Free Cuba Maduro Cigars
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Free Cuba Maduro

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A darker, richer Free Cuba.

Free Cuba has been a sales monster for over a decade. This top-selling blend is an everyday horse, providing hours of enjoyable, high-quality handmades for pennies compared to other similar quality brands. So after years of requests, they've finally caved and added a maduro version to the lineup. It's a touch stronger, a bit richer, and definitely darker. But the smoothness and ridiculously low price that put Free Cuba on the map remain.

Overall Rating4.22 out of 5 Based on 9 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Free Cuba Maduro”

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5 out of 5
Easy to order good customer service
I usually do not like reviews. But I like to give credit where credit is do. My order process was done well and efficient . Easy to understand person talking no out of the US call center . Where you can’t understand what they are saying So we’ll done.
4 out of 5
Good smoke, wrapper was loose
Good smoke, wrapper was loose on most of them.
4 out of 5
it's a good cigar for
it's a good cigar for the price.
4 out of 5
Great Cigar For The Price
Overall very happy. Occasionally the burn isn't so good.
4 out of 5
Scott D.
For the price, can't beat them. Nice even draw, good flavor. I have paid more for cigars that are not near as good. Good everyday smoke, and to share with your poker buddies.
4 out of 5
Free Cuba Maduro
The Maduro version is only slightly fuller flavor than the original. Not as much difference in color or flavor as you might hope for. Still, this is a bargain smoke and I never feel disappointed.
4 out of 5
Not bad for a cheap
Not bad for a cheap smoke
4 out of 5
Good smoke for the money
Good smoke for the money better other cigars in this price range
5 out of 5
Great Smoke!
This is a great cigar! It is a good smoke,very well made. It is on the lighter side of a maduro but full of flavor! THE LAST TIME i DID A REVIEW THEY SOLD OUT!
Customer Testimonials
Tried a "Free Cuba" many, many years ago, and it tasted awful, I mean burnt gym sock awful, but after reading the reviews I figured, what the hell, if I dont like them, I will give them away. No way I am giving these away! Great cigar for the money, and yes, they get better in the humi as time goes by. Not many left though, I have to re-up. Again, excellent service from CI. I love the fact that CI doesnt try to up sell me like their competators do. Dont tell CI, but the petite corona's are worth a hell of a lot more then they are charging.
MG of Tiffin, OH
Cost/Value ratio pretty good here. Is it the best cigar ever made? No, but for the price its become my go to cigar when I don't want to burn one of my premiums. I have burnt many of these this winter out in my garage (Corona size) and usually takes 20 to 30 minutes. I always like to keep some cheaper cigars around but don't like to sacrifice too much on taste and quality, these fit the bill.
JC of Goddard, KS
Hello all just lite up a free cuba maduro for the first time and I just had to rush to the computer to write a review, and I have to tell you all thinking of ordering some of these blutes there just wounderful for $1.18 (churchhill) they can't be beat don't let the low price fool you these are mighty tasty little smokes and I would recommend them to anybody look for a great everyday smoke that you would not feel bad about if you smoke more then a few a day
MW of Waynesville, NC
These sticks just don't draw. I tried six of them and they were all the same. Definitely not a good choice.
For the price you just can't beat these with a big old stick! Not every burn is perfect but at what they are costing me I can live with that. Excellent flavor and nice clean aroma. I am disabled and must watch pennies to get the best bang for the buck. Found that with these. The corona size is perfect for me. I will surely be getting more. I am happy I found your catalog lurking in my mailbox. Thanks!
AS of Humbird, WI
I've smoked over a hundred robustos and found them a good everyday cigar with a good draw and just a few that ran. My first experience with the Churchills, though, was entirely different. Very tight to non-existent draw. The ones I could get to draw ran badly. Maybe I just got a bad batch, but I'm sticking with the robusto in the future.
For under a $1 each, not too bad. A little to dry and rough for my taste though.
DD of Reddick, IL
Not a bad cigar for the price. mild to med. some complexity in flavor. burns well with a nice ash. I would recommend these as a good eveyday smoke that won't break the bank.
NH of sun prairie, WI
The cigars were very inconsistently rolled and one in five smoked properly....
WM of Medford, NJ
I am a lover of this cigar, but this time I was very disappointed! I ordered 50 of them in a special so I decided to purchase the Maduro, and the taste was not bad; however, the construction was terrible this time around! I have experienced a lot of unraveling of the paper in at least one out of three cigars which of course has made it very frustrating and embarrassing when smoking them in public or among my friends...Although, my friends know my taste in cigars is vast..I have smoke close to sixty different brands this year...I love variety! I would suggest letting these guys sit in your humidors for several weeks, even months before smoking them, maybe that will make the difference...I will see, I have thirty more to go...I think, I will stick with the regular ones...
