Foundry Rare Air Cigars
  • Foundry Rare Air Cigars
  • Foundry Rare Air Cigars
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Foundry Rare Air

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Two rare gems to enjoy from Foundry

Foundry Rare Air ET-P1 is a handmade premium that sports a limited-run long-filler inside a striking brown, decadently oily Rosado Claro wrapper. The vintage seeds elicit a medium body profile with a gentle sweetness and light spiciness that hits the proper taste buds without overpowering. Each stick promises a unique and delicious experience. The AP-AD is both mellow and powerful. While its components are a mystery, there's nothing mysterious about its gentle yet tasty flavors. Featuring special limited-edition long-filler and an EMS wrapper with a seductively creamy sheen, the AP-AD's sweetly pleasant notes of spice are accented with a refreshing hint of bitters, making the AP-AD a truly unique smoke.

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