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El Mejor Espresso

Trust me, my friend.

El Mejor Espresso is a home run of a blend. Crafted in the esteemed Plasencia factory, these soft-pressed beauties come draped in positively gorgeous, coal-black wrappers. Frankly, it looks like a candy bar....just looking at it gets me salivating, glands pumping and all. The Espresso has a rich, creamy taste with noticeable hints of subtle cocoa and coffee-like flavors. It burns slowly and deliberately, leaving a firm, crisp ash and satisfying finish. Outstanding.

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Churchill (7.0"x50)
Pack of 20In Stock$120.00
save $65.0154% off
Robusto (5.5"x50)
Pack of 20In Stock$100.00
save $55.0155% off
Toro (6.0"x52)
Pack of 20In Stock$110.00
save $60.0155% off
Torpedo (6.5"x54)
Pack of 20In Stock$120.00
save $65.0154% off
Overall Rating4.08 out of 5 Based on 155 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “El Mejor Espresso”

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3 out of 5
They are an ok cigar.They
They are an ok cigar.They are good for the price with decent smoke output.They burn good for a cheaper cigar.My only complaint is there is no expresso taste at all.If you are on a budget,they are good for the price.
4 out of 5
Good cigar in the morning
Good cigar in the morning with a nice cup of coffee. I get hints of chocolate on the dry draw, but soon departs after light-up. Cigar has a good amount of smoke with a decent ash, but tunneling can occur if toasting is not done properly. Draw is loose for the most part, but a minimum head cut helps. Will I purchase again? Probably...
4 out of 5
Great Value
Very nice cigar for the price. Would have been an easy five star, but I took a star off because I found the draw to be a lot of work.
3 out of 5
priced right, comfortable smoke
priced right, comfortable smoke
4 out of 5
Nice flavor, smooth to the end
4 out of 5
A solid cigar for the
A solid cigar for the price.. burns well and smells and taste good.. not so much coffee/ chocolate aroma as I was expecting
5 out of 5
A well constructed cigar with
A well constructed cigar with excellent draw. This medium, long-filler blend is consistent in wrapping, flavor and always fresh. Always. I hesitate to submit this review as it will surely mean it will have a inventory run out, about the time my 40 cigar inventory is depleted!
4 out of 5
enjoy the flavors
enjoy the flavors
5 out of 5
Real good cigar
Real good cigar
3 out of 5
Iam a belicoso smoker but these were ok to have a different taste.
4 out of 5
Nice draw,smokes fairly even with
Nice draw,smokes fairly even with rich flavor overall would purchase again
3 out of 5
Although this is a pretty
Although this is a pretty nice cigar for the price, most of mine did not burn evenly. (I also did not taste any hints of espresso.)
4 out of 5
Very good for a modest
Very good for a modest price
5 out of 5
Casual cigar smoker
Lots of flavor 4 different profiles, nice box press and smooth smoke. Great cigar for the price.
4 out of 5
Nice smooth smoke.
Nice smooth smoke.
3 out of 5
The "slow burn" in your
The "slow burn" in your product description produces a very uneven ash making re-lighting necessary and annoying.
5 out of 5
The Best
Great Smoke Great Price!!!!
5 out of 5
El Mejor Espresso Toro
Hard to keep lit and seems to be packed tight, a little hard to draw. Aroma and flavor are acceptable. I would prefer Gurkha Black Ops Maduro in Toronto, but they are out of stock everywhere 🙁
4 out of 5
Taste good but had trouble
Taste good but had trouble staying lit
5 out of 5
Great Cigar
Quality Cigar for a Great Price
5 out of 5
El Mejor
Great cigar
3 out of 5
Good for the price
Good for the price
3 out of 5
El Mejor Expresso
A good “cost effective “ “ everyday smoke”! I really like the box pressed and prefer them in all my cigars Niall prices! Good burn, plenty of smoke and flavor without burning $! I will buy these again if you continue to have them.
5 out of 5
A cigar best kept a secret!
Good balance, smooth draw and no hot spots. This cigar replaced my beloved Nestor Reserve. And I’m 98.678 satisfied. Buy early if you are a hunter!
4 out of 5
El Mejor Espresso
Well constructed cigar...but too harsh for my taste !! Wish they would produce a milder blend !
4 out of 5
Good flavor
One of the better cheap smokes. Flavor was great had some burn problems though
5 out of 5
Great cigar !
These are great cigars ! I've bought them several times and enjoyed them alot,Great taste, nice burn on them also very even! I highly recommend them !
3 out of 5
Great daily smoke
This is my second order of El Mejor Espresso and I truly enjoy each smoke. This is absolutely my new favorite.
