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There's a new sheriff in town.

Obsidian’s debut will not go unnoticed. It dares to be different, and in doing so, sets a new standard among premium handmades. The size listing is stacked – a slew of big-ring vitolas, figurados, and more. The blend is dark, meaty, and enticing, delivering a wealth of dense tobacco flavor in an unconventional format. Packed in chunky, Spanish cedar boxes, Obsidian’s most remarkable trait is the price. Premium quality and memorable flavor, all for a fee that’s most similar to an ordinary yard ‘gar. Literally, they would be a bargain at twice the price.

Check out Obsidian's resume:
- a rich, densely flavorful blend
- plenty of power, but a notable smoothness
- a specially tailored lineup of artisanal sizes
- prices starting at just $2.49 per stick

Obsidian employs a dark, oily Brazilian Habano ligero wrapper overtop a bold blend of Cuban-seed long-fillers from Nicaragua and the Dominican, secured inside a spicy Criollo ’98 binder. The result is a densely rich and chewy blend, loaded with complex notes of espresso, pepper, earth, toast, and cream. Full-bodied, but extremely smooth and balanced, Obsidian is thoroughly satisfying.

Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Box of 20 + Lighter In Stock $185.00
save $120.01 65% off
Belicoso (6.5"x52)
Pack of 5 In Stock $21.00
Box of 20 + Lighter In Stock $185.00
save $115.01 62% off
Box-Pressed Toro (6.5"x53)
Pack of 5 In Stock $22.00
Box of 20 + Lighter In Stock $200.00
save $125.01 63% off
Double Perfecto (6.0"x60)
Pack of 5 In Stock $23.00
Box of 20 + Lighter In Stock $185.00
save $120.01 65% off
Gordo (4.5"x60) Sale
Pack of 5 In Stock $21.00
save $3.50 17% off
Half Corona (3.5"x46)
Pack of 25 Out Of Stock $125.00
save $85.13 68% off
$39.87   Notify
Half Corona (3.5"x46)
Pack of 5 In Stock $25.00
save $9.01 36% off
Box of 20 + Lighter In Stock $170.00
save $120.01 71% off
Mini Corona (4.5"x44)
Pack of 5 In Stock $18.00
Box of 20 + Lighter In Stock $185.00
save $125.01 68% off
Robusto (5.5"x54)
Pack of 5 In Stock $20.00
Box of 20 + Lighter Backordered $200.00
save $125.01 63% off
Sixty (Gordo) (6.0"x60)
Pack of 5 Backordered $23.00
Overall Rating 4.11363636363636 out of 5 Based on 88 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Obsidian”

