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Herfasaurus Rex New

Hold onto your butts...

Uh oh…the puddles are beginning to ripple and that ominous sound in the distance is NOT thunder. Look out! It’s Herfasaurus Rex! This beautiful disaster can only be taken down by an apex herfer. One who requires a breakfast treat, a mid-morning snack, a lengthy lunch break, a pre-dinner buffet, and a hearty dessert. That’s right, Herfasaurus Rex has the entire profile spectrum covered, from the mellow to the full-bodied and everything in between, there’s a hefty-sized, uber-premium Churchill option here with your name on it…that is if you’re up to the challenge. But what makes this even better is the ferocious 81% savings on fan-favorites like Montecristo, Cohiba, Gurkha, Diesel, and more! I don’t always herf the day away, but when I do, I snag the 25-cigar smorgasbord by the name of Herfasaurus Rex.

Herfasaurus Rex includes:
5 - Montecristo Classic Churchill (7.5" x 54) - Mellow
5 - Man O' War Virtue Churchill (7.5" x 52) - Mellow to Medium
5 - Cohiba Red Dot Churchill (7" x 49) - Medium
5 - Gurkha Widow Maker Maduro Churchill (7" x 52) - Medium to Full
5 - Diesel Unlimited Maduro d.7 (7" x 58) - Full

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