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La Palina Humidor Jar + 5-Pack Sale


A jar of goodies!

Many years ago, back in 1896, Samuel Paley opened the Congress Cigar Company, and began selling La Palina Cigars. The cigars were wildly popular, the glass humidor jars adorning many a tobacconist's sales counter, waiting for customers to reach inside and pull out one of the best cigars on the market at the time. Fast-forward to present day, and La Palina Cigars are just as ubiquitous and best-selling as they ever were. In order to honor their storied history, we've put together a sampler combo containing a beautiful, 20-capacity, La Palina glass humidor jar, that hearkens back to the original packaging inspired by the early 20th century jars La Palinas were displayed in and 5 La Palina Paley's Vault Cigars. Grab a La Palina Ultimate Jar Combo, for the ultimate display piece to show off your love for La Palina.

The La Palina Ultimate Jar Combo includes:
5 - La Palina Paley's Vault Toro (6.0"x50)
1 - La Palina Jar Humidor (20-ct. capacity)

Note: While this jar is a gorgeous showpiece and a reproduction of a vintage La Palina promo item, it's also a functional humidor with a gasket seal. 

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