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5 out of 5
great smoke, love to have at least one or two per day
This some is smooth and fresh, it tastes great and is not too heavy so i can have it in the morning with my coffee.
5 out of 5
Very good taste + very red noble price for good cigar
Very good taste + very red noble price for good cigar
4 out of 5
Get R Done
Ordered the half Corona's this time, nice quick smoke, but very mild. I prefer the Gordo's, they have way more full favor, witch I really enjoy.
5 out of 5
Not too strong
The last time I had one of the Obsidians with the black wrapper - the head rush was a bit too much and I got pretty nauseous. (Then again it might have been the empty stomach or the beers that went with it.) These little ones taste great and have a full flavor similar to the full size without that punch to the face feeling. I would order them again.
5 out of 5
Great savings
First had these cigars back in 2013 and they were a good full bodied smoke. Love the flavor! Definitely will be getting more.
5 out of 5
Fantastic smoke! Burns evenly with very few touch-ups and is very well constructed. Wrapper and foot have a pleasant & earthy aroma. Excellent cigar for the money. I will be ordering a box of these soon!
3 out of 5
Ok, but not a favorite for me.
Got a mazo of 20. Very tight draw. Had to use a draw poker to enjoy them. I had liked the Obsidian White Noise, except the wrapper was delicate and cracked on almost every one. I hate the 3/4 length band on these cigars. A cigar band that large should be made from cedar. The robusto is a nice hefty size. I like the 5x54. Not sure if I would order them again. There are other cigars I had liked more than these.
1 out of 5
BEWARE- These are probably THE WORST cigars that I have purchased in over 40 years. I smoked an entire 5 pack as I was on vacation, to ensure it wasn't just one errant stick... but no, they were all bad. Shortly after lighting, the paper thin wrapper came off and went up like flash paper. Still trying to smoke the cigar it burned like rolled up newspaper and tasted similarly. Really disappointed after reading other reviews, but can't explain that, I just know what I experienced. Since I was out of the country on vacation I also missed the opportunity to return the other unopened 5 pack since more than 15 days had passed (CI policy.) Guess they'll just end up in the can... can't bear trying another one.
4 out of 5
very good
love it
1 out of 5
Obsidian half corona
The cigars were in good condition but they do not taste like a full sized obsidian cigar. There is almost a chemical taste to the cigars that doesn't taste good.
5 out of 5
Yuuuumy... what more is there to say.They're even pleasant to my wife's nose and that's a win win.
1 out of 5
Poor product
I realize that different people have different tastes, but I found this to be a dud. I generally like PDR products, ( I think this is made by them), but this cigar burns poorly, tastes awful and has very little aroma.
5 out of 5
Tasty little nuggets
A fantastic small cigar with gobs of flavor a perfect small smoke with great Construction perfect for walking the dog
5 out of 5
Very rich and smooth.
Great evening closer.
5 out of 5
A favorite of mine
A great tasting, full-bodied smoke, and one of my faves overall. I really enjoy these. If I had a complaint, it would be that they don't fill out to the 60 ring size as well as other perfectos, like the Gurkha Centurian and the Diesel Perfecto... I would argue that just because it hits the 60-ring size at a point, that doesn't make it a 60 ring. The Centurian and Diesel are mostly 60 ring the entire length of the cigar, this one slowly tapers to the 60 size and quickly tapers back off. Still, I got these at a steal, so I can't complain too much.
5 out of 5
Obsidian Robusto
I really enjoy these cigars! A good full bodied cigar. They burn slow, and the last half is very flavorful. A great smoke!
3 out of 5
Not Bad
Sometimes very good, sometimes not so much. Some burned perfectly while others burned hot and down the side. Need to be more consistent to be rated higher
5 out of 5
Awesome smoke!
Great cigar!! The only cigar I enjoy more is the Alec Bradley Prensado and they are much more costly
5 out of 5
Bob J., Chicago
I only smoke full-bodied cigars, preferably maduros. Once I discovered the Obsidian 60, it immediately went onto my short list of favorites. Balanced, flavor-packed, a delicious smoke with a good cocktail!
5 out of 5
best to the best
love this cigar
5 out of 5
Great smoke if you need to have a quick smoke or quick cigar break. Full of flavor, thick creamy smoke. I would buy 5 more bins of these.
5 out of 5
Great flavor
Love these Obsidians; good flavor and satisfying
5 out of 5
great quickie
These babies are a great, quick smoke, full of flavor and never disappoint
5 out of 5
Amazing smoke for the price!
i got a box of 20 boxed pressed toros 3 months ago after trying a sampler. So far all have been very consistent burn. produces a great amount of smoke and very oiley. They only get better for as long as they are in my humidor. The draw is just right on everyone of them. baseline flavor of dark earth and cedar with nuances of pepper and leather 1st third, caramel in 2nd, and creamy earth in the 3rd. If cared for properly you wont be disappointed.
2 out of 5
Skip it
Flavor is a bit odd, and they don't burn well. My buddies that don't smoke cigars often like them, so at least I found a way to get rid of them. I wouldn't buy again.
3 out of 5
Good burn
Nice and full, good burn. Little bitter at the foot.
3 out of 5
once you get past that unusual huge band you get to see a nice constructed cigar taste & aroma were pleasant I would order more if it weren't for that ridiculous band
5 out of 5
Obsidian Robusto
A great smoke at a great price point. What makes a "great" smoke? Consistency, construction and of course the ever subjective flavor. Consistency and good construction are present and I have gone through boxes, yes that's plural..boxes of these smokes. So if you are a fan of Brazilian tobacco as I am then Obsidian, another fine Pinar Del Rio offering, should be on your list to try.
5 out of 5
Obsidian Sixty
An excellent cigar very slow burn with an excellent taste. Would purchase it again.
5 out of 5
Keep on hand
These are the perfect 20 minute short smokes that suit me well on the bike for my ride in to work
1 out of 5
Terrible Cigar
They smelled horrible and tasted worse. The smell was like burning hair. My wife would not stay on the porch while I was smoking it. I threw the first away after hanging with it for half thinking surly its got to get better. I let the others rest in the humidor for a while to make sure their humidity was good. It didn't make any difference. I gave the rest away. Worst cigars i've had in years.
5 out of 5
Good cigar
Good cigar
5 out of 5
Tasty favorite
These Obsidian's have become a regular for me and keep a good supply on hand. The flavor is always spot on and burns well
1 out of 5
They taste terrible and smell
They taste terrible and smell like plastic burning. The only bad tasting cigar from CI
2 out of 5
Wrapper dries out while smoking.
Wrapper dries out while smoking. Wrapper seems to be brittle. Humidor is steady at 72%
5 out of 5
Always keep on hand
These are always a tasty smoke and a bargain here at CI
5 out of 5
Awesome tasting little smoke
Great tasting smoke at such a great price.
5 out of 5
Great cigar
Great smoke, easy draw and full flavor
5 out of 5
GREAT Smoke!!
GREAT Smoke!!
5 out of 5
Great smoke at a good
Great smoke at a good price any word on my back order thanks tony
5 out of 5
Awesome smoke
Love the flavor of these guys, will be a regular stock in the humnidor
5 out of 5
Loved it!
Great smoke for an unbeatable price. I'll be back for more...if you like a full bodied cigar, you cant go wrong with this one.
5 out of 5
Great bang for the buck
Excellent draw, stays lit, burns very very slow and good thick smoke with some excellent depth of flavor. Cannot wait to have another one.
5 out of 5
Great cigar, 1 star reviews are wrong
I read the negative reviews on this cigar and believe they are rookies and do not know how to care for this stick. These cigars have a good thick smoke and a great, balanced flavor. I do not believe that high cost = a good cigar. This cigar is excellent and at a very reasonable price. This is my go to cigar and I have no complaints about it. This is a 5 star cigar that is very cost friendly.