5 out of 5
EL Mejor Expresso
Great cigars, great price
5 out of 5
my favorite cigar for the money.very smooth.
5 out of 5
Exceeded expectations! Tried these based on the description & was "knocked out". Pepper,mocha & coffee flavors make this cigar a great value for the price.
4 out of 5
Good Casual Smoke
A good casual smoke. Box pressed are a personal favorite, I'm half way through the bundle I ordered and haven't run into any duds. Had two with a little canoeing, but didn't upset my evening. Flavor was not exactly what I expected, for some reason I thought it was going to be like a DE Java stick, MUCH more subtle than that. The only problem I found is if you smoke anything more pricy next to one you can feel how rough it is on the palette by comparison. Overall not a terrible daily driver on a budget.
3 out of 5
Ok for the money
Taste good, price good, but burn and draw so so. A little inconsistent.
4 out of 5
Nice smoke, great flavor
Nice smoke, great flavor
5 out of 5
Great every day box pressed Maduro that doesn’t break your wallet!
1 out of 5
Nica Libre Robusto
Bad burn,thin wrappers,mucho canoeing,and mucho tunneling.
4 out of 5
Just short of premium
The smoke is a good one and the cigar holds together well. Here in Arizona the hot dry weather is not good for cigars even in my humidor.
5 out of 5
Best cigars I’ve had in a while
5 out of 5
el mejor
a fine smoke, it amuses, yet has a sophisticated smooth taste; excellent with a PBR, fine wine or a cup of coffee.
1 out of 5
El-Mejor Espresso
Dry and doesn’t stay on; should have returned the bundle.
4 out of 5
Really coffee
Great daily smoke. Coffee as promised. Delightful finish.
4 out of 5
Very good
I have purchased these a while ago, enjoyed them. Haven’t been able to get them in awhile, so here I am.
5 out of 5
A great smoke!
This was a replacement for my Nestor Reserves whan it went away. My only suggestion would be to order early if you plan on having these jewels in deer camp. Ci sells out in November! And for godreason.
5 out of 5
Really good
One of the best smokes I have tried
3 out of 5
not what i expected
an o. k. smoke but I did find the taste flavorful. did not go well with my coffee in the morning.once was enough.
4 out of 5
A Lot of Cigar for the Money
Very nice medium cigar with good flavor. Smoked two so far, both burned perfect, one had a hard draw but still ok. Would buy again.
4 out of 5
Very satisfying
Burns evenly. Great taste and aroma. Satisfying for after or before dinner.
4 out of 5
good cigars
good cigars for a good price
4 out of 5
El Major Churchill
Very good cigar for the price
5 out of 5
Very Gokd Cigar
Very Gokd Cigar
3 out of 5
Fell Short
These have great potential for the price....but, fall short. They have nice flavor, but, just don't smoke well....too tight or moist...or both. Even after a month in the humidor, they're a very tough draw ruining what could otherwise be a good cigar.
4 out of 5
Great Value
Have purchased El Mejor Espresso cigars several times mostly because of the flavor. Apparently a lot of people buy them because you are frequently out of stock. Since inventory turn is quicker, they are consistently fresher than any other cigars I’ve purchased at any price. They often don’t burn evenly but happy to overlook that considering satisfaction for the money.
4 out of 5
Every day good
Good smoke for the money
5 out of 5
Great cigar for a great
Great cigar for a great price
4 out of 5
El Major is a well
El Major is a well built cigar with a very pleasant finish. Many woman ask for the label as the men in their lives smoke nasty smelling cigars. Go figure!
3 out of 5
El Mejor Espresso Churchill
Definitely worth the money, however it does have a few flaws, burning uneven for one and more often than not, needing re-lighting. But if you don't mind the small annoyances and you like a strong stogie with nuances of dark roast coffee, go for it!
5 out of 5
Smooth + value
Good everyday. My yard work smoke No complaints.
3 out of 5
Their ok
Their ok
5 out of 5
El Mejor Expresso
I have long leaned more toward Dominican cigars, and Maduro’s are my personal favorites. Having said that these Nicaragua beauties have become one of my favorites, good robustness and full of flavor. Good bargain that I will purchase often. Thank you
5 out of 5
smooth great cigar
Very little after taste and no burning of the tongue. Nice aroma and if hydrated correctly burns even most of the time.
2 out of 5
Poor construction
While the taste of these cigars are very good, the construction ruins it all. What's the point of trying to smoke them. Too much work to keep them burning right.
1 out of 5
El mejorEspresso
This batch was old... did not hold up
5 out of 5
El major espresso toro
Quality smoke for the price.
