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Caldwell's Lost and Found - Land O' Snakes

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If there was an award for the most creative packaging, this one would MAKE the cake! 

Caldwell’s Lost & Found Series is as eclectic as they come. Consisting of single batches of top-shelf cigars lost in the aging rooms of some of the world’s top cigar factories, most of the details about Lost & Found releases are undisclosed. But the flavors are absolutely something to write home about, and the packaging is always creative & entertaining. Case in point... Land O' Snakes!

These 8 cigars are wrapped in packaging that resembles a very popular brand of butter and inside of this delightfully creative display lies a medium-full bodied experience that is sure to have you drooling. A collection of Dominican binder and fillers, draped deliciously with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, creates a profile that floods the palate with notes of cream, earth, pepper, nuts, and cedar throughout it's entire burn. These cigars are rare and extremely limited in the amount released, don't miss your chance to try them before they "melt" out of existence.

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