5 out of 5
Excellent smooth smoke
The price defies the quality of these cigars. I'm ordering a second box.
5 out of 5
The Best
I got hooked to Diamond Crown maduros but the PRICE is too high for every day.Then I found these and havnt looked back.Best taste best price
5 out of 5
thick ones
Great cigar medium taste with hints of chocolate also great price
5 out of 5
Great smoke!
Consistent and thoroughly enjoyable. An extremely good cigar at an incredible price.
3 out of 5
Good flavor but difficult burn
Good taste but a bit too much tunneling and canoeing...
4 out of 5
I smoke Maduro cigars almost exclusively, so I am always looking for a medium to full, or full bodied maduro cigar to throw into the mix of change of pace cigars when I want something different from my go-to cigar. I was very pleasantly surprised by this cigar. Not only did it live to it's full bodied billing, but the flavor was very enjoyable as well. The Obsidian to me far exceeded my expectations of what a cigar so modestly priced would be. Well done, Obsidian/ I would definitely recommend this cigar to anyone who enjoys any type of cigar, and especially to someone who smoke heavier maduro cigars.
5 out of 5
Double Perfect
Awesome smoke
5 out of 5
yum, yum
3 out of 5
small cigar, big flavor
I was looking for a small cigar for when I don't have time for a full stogie. Most petit coronas taste like cigarettes. The Obsidian Mini Corona really satisfied. Rich flavor, not harsh at all. This is a very good 30 minute smoke. smoke
4 out of 5
Obsidian Robusto
Powerhouse of a smoke! Not for beginners!
5 out of 5
obsidian perfecto/not perfect
I don't like this cigar! The flavor isn't there, no taste no quality every one of these i've smoked has run and burned unevenly bad bad purchase for me!
4 out of 5
Great flavor; Ugly stick
Thoroughly enjoy Obsidian White. Went with black this time. Great aroma, flavor (heavy notes of cedar and ligero) but one seriously ugly cigar. It is strong one so you need to set aside some time when you light it up.
5 out of 5
Really good cigars
Really good cigars
5 out of 5
Very good smoke
Very good smoke
3 out of 5
Not a bad everyday smoke.
Good draw and a mostly even burn.
5 out of 5
Great product
I ordred this stick, not acquainted with the product, expecting a good alternative to some of regular smokes, and pleasantly surprised that I found a real gem. Obsidian Belicoso has a good draw, not too tight nor lose, a consistent burn, and a great flavor right down to the nub. These a good price for a stick that equals some of my more expensive smokes. I will order more.
1 out of 5
Obsidian Box Pressed Toro
Cigars are overly smokey and the wrap falls apart. The flavor is ok. In good faith will not purchase this product again.
5 out of 5
Fantastic cigar for the price.
Does not disappoint. Great flavor, smooth draw and tons of smoke. I have bought these on several occasions and the consistency for one order to the next is superb. These have a prominent place in my stick rotation.
4 out of 5
Great Smoke
Great smoke for the cost
4 out of 5
obsidian gordo is great
Flavorful, good punch and consistently fine cigar, my onlycomplaint is that damn , long wrapper, that sometimes won't slide or peel off!
3 out of 5
Bought two boxes. First the foot on 6 of them where damaged. The first four ok some uneven burn needing many relights. If you are expecting a full 6x60 your not going to get it.These are toropedo style. Good flavor but then I enjoy a full body stick.Had them before nice smoke,flavor but not lasting my usual hour with a 6x60. Would I buy them again? Maybe but would rather buy something I will get what I am expecting from the past.
4 out of 5
A great little smoke!
I have to admit, this little guys are just the right size for a quick smoke. And as for the taste? Let me just say: I’ve never had a bad smoke/experience with a Black Label Obsidian.
5 out of 5
i highly recommend Obsidian!
Excellent cigar! Very meticulously made, great smoke , taste, no after taste, even burn, no runs very flavorful Ill buy it again and again!
4 out of 5
can not enter any subject
can not enter any subject line Obsidian is a great cigar
5 out of 5
love the taste of the
love the taste of the obsidian sixty
5 out of 5
backorder but not forgotten
CI called to let me know they saw no hope of getting the items that were backorder and once on sale. They offered me 4 5 packs instead of the box and a Stinkey ashtray instead of the Obsidian ashtray that was advertised for the sale. I am happy they did not forget me.
5 out of 5
Good Deal
Truly happy with the product, customer service, and price.
5 out of 5
Just a great company...
I enjoy ordering here. Seems like the cigars get to my house so quickly after I order. And the sticks are so ever fresh.
1 out of 5
Is a cigar but for me the taste was bitter and harsh,hard to keep lit, returned.
5 out of 5
Obsidian mini corona
a great smoke
4 out of 5
solid smoke
solid smoke, lacks punch, good smoke over all though, good choice to fill humidor with
5 out of 5
Really enjoyed these great priced cigars. On the mark guys!
4 out of 5
Not a bad smoke
Not a bad smoke. If you can get these for a good deal go for it.
5 out of 5
Black Gem
Is this the best cigar out there? No. But it is an excellent cigar for an every day smoke and the price can't be beat. I'd consider it a medium strength cigar with lots of rich flavor. Burns a little quick, but for the price this is a go to.
5 out of 5
Great full bodied smoke!
Absolutely one of my favorites! I enjoy a rich full smooth cigar and this hits the target on all levels.
2 out of 5
Very Strong
as a new novice smoker I tried one of these from a CI sampler pack, the first third of the cigar had good taste but it was way too strong for me.
3 out of 5
I am a novice just starting out smoker, had this in one of CI sampler packs, the first third was not bad, but the FULL cigar is just way too much for me, going to stick with Macanudo for a while and work up to this, the flavor was good, that's not in question, just was way to much of a smoke for me.
5 out of 5
Obsidian black
good full body cigar. Great earthy tones
1 out of 5
Sorry, no go with these....
No, nope, noooooo... Tried the white label ones and same with the black label one. They both burned crappy, taste was just OK at best. No real flavor to these sticks. Plus they both didn't like staying lite. Save your money and if you happen to get one of these in a sampler pack well you know which one you can pass out to a friend... Two thumbs down...
2 out of 5
No flavor
To me it just tasted like regular tobacco, plain. I no like. thank you.
2 out of 5
Poor Quality….
Most cigars split within two days of receiving them.
5 out of 5
Obsidian Belicoso
A full bodied smoke that has a smooth even draw all the way down to beyond the ring of the cigar without a bite.
5 out of 5
Quality Business
Outstanding service, selection and prices. CI is the only place I buy cigars.
3 out of 5
Obsidian wasn't that great I
Obsidian wasn't that great I thought it was okay
Customer Testimonials
Oh my, I purchased a 20 count box of these devilish robustos and the experience was otherworldly. First off, put away about 70 minutes of your time, preferably a clear night sky kind of time, and slowly draw on this delicious stick and let your mind venture off into a place of deep satisfaction. The flavors are strong and full with tastes of aged leather (not that new car smell) but rather of an Indiana Jones satchel bag kind of leather, and black coffee and towards the mid-range, spicy oak. All together it sends your palate into the stratosphere. I love big bold cigars and now the Obsidian has blew past the Unholy Cocktail and Diesel Uncut; this grail of a stick is something to be treasured. I encourage all to purchase these things up! None will be disappointed.
....This was definitely a good cigar overall. The scent was rich, certainly ranking among my favorites. The taste and texture of the wrapper on my lips seemed just a tad bit off, though still good. A solid four stars.
Very nice stick. I like it. Nuff said!
This one was quite the pleasant surprise. Do not be put off by the full-body listing; it is certainly full flavored, but anyone could enjoy this cigar. Lots of nuts and dried fruit. Thick chewy smoke and an excellent finish with the right amount of spice. A very good cigar at any price, but at these prices it is an excellent buy.