5 out of 5
Great cigar
Smooth tasting and slow-burning.
4 out of 5
Very good every day cigar.
Very good every day cigar. Worth the price and even more. Keep up the good work. Happy new year!
5 out of 5
Good quality at a fair price.
4 out of 5
GOOD value
A very good cigar with a good draw. This would be a 5 if not for the uneven burn.
5 out of 5
El mejor espressos
Shipped in a timely manner and the cigars were just the right amount of moisture- the flavor is great
5 out of 5
an excellent budget smoke
It's a descent alternative to some of the more pricey smokes out there. Great construction and smokes evenly. I would recommend these to a friend.
4 out of 5
Great camp cigar
Great camp cigar
5 out of 5
Michael Feehley
Great cigar good burn smooth taste I love it
4 out of 5
Happily Surprised
To date, this was the best cigar buy for the money I’ve ever made.
3 out of 5
Nice daily
An inexpensive medium-full flavored smoke with mocha coffee flavors. It's no Liga Privada, but it's not $12/stick either.
5 out of 5
Best bang for the buck
El Mejor Espresso Robusto is my everyday cigar. Better taste and quality than most cigars at ANY price
5 out of 5
A winner by any standard.
Although the wrapper is BLACK as coal, the cigar is a GOLD-mine.
5 out of 5
Nice Cigar
Smokes real good
4 out of 5
One of my New Faves!
So pleased with this stick! A nice, light flavor of coffee, and a mild to medium bite....just enough to let me know I was smoking a cigar. Construction was as described, draw was excellent, and lasted long enough to be highly enjoyable.
5 out of 5
A gentleman's cigar at an almost pauper's price
I have hung on with this cigar for about ten years, and am pleased with the newer version. In olden days every other stick had to be reamed out to draw properly. Now, they are pleasant on the draw, with both flavor and ability to keep lit. I have always liked the San Andres wrapper that is sweet to the taste. A happy consumer is the best sales person, and I share the significant change with all my cigar band buddies.
5 out of 5
many very hard to draw
many very hard to draw on
5 out of 5
the word from the King of Buckland
I have several cigar shops I shop at but so far in 5 yrs this is the only place I buy my cigars the price and speedy shipping is great. I have gotten some friends to buy there cigars from here as well, so KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK Cigares International
5 out of 5
El Major Espresso cigars
I enjoyed the smokes. Very good inexpensive sticks.
1 out of 5
5 out of 5
Might just be my favorite
Outstanding maduro flavor and lots of body. And, at CI's price, a must have.
3 out of 5
Looks better than it tastes...
Pretty, but has a bitter after taste. I guess they didn't use "Maxwell House" in production.
5 out of 5
goo smoke
el mejor expresso is smooth-tasting everyday cigar.
2 out of 5
Everyday cigar smoker.
Ordered these before. Enjoyed them, Very good cigar, so ordered an other bundle. These not so good. This batch much different from first. Harsh, hard draw. Disappointed.
5 out of 5
beautiful cigars
One of the best cigars I've had so far. You can't go wrong with this cigar.
5 out of 5
My favorite every day cigar
The El Mejor Espresso has a great flavor and is well put together in a nice box press package. Recently I was in China for 7 months and decent, affordable cigars are hard to find. But I had brought 100 Espressos and had friends deliver more as they arrived so it was almost my exclusive smoke while I was there. It's a great lower cost alternative to some of the more well known maduro sticks out there.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
EL Major Espresso
These are very nice cigars and quite tasty too! As the name implies there is a nice espresso coffee flavor that shines through quite nicely without overpowering the smoke itself. Well blended fillers, good quality construction and a medium burn. Definitely agreed with my palate!
5 out of 5
Not yet...
Too early to tell for this order.. it'll be a couple of months before I open... B U T.. I have enjoyed Espresso's gifted by my son and LOVED 'em... hence.. this order. But gotta sit for awhile.
5 out of 5
Excellent cigar
The flavor and draw on this cigar is outstanding. I would recommend this to everyone.
3 out of 5
oily but tasty
NOt a bad cigar, wrapper is very very oily, and not much of an espresso taste to it. HOWEVER, still a great tasting cigar and it totally compliments a glass of wine or scotch
5 out of 5
Great cigar
Great daily smoke, rich full flavored cigar. Smooth, and always burns perfectly.
4 out of 5
Good cigar for the price
Good every day cigar, even burn and pleasant tasting.
4 out of 5
El Mejor Espresso Torpedo
El Mejor Espresso Torpedo cigars are a tasty full bodied smoke with overtones of chocolate and coffee. A good value for the price.
