LandShark Shark Fin Triple Torch Lighter

Torches to the left, torches to the right… 

Next time you’re on the beach enjoying a cigar, do it with style and pull out one of these LandDhark Shark Fin Triple Torch lighters. Three inline torch flames make sure you don’t scorch your handmade, and the large fuel window means you won’t be left with only sand in the tank. Featuring a fold out 11mm punch cutter and the LandShark brand logo on each design, this tool is definitely all you need for your next weekend getaway. Just don’t forget your cigars! 

LandShark Shark Fin Triple Torch - Black  Black - Let The Fin Begin
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Black - Let the Fin Begin
LandShark Shark Fin Triple Torch - Chrome  Chrome - Seas The Day
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Chrome - Seas the Day!
LandShark Shark Fin Triple Torch - Blue  Blue - Fins Up
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Blue - Fins Up!
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4 out of 5
I recently bought this lighter, and must say, it’s works very well. It’s easy to fill, has a hole punch and lights every time I click it. Great lighter!