Gurkha Build-Your-Own Backpack Deal

Gurkha Build-Your-Own Backpack Deal

So what's on tap here, you ask? I've got the mother of all Gurkha deals and I'm not afraid to use it! We've compiled a monstrous list of nearly 40 Gurkha blends, and paired them with a FREE rugged tactical backpack ($100 value) to lug it all around. But that’s not all, you’ll also take home a FREE 30-Cigar Gurkha Tactical Travel Case ($75 value) to keep them safe. To get in on the action is simple, just follow a few easy steps below. You'll quickly be on your way to scoring 30 cigars + a Gurkha Tactical backpack + Gurkha Tactical Travel Case for just $129.99 total.

Step 1: Claim your FREE backpack worth $100.
Step 2: Claim your FREE Travel case worth $75
Step 3: Scour the list of Gurkha handmade goodness.
Step 4: Select six 5-packs for a total of 30 cigars.
Step 5: Add to cart for just $129.99.
Step 6: Pick your chin up, son! You've got some cigars to burn!

A chance to save over $1,000 on Gurkha goodness awaits. I suggest you jump right in. But as fair warning, this backpack is more popular than wet napkins at a rib joint. No telling how long they'll last...

NOTE: The black backpacks have sold out. There is now an all tan or tan/black option to choose from. 

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Oops, this promo is not available, please check back soon.