1 out of 5
Waste of Money
I tried to smoke a few, then gave up. The burn is poor, mostly hallowed out. Poor taste. A waste of my money.
1 out of 5
I had 3 friends also try this cigar. We all agreed: It is too loosely rolled. Kept going out as you smoked it. Not an even burn. Oils (or dye) ran all over our fingers. Not even worth it if it was free!!!
4 out of 5
Good smoke at a great price
What a diamond in the rough. I've smoked 5 of them, and every one had the construction and draw of a stick that costs double. Deep and rich, spicy sweet. Fantastic stick for the money.
1 out of 5
Would not buy them again..
These have a great flavor however they have a very hard time staying lit. To smoke these cigars one must walk around with a lighter its no a one light and done type of cigar..
3 out of 5
Not what I thought it would be
Very loosely wrapped stick that smoked uneven. At first thought I thought maybe it was simply just that stick. Not all smokes are consistent.. But in this case they were. All burned uneven and simply was not a fun experience.
5 out of 5
A very good smoke. Well
A very good smoke. Well made with a consistent draw. They have the top shelf in my humidor.
1 out of 5
terrible burn and wont stay lite
don't buy...terrible draw and wont stay lite.
3 out of 5
Not Bad
This is a great smoke for use while working on projects.
2 out of 5
Not great
These cigars are junk. I bought these after reading the reviews. Well the reviews were very misleading. The el mejor had a very flat flavor and had to be relit multiple times. I have had these in my humidor for over a month and they still are junk. Wont order these again.
3 out of 5
close to been superb
I did buy these El Mejor.first one was not that great put them in a humidor for two weeks. Gave one to a freind and he liked them. I lit up one and there was a major diferrence from the first one. They hold the ash okay and have a somewhat smooth burn not much of an after taste which is good
4 out of 5
These are delicious and my go to everyday cigar. Priced very well that doesn't hurt my pocket but packed with flavor that surprises. Recommend for everyone looking for a subtle coffee flavored smoke with good pull.
4 out of 5
god smoke
god smoke
4 out of 5
Very Good Smoke
Taste good, Draw good, Well constructed ... Overall, very good smoke
4 out of 5
El major expresso
Not bad for the price. Some were wrapped a little tight. Still, a pretty good deal.
3 out of 5
Good Smoke
A good smoke wit a cup of coffee.
3 out of 5
inconsistence draw, hard to keep
inconsistence draw, hard to keep lit., just ave.
5 out of 5
Simply wonderful
El Mejor Espresso offered an Excellent surprise to my Pallate with hidden notes of Smoked wood chips and a flash of Creamy coffee.From start to finish it was an Extreme pleasure.
3 out of 5
Great flavor....but lots of canoes
Cigar has great flavor and taste but he cigar canoes a lot and burns internally.
5 out of 5
Awesome cigars
Awesome cigars
4 out of 5
Good smoke
You can't beat the price of this tasty cigar.With faint hints of coffee and chocolate and a nice solid ash.This one of my favorites
4 out of 5
El Menor Expresso Torpedo
Excellent cigar for the price. I will be reordering them.
4 out of 5
Good Maduro value
Have had better, missing hints of chocolate but nice dense smoke for those who like moderate to full flavor. Would give 3 stars for flavor alone but draw is good, no sticks, wrapper that holds together and price earns 4 stars in my book.
3 out of 5
Good smoke
Uneven burn but great flavor I will try them again and hope for a better batch
5 out of 5
Chocolate and pepper
Chocolate and pepper, nice balance between the 2 flavors.
5 out of 5
Very Good
Very Good Everyday cigar
4 out of 5
Get em!
You wont find a better smoke for the money. I am smoking a $10.75 (cigar shop price) LFD Maduru as I write this and it doesn't come close to the rich creamy flavor and nice burning El Mejor Espresso. It goes great anytime by itself or with coffee, bourbon, rum, Bloody Mary, beer- you name it. Not too big either. Nice nice nice.
5 out of 5
One of my favorites Great flavor profile. One of the best values out there. I only wish they offered a gordo in this cigar.
5 out of 5
Wildly surprised
While ordering gifts for x-mas stumbled upon this one for myself. WOW....nuff said
2 out of 5
Just ok.
Well made, mostly even burn, medium draw. They do have a creamy texture but do not have any coffee flavor. I guess they use "espresso" in the name for the dark wrapper. Matter of fact they have no flavor at all. They're cheap but I won't buy again.
