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Lars Tetens Cubagua

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Transport your senses to a tropical paradise.

When you step onto the island of Cubagua off the coast of Venezuela, you step away from the worries and cares of the rat-race modern lifestyle. Hustle-and-bustle doesn’t exist in this idyllic landscape, without roads, without skyscrapers, and at least two hours away by ferry from civilization as most people know it. The goal behind Lars Teten’s Cubagua is to bring this spirit of slowing down & kicking back to your daily cigar rotation.

The exact details of the Cubagua blend are closely guarded, but the flavors are distinct and unlike anything else. A creamy earthiness is at the forefront, the spicy yet smooth flavors accentuated perfectly by a sweetened cap. Lighting up a Lars Tetens Cigar is always a great experience, but the Cubagua might just make you feel like you’re kicking back on a sunny beach without a care in the world.

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