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Fernando Leon Family Reserve

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The secret family recipe.

Like a well-oiled machine, La Aurora has been pumping out top-notch handmades for generations. Thanks in large part to the foundation laid by Don Fernando, Guillermo Leon’s father, the company has made impressive strides forward. But Don Fernando didn’t just love tobacco, he lived it. Now one of his ‘secret’ blends, at one point reserved exclusively for family and friends, is available to the masses. Without further ado, enter Fernando Leon Family Reserve.

Released by Guillermo Leon in honor of his father, Fernando Leon Family Reserve cigars are truly a special creation. Carefully handcrafted, each cigar employs a feisty Dominican Corojo wrapper overtop an equally hearty Corojo binder. This double Corojo combination conceals a complex bouquet of long-fillers from Brazil, Peru and the Dominican. The end result is a medium-bodied cigar brimming with intricate nuances. Hints of cedar, spice, citrus, coffee, and leather show up for the big dance, as the slow burn unleashes a continual medley of flavors. Exceptionally well made, Fernando Leon smokes as good as it sounds, and is a fine tribute to one of the industry's greats.

Fernando Leon Family Reserve received several 90-ratings, including a well-deserved '93,' which noted, "Delicious combinations of raisin, hearty leather and spice flavor are buttressed by rich cocoa and mineral notes. A complex and balanced cigar."

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First review? Just seems odd for this smoke. I have had these for 3+ months in the hummi, and decided to pop one out. Since being the first, let's set a base line here for the readers. Out of 5 stars, I would put this at 4... and I'm critical on details. 4 stars examples in my inventory include Torano 1959 exodus (just an inedible smoke!),nica rustica( so unique!), Aging rm f-55, romeo&juleta 1878, La palina, Perdomo 20th ann/ Champagne NOIR (awesome smokes), Alec bradley Tempus,,, 5 stars Oliva series V melanio/ figardo (sorry,, but smoked them all, this! is just Bliss!!), Flor De Las Antillas (soooo smooth!). La Aroma De Cuba Mi Amore (heaven!) Alec Bradley Prensado, So hopefully this helps give examples. Smoke Padrons, yes all of them, Ashton's yes, and so on. I look at value based on what they bring to the table. This made my cut and it's just really hard to explain. about the smoke, it is a mild and doesn't seem to really get much more, but the aroma/smoke off this cigar is just beyond complex! It changes in so many directions. Hints of almost everything but the kitchen sink! Smooth, when light hints of peppery, it immediately move to a light sweetness. So many light flavors that I can't ever- ever remember smoking something like this. Not overwhelming,, just smooooooth! Cut was perfect, the burn was razor the entire smoke. Overall, a bit high on the price but worth putting a box (on a bargain price, always negotiable) away for aging....
GN of Helena, MT
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