve after a great meal off the grill, you can't beat it.
NM of Mayview, MO
A great maduro, with rich, complex flavors. Mine sat in the humidor for about 3 days, so it was not aged. Fantastic dark, nearly black wrapper, started mild, and rapidly became a bit higher than medium with rich, complex flavors. Fairly even burn, fantastic smoke with an almost bluish hue and great smell. Terrific smooth flavors that changed slightly throughout the smoke. Probably not a 94, but an 88 or 89. I will make these part of my regular rotation.
TM of Ruston, LA
A great looking band. The cigar.....................?
RB of Rockmart, GA
I have smoked Onyx Reserve for years now. They are really good and sold at a very fair price. Like many others here, I can't agree with the 94 rating. An excellent smoke but my rating would be more like an 89 or 90. Buy some.
CS of Rock Springs, WY
Bought a box of the Mini Belicoso's, because how can you go wrong with a "94" rated cigar for under sixty bucks. The cigar is definitely worth the money, just not the "94" rating! This is a good cigar, definitely full bodied just not much complexity. I've been smoking quality made cigars now for about 16 years. If I were to judge this cigar, I couldn't give it higher than an 87-88 at max. All in all still well worth the money spent!
JF of Watertown, NY
I have been smoking Onyx Reserve for years. If you are a maduro smoker as I am, it is hard to beat this rich, smooth and sweet stick. It is one of the best out there. Simply an excellent premium cigar.
RF of Eau Claire, WI
This cigar is amazing, it tastes GREAT, a very creamy smooth smoke, I highly recommend this cigar! The burn is great, construction is fantastic, I cant speak highly enough of this cigar, its a real finger burner, its hard not to put it down!
JB of Vincennes, IN
I tried my first Onyx Reserve a few weeks ago and the taste blew me away. The problem I have with them is the burn. It was so uneven it began canoing and wound up to have a full inch difference in the burn. Great taste but terrible burn. For that alone I'll never buy another.
TT of Eupora, MS
SGT. Rock Say's, Hard Corps smoothness like firing a Ma Duece! This one gets the Kelly's Hero's Award. Robust, lip smacker, great after Bar-B-Q or stable call smoke.
JM of Fort Knox, KY
Yeah, it's dark and oily, and it's got the unsweetened chocolatey taste and the nice long finish and the great bouquet, it's got all of that. Overall, it's good. But BE ADVISED there is no way this cigar deserves a '94' rating. In my very humble opinion, it'd be lucky to scrape a '90.' For the money, it's a very good cigar, but if it's a dollar-for-dollar thing you're concerned about... this is CI. They throw sick deals down all the time. Wait for something nicer. Then again, if all the stuff described above sounds like your cup of tea, don't hesitate to dive in. My very modestly educated opinion: 88.
KR of Naperville, IL
The Onyx Reserve is the best cigar in this price range. I had one a while back, and remembered that I loved it for some reason while I placed my last order. I had one today while walking around the city and instantly remembered why this cigar stuck out in my mind. It is delicious! I am going to buy another box or 2 to age in my humidor, so I have enough to smoke on my daily 20-minute walk to and from class when it is nice outside.
MC of Providence, RI
I smoked The blackend Leaf Version of this cigar(Onyx Reserve). When i initially took it out of the wrapper it had that strong essence smell that so many know what i'm talking about. I nipped the end off toates this cigar with ease and sat back while my palate danced with utter happiness. I have npot had a cigar like this in a long time. mild to Medium bodied with a sweet long finish, these cigars are very competitively priced! I will be making room in my humidor for these. I have Never smoked anything like it, close to it but not the same.Give it a try people i do not think you will be dissapointed, its like a party in your mouth..
KD of Broken Arrow, OK
(Onyx Reserve) is thick and creamy with dense smoke and subtle spice. I love maduros made from Connecticut Broadleaf. There is a heavy, mellow sweetness with chocolate and coffee-like tones. People talk about pairing cigars with beers and bourbon but I smoked one of these with a bottle of Boylan's root beer and it was a match made in heaven. The robusto is on my "buy a box" list.