I received the belicoso in a sampler pack from a friend. I hadn't tried an Obsidian before, so I relegated it to my humidor for about 6-7 months. When I finally was down to very few options in my humidor, I gave it a try. Whoa!! It had a very earthy, kind of musty leather aroma to the wrapper. That aroma stayed throughout the smoking experience. The flavor note of a rich leather, for me anyway, made it better. I can't wait to smoke this again, very soon.
This instantly has become a favorite of mine. The construction, taste, smell, and burn instantly won me over. If you're looking for a stick that provides more bang than the buck, well, you've found it. Just hope I haven't bought them all up before you can get your hands on them.
It's a great everyday cigar. It's priced correctly at under $3 a stick.
Only regret, is not buying 2 boxes. These are some tasty sticks, especially for the price point. These are very dark, almost oscuro, which I love. They have a nice firm pack and are heavy in the hand as the previous reviewer mentioned, but still maintain a nice draw. These are definitely not morning cigars. Rich and full. Lots of ligero. An outstanding cigar for an even better price.
Really good full-bodied cigars are expensive, with a few exceptions, Obsidian being one of those. Sure, I'd rather have a Prensado, when my fullhead appears, but often I have to consider the cost of the stick I am about to light up. Eight bones for the Alec Bradley stunner or less than four clams for a big fat 90 minute Perfecto like the Obsidian. It's good & very full flavored! I enjoy the White Noise version's habano wrapper even more than the original Obsidian. Both are worth trying, especially if you can find a deal. One major beef is the banding. It's too much & often causes rips in the wrapper leaf. A simple black band with the Logo only on it would resolve that issue & look much nicer...
Obsidian Belecoso, 5 great, 1 bad ratio the good ones taste so oh good! Smooth! hint of deep chocolate, light sweet, uneven burning and rich oily wrappers that can come apart. Still a great smoke!
Make sure the cat is out, the dog is fed, and all is looked after for the night because WOW. I didn't expect the wallop I got from this vitola. Everything from breaking out in a sweat, shaky hands and had to sit in my chair for awhile after smoking this cigar. Billows of lucious smoke. Spicey, but not too much and power. This one is the one to smoke last in your daily rotation. I will be keeping these on hand at all times. Just ordered the box-pressed special and I can't wait. Full-bodied smokers look no further, this is as good as it gets.
On a whim I added a 10 pack of the Double Perfecto to an order, largely for the free shipping it was accompanied with. These bad boys can't be oversold! The fluctuating ring gauge makes way for myriad flavors, from silky smooth cocoa hints to polished leather, and a host of others in between. I normally smoke Perdomo Habano Maderos, but these have definitely earned a place in the humidor.
So I got one of these randomly from a man who has been smoking cigars for years. He found out that I liked mild-medium cigars and he gave me one of these bad boys to try out. So I waited for a good opportunity to smoke this "treat" as I call them, and I was flabbergasted at how good this cigar was. It was a little rough to handle towards the end but otherwise an excellent cigar that I would highly recommend. I haven't ordered these in bulk yet, as I have already spent my cigar allowance for the next couple of months, but I am looking forward to adding a bundle or two to my next order. I really recommend these to everyone. Enjoy.
Being a fan of the numerous other cigars that the company made, I decided to give the Obsidian Belicosos a go. While the flavor profile may be pretty darn good, considering the price it's a shock, the burn profile and construction from cigar to cigar was inconsistent. Maybe I got a bad box but I expected more from A. Flores Y J. Rodriguez whose other offerings are some of my favorite cigars. I cannot stress how much I love the company but I would think twice before seeking out Obsidian again....
My first order from CI. My first taste of Obsidian (actually my second stick), so far better then the first. By which I didn't think would be possible. These are going to be my favorite part of many days to come. Thank You CI!
Just smoked the Obsidian this evening as it was a gift from my wife. This smoke was smooth and burned evenly. As far as taste I was very let down; I love a full flavored cigar and this was not it. It was in no way memorable and will be remembered more for its packaging than its taste.
GOOD: It smelled of a hint of a roasted element but a smell that had a hint of sweetness like caramel and tobacco mixed. Really enjoy the unique cigar band and the cigar is beautiful with an oily dark wrapper and very well constructed. The burn was great and produced a boat load of nice smoke and the cigar is medium to a full bodied. Overall flavor was very very nice after 10 months in the humi. NOT SO GOOD: I tried one with a buddy shortly after purchase 2 to 3 weeks and was not impressed. After 10 months of rest this is now on the ATF List ! ! !
This maduro has great potential but unfortunately I don't ever see myself ordering them again. My cigars came off the delivery truck and right away I wanted to smoke one. Maybe 5-6 six minutes into the cigar...the cap separated. I've had plenty cigars in my life and NEVER had the cap just come off. I thought maybe this was just a bad one. I let these cigars sit in my humidor for about week and decided to smoke another one. Once again the cap came off. I can only think of this happening because of poor construction.
I'm not a big fan of the Good Cigar For The Price phrase. I believe it's either good or it's not. Obsidian is a really good cigar period. Well constructed, billows of beautiful aromatic smoke, nice medium to m/full body.
I read the reviews and cant find anything wrong with the burn.I smoked my first one today and no issues at all .Loads of smoke,3" of ash with a easy draw.The taste is awesome a lot of spice and pepper but not over powering .I will be ordering more and the samplers with them keep prices in range!Thanks again CI !!
Packs a punch!
Loose wrapper, uneven burn even after kept in the humidor at proper humidity for several months. Guess I got a bad lot.
Received a 5 pack as a gift....flavor is great, with depth and complexity. Had difficulty keeping them lit, however, each prompted 3-5 relights. Still, a great stick.
This cigar really ages well. They are pretty good with great construction out of the box. They are really great after 2 years in the humi. If you can wait that long
I received this cigar in a sampler pack and compared to it's counterparts, this was the "dog" of the bunch. Average flavor smoke, good tobacco taste to the lips, average burn. Of course, when you mix CAO Brazilia in the lot, it has a lot to live up to. I rate the smoke OK, but nothing to write home about.
Buy this cigar. You cannot beat this price for this quality. Dark oily maduro wrapper, full flavored, better sit down smoke. I'm a budget smoker and this is a high quality smoke. It's my everyday now.
Im a brazilian guy for the most part and fresh these guys are a fantastic value. With some age they are so good for the price. These are without a doubt the best bang for the buck cigar I've had the pleasure of smoking.
Just finished smoking this cigar on a cold winter night in Afghanistan. This cigar is beautiful. Oily, dark, and solid. The flavors are chocolate, coffee, and a touch of spice. This cigar has tons of thick white smoke. I have never seen a cigar smoke this much. This is one of the best cigars I have ever smoked. Its aroma is unmatched. It smells wonderful. A solid 93 rating. Will purchase more in the future.
I haven't smoked a good cigar since last year, and I finally got myself to get back into cigars. So I tried these out, alot of review say Obsidian isn't a good smoke. But IMO it was great!!! Very creamy, chocolate, heavy smoke filled my mouth and im hooked on these. i bought the "experiment" sampler and a 5 pack of the White Noise as well. I'm going to be saving these for a while, I don't want to smoke all these in a week. But it's so hard not to, haha. I will be buying more, no doubt! THANK YOU CI!
Very nice cigar. Feels well in the mouth and burns well. I was quite impressed. I wish they had a 6 X60 Gordo. I will order again.
