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FyR Cabinet Seleccion - 95-Rated

Small-batch handmades from PDR.

Over the past few years, few brands have shined as brightly as Pinar del Rio. Once a small brand, known only to a select few, the company has since blossomed into a legitimate contender in the cigar industry. And the good news is, despite their recent wave of success, they haven't missed a beat. The proof awaits in their newest creation, Flores y Rodriguez Cabinet Seleccion.

The Flores y Rodriguez Cabinet Seleccion is a collaboration between Abe Flores and the Rodriguez brothers – the men at the helm of PDR. A small-batch production, each cigar is carefully crafted into two equally impressive formats, both brimming with a long-filler core of Dominican Vuelta Abajo tobaccos. The Habano is medium-bodied and comes dressed in a reddish brown Dominican Habano wrapper, boasting a slightly oily sheen and plenty of tooth. Each cigar yields dry hearty notes of leather, cedar, cream, pepper, and coffee. The maduro comes outfitted in a Dominican Habano maduro wrapper, patiently aged to achieve a rich even color and ample oils. This impressively dark cigar remains medium in body and serves up notes of cocoa, earth, chocolate, and gentle spices. Both highly worthy specimens, Flores y Rodriguez cigars are small-batch handmades you need to get your hands on - stat.

Flores y Rodriguez was recently awarded a well-deserved 95-rating from Cigar Journal. The reviewers noted: "A nutty mixture with milk and cinnamon, fresh mint and eucalyptus, to which are added earthy, roasted and leathery aromas. Spicy notes contrast with the fine sweetness of nougat and the creamy smoke is enhanced by a gentle acidity. This is the epitome of harmony and variety! A medium-bodied cigar."
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Habano Super Toro (6.5"x54)
Box of 10 Out Of Stock $52.50
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Overall Rating 4.61538461538462 out of 5 Based on 13 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “FyR Cabinet Seleccion - 95-Rated”

