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La Aurora

La Aurora is the oldest cigar made in the Dominican Republic grown in the same fields of the Cibao Valley for over 3 generations.

In fact, La Auroras are like a national treasure down there - it’s the best selling brand within the country. Those who have discovered this brand know it as a smooth and "steady workhorse" of a cigar - always dependable and delicious. La Aurora has been using Dominican-grown leaves from the same fields in the Cibao Valley region for over three generations - a testament to its consistency. The dark Cameroon wrappers from West Africa are the icing on the cake of this mellow-tasting cigar. There's nothing else to say here, I'd recommend you try this perennial favorite.

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Finos (Cigarillos) (4.0"x30)
Pack of 50 In Stock $110.00
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Finos (Cigarillos) (4.0"x30)
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Overall Rating 4.4 out of 5 Based on 5 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “La Aurora”

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5 out of 5
Great little cigars....had to share
Over the New Years I couldn’t keep for myself gave tins of the little ones to my friends to bring in the New Year , They were very pleased
3 out of 5
Little Cigars
First time trying this small cigar. They are just ok for a quick smoke. Would not reorder them.
5 out of 5
Paulie D
Great smoke when you don't have much time. Shared these after a round of golf and at night on my patio. Also a nice little smoke with my morning coffee, mild flavor and a smooth draw. Give them a try.....well worth the price!
4 out of 5
good little smokes
These have been the best of the coronitas I have tasted. Great burn, good taste, and not too long nor too short. They don't get overly hot, but smoke like a smaller version of the larger smokes.
5 out of 5
Great tasting little smoke!
Great tasting little smoke!
Customer Testimonials
I absolutely LOVE the La Aurora. Miami Cigars make what I feel are by far some of the best cigars around. These babies are Cameroon wrapped which I love and flavor is med to full, but with a strength of medium. Has a nice cinnamon, caramel, and molasses type sweetness and hay.... with real nice tobacco flavor and some chocolate. The cigar is not really complex; the flavors stay pretty much through out the cigar, but the flavors are very tasty.
Just finished smoking one of these. I actually enjoyed it. It may be Medium to Full bodied, but felt more like a mild to medium to me. I may not be the best person for a review, but it wont hurt to give these a try. I got one in a Brown Bag Sampler. Not bad.
It had a horrible taste and I will not be buying them again.
Not as pleasant a smoke as I had anticipated. A little bitter and some dryness. Wouldn't recommend to someone wanting a mild smoke.
I ordered the Minis in my recent campaign to find the best of the best cheaper than a pack of swisher sticks cigarillos. Simply put this little guy is a flawless gem of a smoke with the trademark flavor of the Dominican's finest. This is a must have mini between big stogies or just by themselves. If there was a mini Arturo Fuentes or Oliva they would be hard pressed to beat these minis.
I prefer smaller ring size cigars and buy these in the No. 4 size, and occasionally buy them in larger sizes. They are great cigars with a great flavor from start to finish. No burn or wrapper problems, even in the wind. The small band comes off without ever damaging the wrapper, unlike some of the other brands I have tried. One of my absolute favorites at a fair price, I smoke them to about the last inch and have never had a bad one. If you like a milder cigar that is well made at a fair price give them a try.
This cigar has to be among the best values CI has to offer, and I am a repeat customer. Not only does it have a great flavor that should please any cigar lover. In addition, it will completely satisfy your smoking experience with it's long burn time. There are cigars in my 300 count CI humidor that cost way more that this one. Yet, I find myself going to this smoke over the upper class ones time and time again. You know you have to try them, so do it now!
HI! Never smoked a preferido before. 1st inch or so a little slow on the draw. After that became VERY tasty!! Burned the heck out of my fingers getting those last few puffs!!!.... Definitely will buy again.
I received five of theses for free with an Internet order. Since they were free, at first I didn't think they would be all that good. But when I smoked my first one...WOW!!! This is a GOOD cigar!! Thanks CI for the free smokes that will now be added to my regular order list. It was smooth, flavorful, and burned evenly all the way to the nub. I didn't want it to end. I enjoyed it so much, I smoked two of them on the same day. I will definitely be buying more of these. Do yourselves a favor and try these babies. You will not regret it!
Got a little box of double coronas as a free add on to my latest order. I let them sit in my humi for a week or so, and pulled one out to give one a try. The cigar still seemed to be a little dry, and the draw was very loose. When I got it going the cigar tasted harsh and grassy, and almost cigarette-like. The first cigar from CI that I have just thrown away - I'm glad they were free. I will give them a long nap in my humi to see if they improved. Based on the other reviews that I see of the La Aurora product, that may be the issue.
Not a big fan of MADURO. Only smoke them when forced to like in the Dominican sample pack. Had no trouble enjoying this one though. A very mild tang after taste but still strong from start to finish. Would purchase these if necessary any time.
The best cigar ever made...Bar None (La Aurora)!!!!

La Aurora

Steve R

La Aurora, a.k.a. The Fuente Killer. Why do I call it this? Because every time a customer asks for something comparable to Fuente, I introduce them to La Aurora - in my mind, the best brand to ever come out of the Dominican. Think about it: they’re both mellow to medium-bodied premiums made in the Dominican using the finest selection of long-leaf tobaccos and Cameroon wrappers. Apples to apples? Not really. La Aurora is made in the Dominican Republic’s oldest factory. Since 1903, this factory has used the same tobaccos, from the same family-owned fields within the Dominican, leading to an unbelievably consistent blend and flavor, cigar after cigar. This factory sets the standard in passion and devotion towards the highest quality in tobacco and fine cigars. Locals call it “The Pride of the Dominican”, and for good reason. Apples to oranges, and the customers’ reactions are undeniable proof.

Although I do enjoy the La Aurora Preferidos, I can’t afford to enjoy them regularly, so I usually lean on the trusty Robusto to get me through. I’ve probably burned 7-8 boxes over the past year, and haven’t been let down yet. My current box is no different. Every cigar performs perfectly. Slow, cool burn that stays even regardless of how poorly I light the foot. It’s almost impossible to find a soft spot in any of the cigars and the draw of each has been a touch above effortless. The vein-free wrappers are so silky and smooth it almost hurts to clip the flawlessly applied cap. Flavor-wise, this cigar shows a lot of character. The Cameroon wrapper gives off soft hints of nuts that prepare your palate for a buttery smooth tanginess and woody aftertaste. These flavors remain constant right up to the end, leading the cigar into a creamy, robust finish complemented by the slightest bit of pepper. Even without the fancy finish, this cigar will satisfy the palate no matter what your preference in strength may be. The deliciously complex flavors coat the palate instantly upon lighting, never hinting at fading into the ever so boring world of one-dimensional Dominicans, while the immaculate construction allows you to fully enjoy this fantastic handmade every time you light one up. I strongly recommend you try these if you haven’t already.

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