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Long Live the King by AJ Fernandez

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The King goes to Nicaragua

You might consider Robert Caldwell and AJ Fernandez to be in competition, but they would disagree. They know how important collaboration is, and that getting other blender’s input on your cigars can only result in good things for the consumer. The T was a collaboration between Caldwell, Booth, and Fernandez, and instantly gained a terrific reception. So when AJ Fernandez gave some of Caldwell’s classic blends a try and felt he could do some great things with them using all Nicaraguan tobacco, Caldwell said ‘go right ahead!’

The Long Live the King by AJ Fernandez swaps out the Dominican wrapper, binder, and fillers on the original for an all-Nicaraguan blends of some of AJ’s rarest and most delicious leaf. The result is a full-bodied yet smooth stick, redolent of the Caldwell version but with a bit more oomph. Spicy layers of toast, cedar, and leather coat the palate before giving way to a zesty finish. These won’t be around for long, but as good as they are, we have our fingers crossed for many more collaborations down the road!

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