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10ct capacity


The ultimate travel case!

Thanks to the HERF Adventure Pod, you’ll never have to worry about crushed, damaged or wet cigars again! Made of a crushproof, reinforced ABS frame that’s lined with foam cushioning, this airtight, watertight cigar case will keep your handmades safe and sound where ever life may take you. With a convenient handle to carry it everywhere and a built-in compartment for storing humidification packs, the HERF Adventure Pod is your #1 solution for storing cigars on the go.

HERF Adventure Pod - 10ct Capacity
HERF Adventure Pod - 10ct Capacity
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In Stock
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It's great. The case is very durable; however, my son accidentally knocked it off of the counter and the small humidifier inside broke off of the lid, but it's nothing a drop of super glue won't fix; good as new. Overall, very happy with it.
SK of Madison, AL
I have purchased several of these over the last year, for gifts as well as two 10ct & one 5ct for my personal use. I keep a 10ct at the office & restock it regularly, one at home ready for trips and the 5ct for outings. Many times I don't know exactly what I will be in the mood to smoke when it comes time to light up, so these provide me with the extra storage space to take a variety of sticks & sizes. A little distilled H2O with a dropper onto the built-in foam insert inside the cover & I am ready to go. A definite must-have item if you herf anywhere away from home.
CP of Edmonds, WA
I got this as part of a bundle for Christmas. I took it on a 2 hour flight in my checked bag. When I landed one of the clasps was a bit loose and came off. Luckily they slide right back on, I think it may not have been locked all the way. 10 count seems a big high, I took 6 robustos and it seems like a tight fit. Maybe a smaller ring gauge would fit 10, or maybe I'm just overly careful with my sticks.
DM of Rohnert Park, CA
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