In general, I prefer Nicaraguan and Honduran over Dominican, but Obsidian is one of the exceptions. This is fast becoming one of my favorite smokes. Well construction, flavorful, all around great cigar.
The toro is quite a good cigar...good flavor...good burn...winner.
Great all around cigar, full bodied, but not too strong, will buy again!
I had this cigar sitting in my humidor for about 6 months and never smoked it. It came in a sampler and I thought it would be a bad cigar. Didn't want to smoke my premiums. To my surprise I lit it up and from the first draw noticed a quality cigar. Rich smoke, great flavor.... Got about two inches until it dropped off. Rich, full flavor with woodsy tones. Earth tones and a little barn yard at the mid point. I only had one, now I have to order at least a 5 pack to enjoy this again. To my surprise a great smoke. Give it a try and you won't be disappointed.
Just love it. Great taste. Great, smooth burn. Just love it.
Had a robusto in the humi for a few months. Finally gave it a shot. Really good smoke! Creamy, sweet, with a nice dry wood note. Burn was good and lots of thick smoke. Not a stick for in the car; she puts off a lot of resting smoke. Overall, for the price ya can't beat these with a bat. I'll be picking up a 5 pack real soon. Last 3rd has really picked up. A nice spice upfront and still creamy, but the sweetness has dropped off a bit. It's a good time.
Great cigar. One of my new favorites.
WOW! I absolutely loved this cigar. I'm a fairly new cigar lover and I enjoy a good mild to medium cigar. These ciagrs have tons of flavor and burn great. I was extremely pleased with these cigars and I will definitely be buying more!
Got these on a Joe's Daily Deal, two packs of five each. Very nice cigar. Draw is quite good. Taste/aroma is real good too. Somewhat less full flavored than I had envisioned but overall it was a good purchase. Will consider these again when offered at "special" price in the future.
FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC! Great Cigar. It was smooth to the point I didn't even know it was gone until it was. I recommend for everybody!
Not what I expected, did not develop flavor into the half way point, good smoke out put, slightly creamy, hints of pepper and earth. Not my type of cigar....
Awesome smoke. Burning one now to kick off the start of my vacation. Can't wait to try "white noise".
All that I have tried have a great flavor but all have an uneven burn. 15 of 20 to go. I hope the remaining will burn more evenly.
Well wrapped stick, great flavor and arrived in great shape. Devote some time to this one, but well worth the time taken.
To make a long story as short as possible, it's an extremely well constructed smoke. As for the taste, I liked it, and recommend that you at least give it a try. Especially for the price !!! ALOHA !!!
I ordered the 10-pack sampler and sucked the box dry within a matter of days. I immediately ordered 5 boxes of assorted sizes. These things are absolutely delicious. There are plenty of reviews describing the details of the tastes, so I won't belabor the point. Don't feel bad that the "experiment" cigars in the sampler are not available except for in the sampler: the sizes are interesting and cute, but some of them do not smoke as well (probably due to the small sizes) and they seem to have a bit of a different flavor. I only mention this to advise that the label should be judged based on the regular sizes. I would compare the taste and power to La Flors as many have, but they Obisidians are more chocolatey and smoky.
Not impressed so far! The taste is good but not as rich or complex as Diesel Unholy Cocktail or La Herencia Oscuro Fuerte at a comparable price and it is not as well constructed. Small pieces of tobacco fell out when I cut the end indicating it is not long filler, and the uneven burn and need to keep relighting it seems related to the same problem. I bought a box so I will try more, but so far I regret the purchase.
I really like this Obsidian, the aroma , lots of smoke and the taste is GREAT!! However I have had a lot of burn problems, uneven burn , tunnel burn they are a lot of work I'm not sure they are worth the price perhaps at half the price they might not seem to be so much work.
I bought a box of these in Double Perfecto last fall. No doubt the best $4 cigar I have ever smoked. I love a dark oily wrapper with rich flavor and these are par for the course. You will not be disappointed if that is your desire. I will be buying more of these in the future.
All around a great smoke. Comes in a near seamless dark espresso wrapper. Burns very steady and consistent, but does not lose flavor. Very enjoyable from the tip to the nub. This is a cigar you can count on whenever you want a nice medium to full flavor on your pallet. I personally have purchased 3 boxes within a month time period and intend to keep doing so. Obsidian, a timeless piece for the modern age.
I have been seeing these come up for awhile and have been hesitant on pulling the trigger trying them. A few guys at work are hard core cigar smokers too and haven't tried one yet either. Bought a box of box pressed toro's.....they are $$$$$$. Don't even bother buying a 5 pack...Buy a box of your favorite size and shape. If you don't like them you must be crazy.
I'm a fan of AJ Fernandez's Man O' War which this really reminds me of. This cigar has a darker and mysterious quality to it. It's less sweet but with intense blasts of pepper and spice. It has the same sensual full-bodied character and strength. Definitely a must try.
Nice medium bodied cigar. Well aged tobacco and aroma.
A clean burn with absolutely fantastic flavor. Would buy again!
Wow what a great smoke! I got the Joe's cigar deal for the Belicoso. Wrapper is dark brown, nice and matte.. Dry draw is tight. At first draw is tight with medium smoke. Flavor is quite good. Medium body with hints of chocolate and coffee. Great cigar. Halfway through its getting hot because of the draw. I might have a tight stick. I'm hoping it's just my humidor. It needs more work, I've been having issues keeping it at the proper %. I can't wait to spark up another one. Great buy getting a box next time.
I kept seeing these while browsing through the catalogs smoking my favorite romeo y julietas, I was kind of curious about them, I just recieved my motherlode sampler today, didnt relize there was one of these with them so I pretty ecstatic that I'd get to take this fella for a test drive, very smoky right after lighting, very tasteful and aromatic, in other words, not bad at all my friends, I think my next cigar purchase will be a box of them, definitely a must try if you like full bodied cigars.
At this price point (or double) this is a really nice, dependable medium-full cigar. It does compare well to the La Flor Dominicana Ligero but at a fraction of the cost. Not obnoxious or in your face (ala The Punisher) but rich with a full flavor profile with very little pepper. Gorgeous to look at, firm in the hand and on the draw, with a nice gray ash that needs to be pounded off. A six inch cigar with a three ash burn, I'll be keeping these in my box at all times, and they've actually been aging well. Can't go wrong!
Possibly the steal of this whole website, incredible cigar that offers everything. The only mistake is you not buying this full bodied animal.
I have been forced as of late to get more bang for the buck with samplers. I received one of the Obsidians, via Belisoco, in one...was really intrigued at the ligero factor. I'll tell you this; very nice draw, oomps of smoke, very clean but with a clinging of a Flor Dominico Ligero aftertaste (FDL, my fave) but a helluva less expensive. Now, unfortunately, I'll have to at least order a fiver or 10 pack, hopefully on Joes Daily...really pairs nice with a decent bourbon like Jim Beam or Evan Williams (of course, Black Jack would be fine, too:) if you are up to the high priced grades that empty your pocketbook.
First: The read on the Obsidian, whetted my pallet Second: Shipment arrived, Robusto size, giddy as a school girl Third: Environment: 43 degrees, 61 percent humidity, winds at 16mph. A jeans, tank 'n tee, skully kinda night (if you know what I'm sayin) Fourth: The preparation: whiskey and water: Irish variety Fifth: The Review: Dark, heary, oil wrapper rippled with texture Cap didn't endure the double guilitine cutter, a slight fray was left Smoldering burn that gave a slight sting at the nostril 1/4 in: leathery, cool hint of cedar, dense smoke 1/2 in: broad surface of tongue coated with woodsy, earth, trace of coffee side note: irregular burn & fragmented ash... hmmm (little worried) 3/4 in: warm at the lip, amplitude turned up. Truely spicey, now. Hot box: Ambiguous; No longer enjoyable.
