Gurkha Warpath Cigars
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Gurkha Warpath

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Get out the way, this Gurkha’s on a warpath

If you've been angrily on the hunt for a premium stogie, look no further than... well, Gurkha Warpath! You know Gurkha’s reputation for high-quality blends won’t steer you wrong, and this raging cigar is looking to put poser full-bodied cigars on the back burner. Warpath, a high-octane quality blend kicked up with flavor for high-energy cigar enthusiasts. This is a no-nonsense cigar, so put your money where your mouth is, in a good way, and get to savin’ from your pals at CI on the full-flavored Gurkha Warpath. Another great addition to the Gurkha portfolio of luxury cigars. 

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