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Four Kicks Mule Kick LE 2020

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The mule is back, with even more flavor.

The original Four Kicks was a highly anticipated release that took the boutique market by storm in 2011, earning a 91-point rating and immediately securing Jon Huber’s new Crowned Heads brand a place in humidors everywhere. The flavors were complex and rich, and inspired Huber to craft a series of limited editions based on the original blend, but with the goal of innovating and taking the flavors a step further. 

This is the fifth Mule Kick release, and for the first time in the Mule Kicks’ history, this cigar will be a Nicaraguan puro as the wrapper for 2020 is from Jalapa, Nicaragua, while the filler remains the same Nicaraguan blend used in previous Mule Kick releases. The darker wrapper adds an extra layer of complexity and kicks the flavor up a notch, with spicy notes of cedar, citrus, and nuts. They say a mule will give you ten years of faithful, patient labor for the privilege of kicking you once. But I’d happily labor for twenty just for a good supply of Mule Kicks from Crowned Heads!

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