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Lars Tetens Sutton Place

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A high-society experience.

Sutton Place, Manhattan is where you can find some of the most opulent lifestyles in the US. The brownstones, constructed in 1875, are home to the fat-cats, movers-and-shakers, and socialites who know the true meaning of luxury. When you light up a Lars Tetens Sutton Place, your palate will be imbued with this spirit of cocktail parties and high-society living, for a taste of the high-life every time you light up.

That feeling of opulence is achieved through a silky-smooth profile without any sharp edges or aggression. Mellow bodied flavors coat the palate, drowning out worries and cares as the stogie burns down. The blend is kept secret to foil any would-be copy cats, but the profile is undeniably smooth and makes for a prestigious cigar experience.

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