Macanudo Cru Royale Cigars
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Macanudo Cru Royale

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Not your daddy's Macanudo. Up a few clicks in flavor and power, this medium-bodied gem brings richness and complexity combined with smoothness.

Overall Rating3.88 out of 5 Based on 8 Ratings

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4 out of 5
Pretty good cigar
This is a somewhat mild cigar with bold flavors. Good earthy, woodsy notes with a hint of pepper. Only issue is keeping it lit.
5 out of 5
Great Smoke
Great smoke good taste, however it dosn’t stay on very long.
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Good for the price
Good for the price
4 out of 5
Macunudo Cru Royal
Best Maccunudo to date! Easy draw, with bold flavor throughout. You have to try these you won't be disappointed.
2 out of 5
Macanudo Cru
Received a pack of five and put in humidor - lit one up a week later and the wrapper started coming off right away - second one same thing - will not buy again
5 out of 5
Great prices
I have look around and these guys have to best price.
3 out of 5
Ok smoke, tight draw.
Customer Testimonials
These are my go-to cigars in the poco gordo or gordo sizes. The wrap is beautiful so is the construction, the band is an elegant vibrant blue. Starts smooth, but unique robust flavors claim your palette soon after.
JK of Oakland Gardens, NY
Hmm, mine (Toro) had a tight draw. Enough so that it wasn't enjoyable and I just gave up after a couple inches. It came in the Macanudo Collection pack and I was hoping for much more. Maybe it was too moist. Might let the other one sit in the humidor for some time and try again. I've not been disapointed in any Macanudo cigar before.
JR of Houston, TX
I just started smoking in Oct, but these are GREAT; the best I've had yet. I really enjoyed it with a glass of cognac; good draw & nice thick smoke...I am most definitely going to order some more in the future.
Cigars to die for. I look forward to my Macanudo.
Well I went and did it I bought a box of the 6-60 Gordo's. I wrote about this stick awhile back when I picked up one at my local cigar store. I got them about a week ago and finally got one out of the humidor and lit it up, wow better than the one from the store. If ya like them big this is the cigar for you. I knew the cigar was good but after sitting a week they are fantastic, the longer they sit the better they will get, and the CI price is GREAT!
A friend gave me this interesting stick after a round of golf. First look it appears nothing like your typical Macanudo. The characteristic Macanudo band has been replaced with an almost cartoonish family crest symbol and the size was huge 6.0"x60. Construction was spot on and felt well pack and firm with minimal veins on the wrapper. Smell and taste had a cedar aroma with a creamy cedar at times slightly sweet transferring into an earthier coffee. The draw and burn were both were perfect. Really happy with this one & I would both recommend it and buy it.
TK of Rouses point, NY
Don't expect REGULAR from this Cigar........ Expect fine taste, good draw, and thick smoke!!!!! Primo Gordo!
JK of philadelphia, PA
Great cigar I smoked macanudo's for years but the crue royal top notch never seems to amaze me great taste and flavor it's a royale cigar by its self .and a classy smoke were ever you smoke it the aroma and taste great awesome try them out enjoy.
VP of Staten Island, NY
Decent enough cigar, though I personally found the flavor and draw a bit underwhelming. I smoked the ones I bought, but personally this one doesn't make the cut for my humidor rotation when compared to the Man O War Ruination or Ave Maria in my book.
AM of Horizon City, TX
Love the Cru Royale! A buddy of mine got a box of the Robustos awhile back, so I got to smoke a few and I was very impressed. I don't often have the time to enjoy a real cigar experience with one of the big gauge boys, but I love quality and flavor. So, Cru's are great and I saw they come in cigarillo size. Got a pack of 30 and have loved them.... These are definitely in my daily rotation now, the 2nd third of them is fantastic. Smoked slow and patient, these go 20 mins and taste so much like the Robusto in that sweet 2nd third. Great choice for small cigar lovers who like flavor, character, and quality! Very smooth, very tasty, smell amazing, a delightful addition!!!
RC of Boise, ID
This is a very good Macanudo cigar! I love it, it is a medium to dark body, a little nutty, but very satisfying and perfect for time of the day.