Power and flavor are the two things that I need my cigar to be and I am happy to say that Obsidian Double Perfecto (My favorite shape) delivers! Thick clouds of smoke, fantastic aroma, chocolate, coco, leather, touch of pepper and spice. Enjoy this one on a full stomach as this is truely a full bodied gar. It is sure to be a regular in my rotation.
After reading reviews about this cigar I finally tried one. I am not as impressed with this smoke as some but I think it is still a cigar worth keeping around. Pretty simple smoke without a lot of changes. Once you fire it up what you get is what you get. If it burned better and didn't have to re-light over and over I'd give it higher praise, but for now it's what you would expect for a $3 cigar.
I get high hopes every time I hear of a new cigar that is full bodied and has "deep tobacco flavour". Such was my reaction to the announcement of the Obsidian cigar. Unfortunately, IMHO it did not live up to the billing, as it is very low on earthiness, otherwise known as "barnyard", and higher in wood tones and leather notes. Maybe after 25 years of smoking many types of cigars (many of them from CI), my taste buds have had it, but I know what I like "barnyard earthiness", and this cigar ain't it. So far, the best bang for the buck seems to be Rocky Patel's Edge Counterfeits. Sorry Obsidian.
I don't normally stick with just one cigar as my favorite. I bounce around from one to another so my taste buds don't get bored. But that's changed. If I were stranded on an island and had a crate full of Obsidian, I would be perfectly happy to smoke these day after day. I've smoked several sizes and they're all good. You just can't go wrong with this cigar. Clouds of smoke, rich, but not overpowering, smooth as silk. Great with coffee.
I've only had one of these, but it will make it into the rotation again for further scrutiny. It was unusual in a positive way. Need more burn time...with a few more to get to an accurate review.
This one has become one of my favorite smokes. Starts off with a punch, develops into several enjoyable flavors, becoming smoother at the end. The total package for an extremely enjoyable smoke.
Great cigar at a fantastic price! I liked everything about these. Will definitely order more. Get on these before the price increases.
Several years ago, Obsidian was one of my faves. But then it disappeared for a while. When it returned a year later, it was not the same cigar and I was mad. This new Obsidian brings back the memories of excellence and may even surpass what we smoked back then.
I smoked the Obsidian Box-Pressed Toro and for a sub $3 dollar stogie it was great. I struggled with an uneven burn and was forced to re-light several times. I did enjoy the cool burn all the way to nub. It wasn’t super complex, but the flavor was a very nice sweet/spicy M/F body mix. I would smoke it again.
the obsidian for me is the best new cigar Ive ever tried since being with CI. Every thing about it is near perfect. of course it leaves one to wonder who is the man behind Pinar Del Ray, the company that makes them????
Picked up a couple of these during my last trip to the CI Superstore. Smoked one a couple days later and was blown away! Needless to say, I will be ordering a box very soon!
All I can say is,"Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" Getting ready to order my 2nd box. What a great smoke. Once again THANK YOU CI!!!!
Received one from a sampler, and I didn't care for the cigar. That being said, I've received the same cigars in a second sampler and they were great. I could have received one not up to par, and may need to try a second one.
Received one of these in a sampler and I found like I was smoking two cigars. One end being high dollar (lit end), while the cap was from a much less value cigar. The good news; it is a full flavored, huge amount of smoke, and burned even all the way down. On the other end (cap), seemed like it was from a buck cigar. Meaning; the 54 ring size would slide out of your mouth, while making a cut around the cigar. As a result, the cigar had to go further in your mounth than desired, due to is sliding unless you bit down hard with your teeth. Because of this, half way down it became chewy more than I desired. In addition, the cap just gave away to smasked up slick tobaco increasing with every draw. My teeth made a circle around the cigar due to trying to hold it so tightly. It was a full bodied cigar, enough to satisfy any smoker but the cigar wanting to slide out of your mouth made the cigar less enjoyable. Half way down the outer leaf broke on me, but I have discovered a way to fix this problems most of the time. After finding out that a substance much like an ingredeint in jellow bonds cigars. I took a box of jellow, poured it in an empty water bottle, then filled in with hot water. After shaking it up to disolve the powder, I keep the liquid on a shelf where I smoke. When a leaf begans to crack on me, I use my finger and spread a small amount of this on the leaf that is cracking. I know it sounds crazy, but most of the time it will stop the cigar from cracking any further without changing the flavor. Try it for yourself, since it doesn't cost much money. They make a cigar clue that I have asked CI to offer, since everyone of us have had good cigars have a leaf open up on us. It is not going to fix a huge gap, but it will stop a broken leaf turning into bad cigar. As far as this cigar, I'm glad I got to try it and suggest others to do the same. For me, it is not one that I would make a purchase of in a large amount. You may feel much different since others who wrote felt better about the cigar than I did. Good cigar with even burn, just not my cup of tea.
Always liked the flavor of Brazilian tobacco, and these are loaded with the sweet, nutty Brazil tobacco, moderated by several well chosen others in the mix. Well constructed, feels firm in the hand, with even burn. Great aroma, even before lighting! Definitely full flavor, but does not taste acrid or leave any trace of throat irritation. Smoke them down to the last inch. I don't inhale, so others may get a stronger sensation. Excellent cigar and serious competition to the pricier CAO Brazilia.
I'll admit, I'm spoiled when it comes to my favorite pastime. My humi is populated by some of the best cigars this side of Havana (ok fine, most are from Havana). Obsidian's unique presentation and blend led my paycheck astray of the Liga Privada No.9's and Partagas D4's. I violated my 5 day hold on all freshly shipped cigars in anticipation of lighting one of these bad boys up. The reviews are right on! Tantilizing aroma, balanced, solid construction and dynamic flavor profile. Upon reaching the 2/3 mark of the Obsidian I was pleasantly surprised. The unique taste that makes the Cohiba Maduro 5 (one of my favorites) so amazing was billowing from this oily robusto. If you enjoy rich, earthy, dark full-flavored blends, Obsidian will definitely compliment your portfolio. Enjoy!
Good smoke, draw was great, burned very even with a touch up after lighting. Beautiful thick smoke, but I found the aftertaste a little too earthy for my taste. Flavor profile was great except the imbalance from the earthiness. Nice and spicy, if you want something with a strong flavor and less kick than a Padron.
Today I smoked an Obsidian Double Perfecto. This is supposed to be a 6x60 cigar. I'd guess it's more like a 6x56. The wrapper is a nice dark very oily looking leaf. The cigar is constructed well with no soft spots. The draw is good. The burn started off sort of funky. It self corrected in a matter of a few minutes. This cigar is medium bodied and smooth. Nice flavor profile with a variety of pleasant spicy flavors. Starts off witha bang, but quickly subsides into a really smooth, well balanced cigar. For me, this will be a great first cigar of the day. I liked it, and yes, it's great to see a good cigar available at a great price.
This cigar is excellent! particularly for the price. I spoke about 5 cigars per week and have been looking for a nice alternative to Padron which has become a bit expensive. This cigar has a nice aroma, and smokes smooth as advertised. Definitely worth the price given the quality.