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4 out of 5
solid 4. started peppery, mid smoke creamy, strong finish. granted it was straight out the ups box. into the humi to get smoother
5 out of 5
An excellent cigar
The Habano Super Toro is fullbodied with a spicy flavor. It has a good draw, and burns evenly. A very good value and I will add this to my list of favorites.
4 out of 5
FyR Cabinet Seleccion
Good smoke, great value
5 out of 5
95 rated but 20% of the price.
How many 95 rated cigars are in your humidor that your not doing the math in your head as six of your friends pillage your cigars. Only two of them knowing the difference between smoking a good cigar or the buildup in your wood chipper. It's a great smoke when your in the mood for a mild cigar. And won't break your heart when you find three of them 1/4 of the way smoked the next day next to full glass of 18 year old Scotch. Lol
5 out of 5
Very Good Smoke!
What a deal, can't beat these cigars, especially for starting the day.
5 out of 5
Nice Cigar
2 out of 5
The Scoop
Smoked a few since receiving box. A little boring all the way through. Didn't satisfy any of my senses. Will let sit in my humidor for a long while in hopes of change.
5 out of 5
Very good cigar
I am surprised that some of the comments for this cigar were so negative. I am on my second box and I have not had any problems at all. Very well constructed,great flaver.only one did Crack a little.I would say to the people who have received this cigar,give it some time in the humidor and I think you will enjoy them.
5 out of 5
95 it is!
Fabulous! I don't know what the bad reviews are all about on this one? This cigar is a flavor bomb! It's almost like having peppery, raisin bread with spices and cream. Very nice experience. Most of the time I think to myself, "Who rated this cigar?" Not this time. 95 it is!
5 out of 5
Habano Super Toro Is a Great Buy
Light, claro-ish wrapper that could be mistaken for a CT-shade leaf. The super toro is a very big cigar with some veins and a triple cap (actually might be 4 or 5 caps). The pack is solid without any soft spots. In terms of body, I'd say a straight medium, though it occasionally strays towards the lighter side. Medium flavor intensity, and I mostly get leather, cream, and maybe a touch of vanilla or graham. Not a very complex cigar, but not boring either. Burn is quite good and even. For a 90+ minute smoke at the price these go for, I think it's an excellent choice. It's more of a 4-star cigar, but I'm giving it the 5th star because of the value here.
5 out of 5
FyR Cabinet
Great smokes
5 out of 5
Dominican puro- what's not to love?
There's not a lot of choices, but when I find a reasonably priced puro like these babies, I buy a lot of them! Pleasantly strong and perfectly even burning every time. A great alternative to spending $30 each on the Opus X!
5 out of 5
I'm a fan of the whole line smoke them everyday
Customer Testimonials
I got a Habano Magicos 5'x52 fiver on a combination order, choosing it solely on its CI Customer Reviews. I've never tasted such a wonderful & tasty Dominican, & I smoke about half Dominicans in my weekly rotation. It's a great one for my first daily cigar while my palate is fresh. Smoke it slow, & take it all in because it's well worth your attention. They're at the top of my list, one click behind Ave Maria, which is tops on my medium-bodied. So happy I found them!
Let this cigar rest in the humi and it's great. Even burn, great flavor, just really nice and smooth. Wait for it to go on sale and you win. You'll be happy you bought a bundle, trust Me.
This cigar is really delicious in flavor and handsomely made. The flavor is very tasty and smooth. It burns evenly and it is very meaty. If you haven't tried one you're missing out on a really great cigar.
Having tried & thoroughly enjoyed Pinar del Rio's Flores y Rodriguez Cabinet Seleccion Colorado Habano Magicos robusto in the past, I was eager to try the same blend wrapped in a Habano Maduro wrapper. A trip to the MMAO section netted me 20 of the Maduro Magicos robustos at over 50% off the regular box price. With only one day to rest after delivery, I fired up my 1st one. Similar to the Habano version, featuring rare Vuelta Abajo long fillers, the Maduro cigar feels heavy in the hand, is well constructed with a triple cap & delivers medium bodied flavor in spades. One of the few Dominican smokes still in my rotation, Magicos robustos are 5" X 52 sticks that perform outstandingly, with no hint of burn issues. The fact that these can be had for far less than the MSRP makes them an outstanding value. I slightly prefer the Habano version, but am pleased with the Maduro's performance. A level below my favorites like Diesel, Tempus Maduro or 5 Vegas Triple "AAA", Cabinet Seleccion still garners a solid 89/100 rating, in my book. Since you can always pay more for less, I am enthusiastically recommending this vitola to Maduro lovers & medium bodied smokers alike.
Magicos Maduro 5 x 52. Like most maduros I've smoked, these have a very earthly flavor and the wrapper has a hard time keeping up with the filler burn. Required a few touch ups for uneven burn and one touch up to correct tunneling. Might try these again if I see them on sale, but they would not make it into an on going rotation.
If you enjoy Maduro's the Magicos Maduro is an excellent unassuming blend. This stick starts off subtle with light creamy earth notes through the 1st half with an even burn and a long stout white ash with an even, easy, draw. Progressing to the second half a subtle transformation to a more full flavor takes place bringing out the pepper and hints of coffee and cocoa lingering on the pallet through the nub. I found myself enjoying this for a full hour and wanting more.