VS of ithaca, NY
The( Onyx Toro ) is my all time favorite!
SW of Tallahassee, FL
Onyx are by far my favorite cigars. Slow burning with a smooth taste with a slight bite wrapped in a dark toothy maduro wrapper. These are classy smokes that may be to bold for some but just right for others. While they are my favorite they are a bit too bold for morning smokes but just right for mid day & evening.
BY of Okeechobee, FL
Very nice, slow burning cigar. (Onyx Reserve) The toro I initially smoked started off with a bit of a difficult draw, but that changed within minutes. This is a full-bodied cigar with excellent flavour..that's about the best I can describe it as I'm not given to smoking granola bars. My particular cigar was a bit difficult to keep going, but my guess is that complaint is against an individual cigar rather than the norm. They're good enough to try more!
MM of Leesburg, VA
First off I must say what a surprise. (Onyx Reserve) The first surprise was the very nice aroma even at the first light. The next was the soft easy draw. Then the whammy, what a bold full flavored smoke. I was addicted to the Comacho Triple Maduro but this stick packs as much flavor and a bit cheaper. Gonna have to pull a switcharoo in the ol'humidor. i Highly recommend the Onyx Reserve for you other Moduro fans. Smooth earthy flavors with the perfect blend of spices and a tad of sweetness. Yep, I love'em.
GB of Pembroke Pines, FL
Well for starters... Bad puddy-tat on me I have to write my reviews on a spell checker from now on, geez I’ve read some of my older ones – Geez, I sound like a punch drunk merlot lover on a scathing sip-and-rant. At any rate – The Onyx maduro is a tasty stick., it has a sweetness to the draw. The broadleaf wrapper is a treat, it has hints of spice and a touch of leather… that would be the Honduran contribution. It smells nice – but it [oddly enough] tastes better than it’s aroma… which isn’t bad either. It hasn’t made made my cabinet, but for a pricey daily stick… so~so. It just doesn’t tango with the average sticks in that category for price bang for the buck. But is has a seductive oily wrapper. Veiny with a nice clean label. This is on of those sticks like the Cifuentes line that costs more than it should but it is nice. My rate this stick: 86
CS of Southern, CA
To start, the prices are great, you will not find a cheaper price than the CI prices... this cigar is perhaps one the best maduros I have ever had, I would not give it a rating of 94,but I asure you that Onyx Reserve will be a must have in the humidor. It has a very pleasnat long lasting aroma that will leave you craving for more and at times it was very creamy. The only problem I had with this cigar is the inconsistencies, some were very hard to drag from, and on some the flavor seem to fade away quickly. I would have to say that out of a box of twenty, fourteen were very pleasant smokes. In the end it is better to buy a box at cheap price, than to buy individual one's. Trust me, if you end up smoking a good Onyx Reserve you will certainly be enlighten.
DC of Orange, CA
You people are obviously smarter than me. I bought the #4's (Onyx Reserve) during the one day special and the stick is in my mouth as I write this. In addition to the hundreds I spend each month, I must now add this to my shopping bag. What a phenomenal cigar. It draws like a dream. It's smooth and delicious. The perfect size for the ride to work. I relate this taste to the Nestor Plasencias...only can that be? You have single handledly turned me into a CI junkie. My dearest friend of 47 years has fallen victim to your wily ways as well. Our discussions are reduced to one topic: You! Skip has promised to make my headstone a vertical stone wife says she doesn't mind as long as he pays for it. Keep on hookin' me.
PK of Chicago, IL
The Onyx Reserve is a good smoke, maybe not the 94 rating, but it is a nice stick. My only problem is out of 10, probably 1 or 2 are hard to draw from. This is in no the fault of Cigars International, I just think it is my bad luck. This cigar is better with a beer or a little Jack Daniels.
