Nub 10-Cigar Sampler
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Nub 10-Cigar Sampler

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Rather than wait for a cigar to evolve, Nub cigars hit their sweet spot right off the bat and remain equally delicious right on down to the....err....nub. The Nub 'Top Ten' is a lovely 10-cigar collection that grants you instant access to the all four savory blends: Habano, Cameroon, Connecticut, and Maduro. Best of all, the chunkiest sizes are featured, ensuring you fully appreciate the blending talents at work. Enjoy Nub, and become an instant believer!

Nub 10-Cigar Sampler includes:
3 - NUB Cameroon 460 (4.0”x60)
3 - NUB Connecticut 460 (4.0”x60)
2 - NUB Maduro 460 (4.0”x60)
2 - NUB Habano 460 (4.0”x60)

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