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Granger Pipe Tobacco

I'm no dog expert, but I'd guess that's an English Pointer on the can!

Straight Burley with very little top flavor, Granger pipe tobacco is an old-school blend that's medium-bodied and flavorful. Crisp, mellow, and smooth, this cross cut tobacco lights and burns easily dishing out a fragrant smoke filled with traditional tobacco flavors.
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Overall Rating 4.4 out of 5 Based on 5 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Granger Pipe Tobacco”

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5 out of 5
this is my all day, everyday smoke. has been for many years. hard to find, except online. CI has a fair price and does pretty good with delivery. I like CI and I like Granger. nuff said!
5 out of 5
When I first started smoking a pipe 41 years ago, Granger was one of several OTC brands I tried before moving to custom blends. Here in East Texas ( where I unfortunately live ), there are no longer any real pipe shops, so its back to OTC. Granger is the only one that is as good as I remember from way back when. It doesn't seem to be available locally, so I order it online. I like it. The websites I get it from have increased the price by 11% in the past couple of months and charge what I think is to much for shipping, but you do what you gotta do.
5 out of 5
Granger Pipe Tobacco
The product has been around for many years and you can still buy it. That alone is sufficient for comment about the product. However, Cigar International Co. is Honest, Reliable, has quality products, excellent email response and fast delivery through USPS. Great company to do business with.
3 out of 5
Granger tobacco
Since the demise of Edgeworth tobacco,I find Granger as a satisfying alternative.
4 out of 5
Good working man smoking tobacco,
Good working man smoking tobacco, good price.
Customer Testimonials
Granger is a classic. I would like to see CI carry the 1.5oz pouches, but the price for the tub is competitive. Frankly, a lot of fuss is made in the pipe smoking communities online about the good old time American blends. People seem to really love Prince Albert and especially Carter Hall (I find the two almost indistinguishable, both extremely mild with a slight cinnamon like taste that others don't seem to get so I think there may be something wrong with me!) But when it comes to the old "codger" burley blends, my brand of choice is Granger followed by Sir Walter Raleigh. Granger is mild in strength, medium in flavor. The taste is very nutty, hinting at a taste like the flavor of roasted peanuts, with a subtle but ever present sweetness and perhaps the faintest hint of anise. This blend is one dimensional, but that's a virtue in a blend like this. This is a simple pleasure, enjoyable any time of day in any type of pipe. If you are looking for a nice change of pace to PA, CH, or SWR, I can't recommend it enough. Whenever I open a new package of the stuff, I smoke little else for the next few days because it's just so good!
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