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Hoyo Dark Sumatra

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Tantalizingly rich.

The Dark Sumatra series from Hoyo de Monterrey is a robust and rich cigar - even fuller in body than the original Hoyo de Monterrey. Blended by Estelo Padron, its deep, rich wrapper is striking and aesthetically pleasing, while the the taste is satisfying and complex. This Honduran beauty is made with a dark Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, Connecticut broadleaf binder, and long-filler blend of Honduran, Nicaraguan, and Piloto Cubano leaves.

The Dark Sumatra of Hoyo Excalibur received a respectable '89' rating, noting: "A maduro that is woody and cedary. A tea note accompanies some toasty flavors before the long, leathery finish."

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Ebano (Double Corona) (6.0"x45)
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Ebano (Double Corona) (6.0"x45)
Pack of 5 In Stock $27.50
Espresso (Robusto) (4.5"x50)
Box of 40 In Stock $219.60
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Espresso (Robusto) (4.5"x50)
Pack of 5 In Stock $24.50
Media Noche (Robusto) (5.7"x54)
Box of 25 In Stock $167.25
save $32.5419% off
Media Noche (Robusto) (5.7"x54)
Pack of 5 In Stock $30.00
Noche (Toro) (6.5"x52)
Box of 25 In Stock $169.75
save $32.8219% off
Noche (Toro) (6.5"x52)
Pack of 5 In Stock $30.50
Overall Rating 4.85 out of 5 Based on 13 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Hoyo Dark Sumatra”

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5 out of 5
rate 90-95.
rate 90-95.
5 out of 5
Good smoke
Good smoke, great flavor. Not strong, but good flavor.
5 out of 5
very tastey
smooth and tasty CW
4 out of 5
Great smoke really enjoyed till my fingers burned good till the end quality and tons of flavor .
5 out of 5
Freshness and delivery
As always the freshness and the delivery of great
5 out of 5
Would order again
I was really happy with these cigars, they have nice flavor and burn well all the way to the end.
5 out of 5
Great smoke
Had them before and always find my way back to this amazing stick draw flavor burn is all there and the price is right if u haven't try this cigar yet get it.
5 out of 5
Excelent smoke !
This is one of the best cigars I have tried so far.
4 out of 5
Hoyo Dark Sumatra Espresso
Exceptional cigar! They burned beautifully and the flavor was excellent.
5 out of 5
Sweet Spot
Excellent flavor, draw and burn. Deep and rich without bitterness. Will order again...without hesitation.
5 out of 5
Hoyo Sumatra Ebano
These are my go to smokes. A beautiful dark wrapper with a med-robust blend of fillers that always delivers a great enjoyable smoking experience.
5 out of 5
Lost order
My order was probably stolen from my front door where UPS dropped it off so I notified CI and they were incredibly helpful in tracking and sending out a replacement within days. Awesome custimer service. Thanks CI!!!
5 out of 5
Leo Glenn
I have been smoking this cigar for a good while now,and I have to say its one of the best cigars made.It has a great even burn and taste great. Its the only cigar that when finished I could start another.Do your taste buds a favor and try will be glad you did.
Customer Testimonials
Most of my go to cigars are pretty strong, but this one did not disappoint in flavor, or burn. Good cedar, slight spice and a great aroma without being overpowering. This was a GREAT cigar, better than some of the RP Edge sticks I usually smoke.
I guess I will have to get in line with everyone else by saying that if there was but one cigar left on the planet, the Hoyo Dark Sumatra would be the one I would want. I cannot recall buying any cigar that is as eye-grabbing, consistently flavorful and well constructed. I also like the fact that the Hoyo "Robusto" is a tad larger that what other manufacturers call a Robusto. I'm not a fan of huge stogies, and this one is perfect! If you are even remotely tempted to try a cigar that you have never smoked, I urge you to give this one a try. I don't think that you would be disappointed for a minute.
This cigar rocks! Perfect burn and draw. The profile is rich and hearty. Every cigar smoker should give this a try.
This is one of the best cigars out there money can buy.I have always passed up hoyo cigars and didn't no what I was missing until I smoked the dark sumatra an excellent cigar, taste and construction and draw was perfect. I give this cigar a 95 rating period.
Well.........I have had two of them so far, they both split, I had to run the poker though each one as the draw was awful. The first third was uneventful and not much smoke, The second third was more smoke and started to really get rich. The last third is pretty potent but not bitter, cant decide if I like that. Overall, I am not sure if I would buy again. If I did not have to "prep" each stick and did not split, I may buy again.
I bought a box of these babies a while back because I tried a sampler and was very impressed. Well they have been sitting in my humi for better than 6 months now and they have nothing but improved. This is one of my favorite cigars. The taste, draw, look, burn and aroma are all excellent. I couldn't ask for more in a cigar. You can't go wrong with these.
As a beginning cigar smoker, who was still on the fence, this is the cigar (Hoyo Dark Sumatra) that pushed me over and into cigar fanatic-land.
An excellent cigar (Hoyo Dark Sumatra). About medium in strength, this cigar offers an excellent draw, perfectly even burn and a firm white ash. The flavour is lovely...don't ask me what it tastes like..I'm not much on shoeleather, raspberries and passion tastes like a fine cigar.
This was an interesting smoke (Hoyo Dark Sumatra) for me. I am getting more and more into these eclectic blends of Sumatra, and Peruvian leaf blends. This was a gorgeous smoke. Light, flavorful... rich plume and delicate aroma. This really is a regal stick for the money. It has the sublime hint of Ashton VSG Wizard to it... just a hint. The draw is complex... you would thing smoothness wiht Sumatra but this has just a taste of bite it, really nice; and the finish gives flavors of fragrance with its oily wrapper. Great stick, my rate this stick: 88
I smoke a variety of cigars. Like most, I am always looking for a better smoke or a different or whatever. However when I want a consistently good smoke I return to this one(Hoyo Dark Sumatra). It burns well, doesn't get hot, tastes great, and is reasonably priced. It is my favorite day to day smoke.
I just tried the Hoya Dark Sumatra and have to say, this is a new favorite! Beautiful white ash, even slow burn, wonderful taste. This cigar is a definite "kick-backer." Find a quiet place, put your feet up, and relax with this one. My taste buds were dancing for a good hour.
If I could only have one smoke, Hoyo Dark Sumatra would be it. Love those Ebanos. Estello Padron, You Da Man
A truly exceptional cigar (Hoyo Dark Sumatra). This cigar is the closest to a Cuban that you will ever get. Full-bodied with a peppery finish that is absolutley delicious. Each stick was as consistent as the next with a superior roll. Not a plugged one in the bunch. Estello Padron has another crowd pleaser!
I love these cigars (Hoyo Dark Sumatra)! I've tried all of them but keep coming back to the Noche. My favorite NC gar.