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Heavenly Flavored Cigars New

Just like heaven.

Since these hit the dock, I've been trying to stomach the idea of a flavored cigar named Heavenly. But as it turns out, these Dominican handmades are pretty damn tasty. Utilizing mild Dominican fillers, and cloaked in Sumatra wrappers, each Heavenly dishes out a bevy of sweet satisfying flavors while remaining mellow and smoooth. Add all this with my paltry asking price, and you've got a legit flavored cigar that can contend with the big boys - sans the expensive price tag. It's safe to say I was pleasantly surprised, and I know you will be too.

Dreamsicle - a symphony of citrusy bliss.

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Dreamsicle Petite Corona - Orange (Cigarillos) (5.0"x30)
Box of 20 In Stock $55.00
save $17.50 32% off

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Thanks to the staff for answering my question concerning "Heaven" cigars. It appears the company goes by the name Heavenly & this line of flavored cigars are named "Heaven". These were fairly popular about 15 years ago, then became hard to find for some reason. 15 years later, I found them here at CI & although I would have liked to see some sort of freebie or upgrade, I ordered a bundle of the Bee Sting honey flavored coronas. Some changes are evident. The 1st is the entire line, save 1 offering, has had a name change. The Bee Sting was formerly known as Honey Nut. A small band at the foot of each cigar still bears the Honey Nut name. The size has been increased from a 42 ring gauge to a 46, also. Other than that, they remain pretty much as I remember them. Construction is good for a bundle cigar. The Sumatra wrapper utilized gives the Dominican long filler a bit of a kick, when compared to most other honey flavored offerings. Still, they are mild bodied. A sweetened cap intensifies the initial honey flavor that is distinct & fairly strong. As the burn continues, the amount of honey flavor slightly decreases, but is present throughout the entire smoke. Overall, the taste is nice, with very slight spice & a creamy, mellow character. Again, when compared to most honey flavored cigars, Heaven has a bit more bite & might even be considered mild/medium by some. Overall, I am quite happy with the find. Heavenly cigars have been one of my favorite flavored smokes for 2 decades, so being able to order them again is a good thing. The price is comparable to other flavored stogies. If you are a fan of honey, rum & cherry flavored cigars, you should enjoy these & you might even be persuaded to abandon your current brand & make the switch, as I intend to do. I will be keeping my eyes open for a special offer or a freebie/upgrade & will definitely stock up, when & if that occurs.