Jetline El Dorado Combo  Cigar Accessory Sampler
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Jetline El Dorado Combo

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Jetline does it again.

There are a lot of cigar accessory manufacturers out there. They’re all trying to get ahead of the game and earn your hard-earned money by bringing you the newest fads or the zaniest designs, but at the end of the day, they really just have to cut and light your cigar. One company that hasn’t forgotten that, and consistently cranks out model after model of durable, reliable, and affordable lighters is Jetline. Jetline is the top name in lighters for a very good reason - their lighters just work. I love the new fads as much as the next guy, but I still find myself throwing a Jetline in my pocket just about every morning. 

The Jetline El Dorado combo includes a 70-ring gauge double-blade guillotine cutter which is more than a match for any stogie that needs clippin’, and one of the most powerful pocket torches in their lineup - the Villano Quad Torch. Featuring four powerful windproof flames, a satisfying slide-down ignition, and a clear, accurate fuel window, this is destined to be your next daily carry. This set gives you everything you need to enjoy any size of cigar all the way up to 70-ring, in one affordable package, so what are you waiting for?

The Jetline El Dorado Combo Includes:
1 - Jetline 70-Ring Cigar Cutter
1 - Jetline Villano Quad Torch Lighter

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