As a kid growing up in the 80s and 90s during the professional wrestling boom, I was a huge fan. However, my favorite part of pro wrestling wasn’t particularly the matches, the promos, or the hellacious chair shots to the back of an unsuspecting wrestler.  I loved the intros! Every time I hear the guitar intro of “I am a Real American,” I still get chills.

With cigars, I am the same way. Whenever someone mentions a hot new cigar that I like, I’m all over it! Moreover, whenever someone talks about the new Obsidian, I get real fired up! There are so many different aspects of this cigar I can cover, which I whole-heartedly plan on doing in this review. 

To start, the name and packaging itself is downright awesome. 20 Obsidians come packed in jet black boxes comprised of Spanish cedar wood. On the petit corona, belicoso, and gordo sizes; a black cigar band encompasses the entire body of the cigar, only leaving the shoulder and cap exposed. Presentation-wise, the Obsidian gets an A+ for originality.

Next, we’ll take a look at the blend of tobaccos that comprise the Obsidian. This Dominican handmade features a powerful mixture of Dominican and Nicaraguan long fillers. As I look at the foot of the cigar, I notice a nice combination of dark tobaccos (ligeros) in the core of the cigar, with a portion of lighter-colored tobacco (visos and secos) bunched in there as well. I anticipate a strong, yet balanced and complex cigar.

