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Gurkha Rogue Knife Sale

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A high quality knife from Gurkha, this one's going to take care of all of your cutting needs.

Need to open a box? This knife will cut that.
Gotta cut some fishing line? Great news, you have a knife now.
Want to cut some cheese? Seems like a weird use of the knife to me, but go to town.
String hanging off your shirt? Cut it. 
Lawnmower breaks down? Cut those blades of grass. 
Looking for a fresh haircut? Risky, but why not! 

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They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, well in this case it certainly would be worth more than the 100 words of tripe you have inserted here. Under “Description” you have a dozen sentences that do absolutely nothing to actually describe the product. Is it a single blade? Is it a dual sided blade? Is it a folding knife? How long is the blade? Does it come with a sheath? Hell what color is it? None of this is provided in your description. Come on, it’s like you guys aren’t even trying anymore. Just peddle more crap out there and see who you can sucker into a purchase.
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