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  • God of Fire Sencillo Platinum Cigars
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God of Fire Sencillo Platinum

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A delicious Honduran Puro from Camacho and God of Fire.

Sencillo is the latest release from the makers of God of Fire cigars. But unlike their other Fuente-made lines, Sencillo Platinum is handmade by the Davidoff factory in Honduras.. The blend is all-Honduran, including a dark, Jamastran-grown Habano wrapper leaf. It's full-bodied, but balanced and smooth. Notes of oak, earth, cream, and pepper are noticeable, along with a long, toasty finish. And obviously, the construction is top-notch.

Sencillo Platinum received a well-deserved, 90-point score which noted: "Toasty and woody in character with a pencil lead note that emerges on the palate along with a rich tobacco flavor. Not too strong, but balanced and pleasant."

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I found out more about the makers of GOF than any cigar I've smoked so far and Sencillo Platinum lives up to my taste and aroma therapy standards. The list of heavyweights involved is as impressive as this cigar. I have to say as a relatively new customer and cigar smoker, CI is smooth with it.
MP of Charlotte, NC
Age these babies for a few months, and prepare to be blown away by a VERY CUBAN style twang! I honestly didn't think much of these sticks either way when I first received them. They were okay; mild, sort of nutty, but nothing that blew me away. Flash forward four months; I dig one of these guys out of the bottom of my humidor and light her up. At first it was harsh, and a little peppery, but, about a quarter of the way in, that's when it hit me. BLAM! A very pronounced Cuban twang! I'm talking Partagas Series D No.4 level twang! I had four more of these in the humi, so, a couple of days later, I lit another, hoping it wasn't a one time thing, and, sure enough, the twang was there. Rich and nutty and leathery with just a hint of pepper. Absolutely delicious. Personally, I store my gars at 65/% humidity, so that could play a factor in the development of these flavors, and your mileage may vary, but these are cheap enough to take the gamble. Now I'm off to order a few more boxes to stash away in my coolerdor!
Unlike most of the world, I guess, I'm not much of a fuente fan, im more of a Ruination guy, but Sencillo Platinum is a super fine, super tasty, super smooth smoke. Worth every penny !!!
LF of Mesa, AZ
Sencillo is not quite as AWESOME as the God of Fire, but it is pretty darn close. I have tried the Double Robusto and the Piramide with zero issues! If I was to give this a score, I would give it a 93+: Burn is great, flavor is complex and medium-full in body (very smooth with hints of cedar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and a very slight hint of leather); and construction is outstanding. I would recommend if you like cigars like God of Fire or OpusX. Much cheaper but worth it when compared to the GoF and OpusX.
JB of Garfield Heights, OH
A near perfect cigar. Great enough to smoke until your fingers and mount burn. Nuff said.
CS of Rock Springs, WY