The Magico Habano has become part of my regular rotation. Good construction and draw with a complex medium full flavor profile. A fantastic value at its price point. Flores y Rodriguez is a leader in the continuing trend of increasingly more full-bodied cigars being produced in the D.R.
I got one of the Habano Magicos in a brown bag sampler and it sat in the humi for about a month and a half. The beginning is very woody with pepper on exhale through nose. About halfway through you start getting mint and earth. The end is very hearty earthy woody with some spices. The aroma I can only say was toasty throughout. Couldn't pinpoint any specific aroma. I had no burn or draw issues whatsoever. Construction was excellent and the greyish white ash held strong. Definitely putting this one on my to buy list.
A superb stick! Do yourself a favor and give it a try; the different flavor transitions will surprise you. I taste bread, raisins, eucalyptus, pepper, leather, butterscotch and the price was under $5 a stick!
I am always looking for a great cigar that I can smoke everyday. Flores y Rodriguez Cabinet Seleccion Robusto is a good example.... So far I have ordered 20 & am smoking 2 or 3 a day. They are really good. One of my favorite Dominican smokes. They have received rave reviews from "Cigar Journal", including a 95 & a #9 position in the "Top 25 Cigars of 2012". Pre light aroma is spicy. Construction is firm, heavy, with a triple cap over the Colorado Habano wrapper. Rare Vuelta Abajo long fillers make this a Dominican vitola that has surprising strength & flavor. Medium/full bodied clouds of smoke are filled with tastes of earth, wood & citrus. An underlying sweetness is evident throughout the burn. The greyish/white ash clings to the body of the cigar until removed. At the reduced price I am getting these, it has become my new go-to stogie. Cigar Journal isn't far off in their worship of this blend. Highly recommended. 92/100
I am burning a 5" X 52rg Robusto, as I write this review. My 1st Flores y Rodriguez ever.... I am halfway through & all is well. No need to worry, these smoke fine right off the truck. The triple cap is a refreshing change. Construction is good. The body firm without any soft spots. The Habano wrapper is stout with large veins & what appears to be a problem area on the leaf, which is being held together by the cigar band. Prelight aromas are spicy with cedar & cinnamon. A pinch cutter makes short work of the cap & the 1st few puffs are mild & taste of wood. The smoke is thick, the draw even & 2/3 of the way through I have experienced none of the burn issues other reviewers have mentioned. On the contrary, the burn is perfection. 1/2" in, the pepper & spice become more prevalent, as a medium bodied, somewhat full flavored level is reached. I like the flavors of this vitola. Not what I have come to expect from Dominican stogies. It reminds me of blends like Sol Cubano or Man O' War, only missing that last gear that Nicaraguan cigars in general & AJ Fernandez offerings in particular always provide. I can see why some find it quite enchanting, give it absurdly high 95 ratings & Cigar Journal loves it so much. At the price I paid, I am quite happy with this purchase. However, my full bodied leanings say I want more precocious flavors. Even among medium smokes, I prefer something by Alec Bradley. With AJ mediums out there like Pueblo Dominicana or La Herencia Cubana to compete with, well, it's a tough sell for me. Having said all that, I find this blend satisfying, fairly complex & quite well made. A quality Pinar del Rio cigar. 90/100
I just enjoyed the genios maduro and couldnt be happier. It started out medium and booming with flavor. Then half way in got stronger and the pepper picked up. Had great burn and draw all the way through. For me this cigar has it all. Delicious
"Perfect burn, great draw", has decidedly NOT been my experience with this line. Both the Habanos and Maduros are work to enjoy (every single one---of 15 or more), but enjoy them I do. And Joe's price is definitely right. So keep your lighter nearby because they're mighty tasty.
I've tried both the Habano and Maduro Magicos. They are both excellent. Perfect draw, great burn and flavor. Outstanding finish. I've had cigars at three or four times the price that do not stack up to these. They're in my regular rotation.
Got the Flores y Rodriguez Cabinet Seleccion Maduro Robusto from a Joe's Daily deal, and boy am I impressed! It starts a bit spicy and then goes into a cool creamy flavor all the way to the end of the smoke. It is becoming one of my favorites and I've only had 2 of them so far! If you haven't tried it yet, do so and you will not regret it. It has a good draw from a cut (haven't tried with a punch yet), gives about and hour or a little more smoke, and burns well, if a bit uneven at times. I know I will have to order more when I can.
I discovered this gem in Cigar Journal a few months ago and am thoroughly impressed with its flavor. Though a medium bodied cigar, it has contains wonderful flavors from the first til the last puff. I highly recommend trying this cigar.
A very tasty cigar. The maduro is awesome-flavor profile-try it you'll like it!!!
I get the Mágicos Habano and I was hooked by the elegance and flavor profile of this cigar. Complex, you bet! Now I'm buying the Maduro version. Dominican Republic Still has it!
I picked up this cigar at the CI Superstore. I didn't recognize it, but it just looked great. I smoked the maduro in the large format (6.7 x 58). Medium draw, perfect burn, balanced flavor. To me, it was medium-bodied (not full) but still plenty of flavor. For the price-- $5.50-- it's a great stick, well worth trying.