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Heisenberg by Quesada

Box of 10
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They certainly are good.

Heisenberg by Quesada embraces a concept which most brands fail to capture. The cigar. Nowadays, it seems like a lot of cigars focus on fancy bands, names, and advertisements. We all know you can't light up the band or that magazine spread. So, in an effort to allow the consumer to noodle just on the cigar, Heisenberg was born. Based on the Uncertainty Principle, which in layman's terms, means the more you think you know about one thing the less you will know about the other. So instead of coercing you with fancy packaging or a jazzed up theme, Heisenberg just delivers a straight-up, delicious cigar. I can't even give you any 411 on the blend, because there isn't any available. Think of it like a good mystery novel without a cover. There's nothing to judge it on, and it'll definitely keep you guessing until the very end. I will say this though, the few we got in the office disappeared quickly....

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Had a few of the box pressed Heisenbergs. Nice stick and plan to try other Quesada cigars. Hope they stay in production as it is a good and well made smoke.
MH of Kingsville, MD
Forget all those reviews in which I said that "this is the best cigar ever". I was wrong. Except for a Cuban Punch I once smoked the Heisenberg is the best Cigar I have ever smoked. I like the no frills about this cigar. A fancy artsy band doesn't make a good cigar, Quesada does.
I cashed in on a recent sampler deal from Fonseca that contained 4 of the Heisenberg Robusto. I was eager to try the blend, having enjoyed Quesada's tasty Julio & highly rated Oktoberfest. Both are very full bodied for Dominican puros. What little information I could glean about Heisenberg, promised another full flavored, medium/full bodied experience. It features one of the darkest Corojo wrappers I have seen & judging from the flavor profile, possibly more Corojo in the robust filler tobaccos. The oddly proportioned 5" X 48 vitola is solid to the point of being hard, yet it emits clouds of luxurious smoke, with just the correct amount of resistance. Heisenberg is unique, but reminds me a bit of Punch Rare Corojo; a good thing. That Punch offering was my introduction to Corojo tobaccos & it has been among my favorites ever since. Burn is even right off the truck. There's a lot to like about Heisenberg, although at 4 clams for the petite corona & over 6 bucks for the Corneta Cuadrada Pyramid, it is a bit pricey. My $2.00 investment in the $5.00 robusto was a no-brainer & I will be ordering more. 90/100
I have smoked 4or 5 of these now: Fantastic! They are towards the medium-full end....but still smooth in taste. The petite Corona lasts an hour! ! Don't know what is in them...but who cares!
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