For the price - this cigar is hard to beat. Good burn - great taste - on the strong side as I enjoy. Will now become a staple for me.
JM of Simi Valley, CA
How do they do it? Great flavor, burn and draw. The filler is good stuff no flakes. A blindfold test would give this cigar a run at much more expensive brands. A good maduro smoke..
CF of Gig Harbor, WA
A friend and myself had a rum and coke with our first Free Cuba cigars yesterday. We both agreed that they were good cigars. Spicy and creamy. Ash was a little crude, and flavor will probably get better with some humidor time. Am I happy I bought them? Yes, very much so.
Great cigar for the price. I would recommend this cigar to anyone looking for a cheap, everyday quality smoke.
My gotta cut the grass, clean the garage, rotate the tires, every day go to. Think about it, damn machine rolled you get from 7-11 are more expensive and don't have the great taste as these. Cannot beat the price with a dead snake. I will ALWAYS have these in the humidor.
Tried some Churchills on special....they were surprisingly good. Although loose, as you would expect, the ash is white and the burn/draw was good and fairly consistent. It also gives off copious amounts of smoke. There were a few dead sticks in the bunch, but overall the best cheap cigar I have found. I bought some torpedos as I think the larger ring size will be better. Not the smoke to kick back with and enjoy for an hour as the burn is fast, but a good golf course or yard gar. At the 2-fer price you need to have some of these!
JP of Indianapolis, IN
Very good value. I tried them when I saw that they were in a maduro wrapper. A couple came unwrapped but the taste and price where much better than expected. Will buy again. Tell a friend.
AH of Cameron Mills, NY
I bought these through Make Me An Offer and enjoyed them. Just bought some more yesterday. If you like Maduros and are on a budget, these fit the bill nicely.
JC of kokomo, IN
Let's weigh the pros and cons. Pros: about a buck a stick or less, tasty as ones costing more than twice as much, real Maduro, 85% consistency throughout the bundle (on my 3rd one now), I can give them out to friends and not worry that they think I smoke crap without costing me expensive sticks. Cons: Who cares, read the Pros dude, it's all good.
JM of Derry, NH
Just a touch strong, but a good smoke. I mainly keep them around for my friends who like a stronger tasting cigar. What a cheap way to get your friends to visit. Gotta love it.
GG of Joshua, TX
I would put this up against a Punch London Club. Good early smoke. White ash, good draw, burns steady, letting the proverbial cat out of the bag. Won't disappoint.
JB of springfield, PA
This is my second time buying these, but this time they're nearly unsmokable. Very tight draw makes for an unpleasant smoking experience. Must have been a bad batch. Quite disappointed.
RS of Bozeman, MT
Good cigar. I have purchased them a few times and buying the 2-fer deal is the way to go, that said a few out of 50 will start to unroll, not be packed enough, or burn at wacky angles. All in all worth what you pay for them and more.
I'm amazed at the consistent quality of burn, draw, flavor and price of this handmade. Even an old retiree like me need not worry about being without a good smoke thanks to CI's pricing. I've found the torpedo to be my favorite; it seems to be comprised of all long fillers unlike the robustos I've tried in the past. You may need your bifocals to enjoy the artwork on the band, but you won't need them to appreciate the great flavor and value this cigar offers.
WB of Aliso Viejo, CA
This is a good everyday cigar. I wasn't excepting much but was actually surprise. It falls under the you get more for the money column. Not bad at all especially when you let it rest it your humidor. I like to smoke them with my coffee in the morning before work. Like I said a good all the time smoke.
ET of Joplin, MO
Real Cuban Cigars are very soft and moist. These are not so, nor is the smoke so dense, but it is reminiscent of them. These are wonderful cigars. How I wish what each ring says would come true “Free Cuba” and free the Cuban Cigars! In the meantime I'll smoke these, they are great.
BY of Phoenix, AZ
Picked these up on a joe daily deal cheap. Was very disappointed at first, they were very wet and smelled like dirt. I smoked one bad burn, flavor awful. Was at a loss for what to do with them so I put them in a old humidor I have and forgot about them. 6 weeks later I saw them sitting there and decided to try one again, wow what a difference nice burn good Maduro flavor at .75 cents a stick what a great deal. I will be buying them again, they are perfect for those times you only have 1/2 hour or forty five minutes and want to have a cigar thank you CI for your great deals!
FR of Bridgeville, PA
Man, these Free Cuba Maduro's are great. I got the robusto and petit-corona's recently in a one day deal at an incredibly low cost. Thank you CI for being the Cigar king of the world!!!
JP of Whitesburg, GA
Not shabby at all. Good look, punches cleanly, even burn, smooth draw, flavor goes from mild/medium to medium to medium/full as you would expect from the corona shape. Darn good value. Ole!
JS of Beltsville, MD
Hey smokin bruthas. This is becoming a good one. ROTT it was a bit wet. Halfway thru the bundle and three weeks later, these cheap babies are gettin tasty. For about a buck, I smoke these in the AM. On the way to work and love burnin down every penny. Worth it for sure.
FL of Tucson, AZ
Not bad for the price! Even burn, medium flavor, nice maduro wrapper, good ash.
MC of Grass Lake, MI