p>The binder is a limited Criollo ’98 leaf, a hybrid Cuban-seed tobacco that is known for a soft spice and creamy undertone. The binder and filler tobaccos are draped by a stunning, dark oily wrapper leaf known as a Brazilian Habano ligero wrapper. Though it is dark brown in appearance, this wrapper isn’t a true maduro like traditional Brazilian Aripiraca and Mata Fina tobaccos. Believer it or not, it’s stronger.


p>The Obsidian is offered in 6 different vitolas (sizes) but today I’ve narrowed my selection to the double perfecto; a powerful 6.0” X 60 figurado. The thing I enjoy about perfectos is the constant changing of the ring gauge throughout the entire cigar that exhibits a myriad of different flavors.


p>The Obsidian is made by the same company who brings you the epic Pinar del Rio line; powerful well-blended Dominican handmades. For me, the Obsidian is like the PDR Oscuro on ‘roids…strong, full-flavored and billows of aromatic cigar smoke.


Upon lighting the Obsidian Double Perfecto, dense smoke fills the air and my palate picks up chewy notes of leather. As the 1st third of the cigar builds, hearty spices are detected in the blend. In the middle third of the Obsidian, I finally hit the immense, 60-ring bulbous point in the cigar…did I just hear the “Hulkster’s” theme music? I am more than enthralled at the fact that during this portion of the cigar, every draw had a distinct, unique flavor. A nice sweetness, along with ample pepper dominates this portion of the cigar. 

The finish is just as good as the start, featuring many similar flavors as I picked up when first lighting the Obsidian. The rich tobacco core tastes great and just when the cigar is getting hot (because I smoked it down to the bare nub), I finally put it down with a feeling of great satisfaction.

p>Something that’s notable with the Obsidian is the amount of comments I received from customers in regards to the aroma. The most popular remark I received was, “That cigar smells great!”


In sum, this is arguably the best new blend we’ve brought into inventory at the CI Super-Store in months. Not only does the Obsidian protrude flawless construction, copious amounts of smoke and savory flavor, these sub-six dollar sticks are well worth the value.

Expert advice for the day: “Say your prayers and eat your vitamins.” – H.H.


Steve R

A lot has happened since my last review. The Phillies collapsed. The Eagles have gone from the best team in the NFL, to the worst, to the best, then back to the bottom of the barrel about....oh, eleven times. MLS became the number 3 sport in America - I love soccer, but really? Kim Kardashian got married, again. And divorced, again....all while Gurkha released 17 new small-batch brands. During this time, I’ve been trying a ton of samples for future releases, but when I truly wanted to enjoy something special, I found myself reaching for the same cigar, over and over: Obsidian.

Obsidian is a brand that – at first glance – raises more questions than answers. The dark, mysterious appearance. The black, intimidating artwork. The obscure name and simple, yet appealing logo. Where did this brand come from? Who makes the Obsidian? Is it as powerful as it looks? Are the unconventional sizes part of the equation or merely a coincidence? Does the appealing appearance set the stage for an underwhelming performance....a la Paranormal Activity 3?

You’ll quickly notice, everything about Obsidian is dark. A pitch black box with minimal art. A tall, dark black band with the Obsidian name distressingly printed behind a simple rune. A dark and leathery Brazilian Habano ligero wrapper. A generous amount of dark, near-black tobaccos from Nicaragua and the Dominican visible from the foot. Let’s shed some light on the darkness.

I chose the 5.5”x54 Robusto, the size I’ve been burning most frequently. It’s heavy in the hand, oily to the touch, and solid from head to toe. The pre-light aroma is sweet and zesty with a touch of barnyard. After a quick snip and toast, the easy draw produced thick, heavy clouds of aromatic gray smoke. Instantly, the wrapper takes center stage, consuming my palate with a sweet series of spices that linger long on the finish.

About a half an inch in, the Obsidian’s true colors shined through. A rich, chewy core of roasted nuances took center stage, with soft notes of leather, toast, and an underlying creaminess that seemed to cling to my taste buds after each puff.

One third of the way through, this generous Robusto evolves once again, unveiling a dense array of dark, unsweetened cocoa and espresso bean. The finish is peppery-sweet and the zesty aroma remains true to the pre-light inspection.

Shortly after the midway point, I realized I was in the final stretch as the Obsidian gradually moved from medium-bodied to medium-full and then ultimately full-bodied at the finale. The spices returned for a final hurrah, but never overpowered the rich, chewy flavors I’ve been enjoying thus far. This final half of every Obsidian has amazed me. All this complexity, all this evolution in taste sensations, but literally no harsh tones, bitter notes, or signs of imbalance at any point during the burn.

Then, the finale. After a long, cool burn, the 5.5”x54 Robusto is coming to an end. I could hold on a bit longer, clinging to an uncomfortable nub for just a few more minutes....but I’d rather just light up another and take my palate for another roller coasted ride – or, in the words of Gonz, another “plethora of roller coasters.” (WHAT?).

The Obsidian had me from first sight. Maybe it’s my exploratory nature. Maybe it’s my eagerness to try anything some might call offbeat....with edgy, unconventional art. Maybe it’s my employee discount. Whatever the case may be, Obsidian won my attention, and has kept it for 2 full months. I urge you to try this cigar, and hope you send me your feedback. I think you’ll love it....and can’t wait to hear the positive reviews.


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