MM of Irving, TX
Outstanding, Outstanding, Outstanding. Great cigar(Onyx Reserve) expecially for the money. I've been smoking cigars everyday for over 7 years and this is easily one of my favorites. Coats the pallet with a flavor that you wish could stay all day. I like the Mini Belicoso. If you don't like this cigar, something is wrong with you. 94 rating is earned!!!! Send me more!
GJ of New Orleans, LA
Dollar for dollar the best smoke (Onyx Reserve) on the market today. Laden with rich flavor, smooth on draw, great lengths of pure white ash, perfect burn every time, these succulent sticks are my staple smoke. Pure Zen bliss in a cigar.
RB of Jensen Beach, FL
These are my favorite cigars(Onyx Reserve)at the moment nice slow start with a mellow taste. They give you a nice clean pallet i enjoy them with a nice dark beer. They finish very well with a bit of a nutty hickory taste even when smoke down to the last 2inches. nice construction and an even burn well worth the dollars.
JS of Baton Rouge, LA
All I can say is WOW what a GREAT CIGAR(Onyx Reserve)did I say WOW Yet if Not WOW
AC of Spokane Valley, WA
Dollar for dollar the best smoke around (Onyx Reserve). Dark and full, but not overpowering. An outstanding cigar, and at 60 bucks a box it's a no-brainer. A staple in my rotation.
PD of Metairie, LA
I just received my first order from CI a few hours ago. All went very well & I loved the UPS tracking. These are among the best tasting cigars (Onyx Reserve) that I have ever smoked, heavy & full-bodied, but not harsh, full of flavor from the first draw until there just wasn't anything left to hold on to. I will be ordering more of these very soon!
DH of Daytona Beach, FL
The Onyx had been one of my favorites ever since I tried the reserve a few months ago. With the sale I saw on these puppies from CI, I knew it was worth getting a box of robustos to split with a buddy of mine. These fine maduros are not as powerful as they look. Don't be fooled by the darkness. These guys are smooth, nutty, and just plain delicious. It's a great medium smoke with one of the best maduro wrappers out there. You can't go wrong if this sounds like your taste. Not to mention my order arrived in just 2 days! Keep it up CI.
DD of Oradell, NJ

Onyx Reserve

Steve R
Not too long ago, the Onyx Reserve Mini Belicoso blew up the cigar scene with an astonishing ‘94’ rating from Cigar Aficionado. It quickly became all the rave, causing backorders lasting too many months to count. Never before have I seen such demand on a cigar, so naturally, I had to see what all the fuss was about. I remember my first Mini Belicoso like it was yesterday. I was still in college, and I was really looking forward to it. Yes, it’s true, my purchase was a product of the hype revolving around the almost unheard of rating. Unfortunately, my experience wasn’t as astonishing as Cigar Aficionado’s – the cigar fell short of my high expectations.

Like any true cigar enthusiast, I decided to give this cigar a second try. I mean, I take ratings with a grain of salt, but do notice that most cigars manage to ‘walk the walk’ when it comes to a score from Aficionado. I will admit, the cigar is pretty to look at. Coal-black wrappers with a nice bumpy texture and oily sheen sharply pressed into a square. Heavy in the hand, this little cigar has an inviting aroma. Maybe I was too critical the first time around? As I sit here smoking my second Mini Belicoso from the 5-pack I purchased just last week, I am starting to think that my first impression was not a fluke. When I look at this cigar I think to myself, “buttery smooth”, “super rich” and “powerful”. Maybe it’s because most cigars of this form) maintain these characteristics (Torano Exodus, IT Super Fuerte, Astral TVS). Unfortunately, these thoughts are not running through my head as I smoke it. Indeed, it’s incredibly well-made and consistent, and offers an enjoyable, smooth flavor. However, its alluring appearance hints at what it lacks: deep, dark, rich flavors that shift my taste buds into 5th gear. While I would recommend this cigar to those wanting to enter the darker realm of maduro wrappers or bigger name brands, I cannot see myself giving it a ‘94’. It walks well, but not that well.