Not what I expected, in a good way. Much more mild than expected with great flavor and LOTS of smoke. Going in my top 15 cigar list for sure.
JL of glen cove, NY
I revisited this in the Robusto vitola tonight, and I was pleasantly surprised. Not a transcendent cigar by any means, but a nice middle of the road medium bodied smoke. Started with some cocoa/spice, then the last 1/3 came at me with some bolder flavors, more earthy and a tad bit of leather, with a some cocoa on the finish. Once again, good, but not spectacular. I would not buy a box of these anytime soon, albeit a decent smoke. There is just better stuff out there for the money.
JW of Norman, OK
Wow! Like others have said,a Macanudo you can actually taste! Perfect construction,,highly complex mouth-watering flavor, perfect draw, delicious aroma, get some! Great job Macanudo, thanks C.I.
On a whim I picked one of these up from my local candy store, I Like to call it that cause these beauties are sweet tasting. I got the 6X60 gordo. and was I surprised. It had all the great things a cigar should have, great ash, draw and taste. Now that I see the CI price I will be buying a box. You will not be disappointed.
Surprise surprise! I didn't really know what to expect of this one. Somewhat pinched for time, I picked this smaller stick out of my CI Sizzler sampler, but it had a lot to offer in a little package. Varying flavor notes, and clouds of smoke from front to back. Great middle of the road cigar, and worth keeping around to take advantage of an abnormally warm winter night in New England.
MB of Milford, MA
Good/very good flavor. Very strong nuttiness, with strong cocoa and mild pepper. Unfortunately the single I picked up had strong veins running along the bottom. These were hidden by the seam of the cellophane. Seemed to have been done on purpose to hide the veins. These were some of the largest veins I have seen on a premium cigar. I'm partially to blame, as I should have checked the stick a little more carefully prior to purchase. The thick veins caused the cigar to burn very unevenly on the wrapper. Additionally the burn within the cigar was uneven, even putting the canoeing wrapper aside. I felt like I was managing the burn of the cigar more than I was enjoying it. At times I was having to leave it alone for relatively long periods as it burned too hot and fast and then was having to constantly take pulls when it would go through periods of burning very cool and slowly. When it was burning correctly it was an excellent cigar. However, I'm not a big fan of cigars that you have to manage. Smoking a premium cigar should be effortless and with this one I was constantly having to think about how to keep it burning right. I had decided to give macanudos another chance, but this one made me again wary of them. Even if I had noticed this in the store, it just makes me wary of smoking more than the occasional single. A wrapper like this should have never made the cut on a cigar of this supposed level. A shame really, because I can see where a well constructed example would be an excellent smoke. But when buying premium, more than anything else, you're buying consistency and this one fell far short.
FR of North Augusta, SC
This is a decent cigar, a Macanudo with some flavour to it. Decently even burn and a pleasant aroma. A wee bit costly, but not excessively so.
MM of Leesburg, VA
Well I'll be danged ! ! ! Finally a Macanudo with some TASTE to it ! ! ! This Cru Royale (fairly new edition I guess) is just a dandy !! Several up-ticks from the Macanudo Robust and Many up-ticks from the orginal version. This is the first Macanudo I've smoked since probably the late '90's because I was dissatisfied with the super-mild and non-thrilling taste of them. With these Cru Royale ( I had the Toro size ) guys, I've changed my mind !
VT of Blue Springs, MO
This is one tasty mac! It has a smooth, semi sweet dark chocolate and licorice flavor. Great draw, burn and construction.
CC of Petersburg, VA
Tight in the hand and nicely rolled. It is a well constructed cigar. Grassy prelight draw and gentle sweet grass upon lighting leading into a mild cedar off the light with subtle hints of cinnamon. A very creamy, almost buttery glaze left on the tongue. Classic leather and pepper in the final chapter of this cigar. I was very satisfied and will be putting a box in the humidor. I will be very interested to try this cigar again after some nappy time.
DR of Casper, WY