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Lat Zero Excursion Maduro Robusto Sale

Pack of 20
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A Must-See Blockbuster

In the background of the last few years Oliva Tobacco Company, the manufacturers of the top-shelf stogie at hand today, have been the unsung hero of cigars. Like any great film, Oliva Tobacco Company lets certain superstar brands and cigars soak in the limelight of their work, all while being the hardworking stunt double behind every “action movie hero.” Need some proof? They supply the tobaccos for ultra-premiums like Davidoff, Ashton VSG, and many more. They created the Ecuador Habano wrapper. And, with Latitude Zero Excursion cigars, they’ve produced yet another box-office hit — a bombastic stogie that's a must try for any cigar enthusiast. 

If I could type a flashing, neon-lighted billboard, it’d be pointing to those two words: Must. Try. 

Oh man, just wait 'til you get your hands on this one. As I ripped the packaging on our samples apart like Christmas mornings of old, I was instantly greeted with a rich aroma of brownies. Seriously, this cigar smells good enough to eat. Aging almost twice as long as other Connecticut Broadleafs, the wrapper provides you with a superior taste and color. As the flavors roll over my palate I'm thinking chocolate, I'm thinking earth, leather, and bitter espresso. But mostly, I'm thinking I need to secure myself a stash of these post-haste. 

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This is or was my favorite cigar. I was surprised to find this box.
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