5 out of 5
Long time customer
been a big fan for a long time, have bought a lot from you and have only managed to have one mistake in about 3 years worth of orders. This was not one of them, and I still remain a dedicated fan.
5 out of 5
Very good cigar. Slow burning and a bit of sweetness. I would buy again.
5 out of 5
Good Chit, Cheap!
Decent cigar for the price. Even burn, good flavors. Great for the poor guy.
4 out of 5
Was an OK smoke!
It was a straight shooter of light expesso flavor that burned fairly well although it needed relighting a couple of times..all in all a decent smoke and the price is undeniable..As always CI your service is great!!
5 out of 5
The best little stinker ever!
After approximately 80 different brands being smoked, I latched on to El Mejor. I am partial to San Andres flavorific wrappers, so the rest of the cigar definitely has a fighting chance. The box pressed smoke rates tops in my book for slow smoking, even burn, and that coffee, chocolate, nutty taste. To keep the price from going up, I have to add that the flavorful stick has an unusually strong odor sitting in the ash-tray.
3 out of 5
Tad to much flavor
Not a bad smoke. Burns even. Bold just a little to much flavor for me.
5 out of 5
Surprising Mexican Maduro
this review is of the (4.5" X 60) box-pressed gordo robusto that for some reason was priced to be an even better value than the rest of the bundled sizes. This mazo was impressive from the git-go. One of the blackest Mexican San Andres maduro leaves ever graces these chunky vitolas. Nicaraguan long fillers take the blend over the top! It may be the best value in a maduro anywhere. Medium bodied with pepper, spices & a noticeable sweetness on the retrohale. Highly recommended & worthy of big ratings. Not bad considering it is a bundled stogie! I give it 4.5 mazos out of 5. Bravo El Mejor. Try the regular El Mejor habano offering too. While not the beauty the maduro is, it is quite a good spleef in its own right & extremely affordable.
5 out of 5
Kevin Reed
The cigars I orders were perfect. Thank you
4 out of 5
Worth every penny
Love this cigar! Your review is spot on, looks just like a candy bar. Smooth, tasty with a hint of sweetness on the finish. Will keep these in my box. Roll could be a bit more consistent, but at the price point that could be overlooked.
4 out of 5
Nice medium Full Bodied Cigar
Nice cigar! Medium Full Bodied, with overtones of Cocoa and Coffee... Will Buy Again.
5 out of 5
Great cigar at a great price
these are a nice maduro box press with good flavor and well put together. They are priced well as an everyday smoke too.
5 out of 5
A Great Tasting Cigar!
Beautifully wrapped. Well constructed. Superior taste with lots of blue smoke leaving a long white ash. This is my new goto cigar.
5 out of 5
Great everyday cigar!
5 out of 5
Loved these. Hints of coffee from time to time so i was in heaven. Will buy again.
5 out of 5
Service was great as usual
Service was great as usual and cigars arrived as scheduled! Thanks again
4 out of 5
If You're Looking for a Great Madero at a Reasonable Price ... El Mejor Espresso Won't Disappoint You!
This shipment of these particular cigars I found to the be very satisfying. The quality of the roll is much superior on the Robusto versus the Torpedo Toro style. From an overall appearance standpoint, these are really beautifully prepared cigars. I love dark Mexican wrappers and this one is solid. Nice balanced burn, tight ash, and a lasting creamy/heady flavorful blend to the very end of the cigar. The smoke produced has a really wonderful quality and thickness. The smell is filled with those rich Madero nuisances that are very pleasing. If you like a great madero and a reasonable price then give this brand a try. I'll be back for more.
5 out of 5
Absolutely GREAT smoke
Without a doubt my favorite maduro. Lots of body and lots of flavor. Nice and earthy with hints of coffee as the name would imply, but also dark chocolate and a little cedar. I've found no more enjoyable dark cigar in recent memory.
5 out of 5
El Mejor Expresso Churchill
Very firmly packed, smoked great & burnt slow & straight, tremendous value.
5 out of 5
Absolutely Delicious Cigar
I bought these (robusto) in hopes of getting a great, cheaper substitute to the Java Maduro cigar and other similar cigars. As it is hard to compare those two the point is when I'm in the mood for a cigar that exudes chocolate and coffee, this one hits the mark quite well. It's a nice smooth and subtle semi-sweet chocolate as well as a hint of expresso or mocha flavor that hits the palette. The ash is very firm and hangs on much longer than one would expect. I've never had a problem with the draw and it burns nice and slow. I really enjoy these with a White Russian cocktail in hand sitting next to the fire. I recommend these to anyone who really enjoys a cigar that actually has chocolate and coffee-like flavors on the palette you can really taste. And last but not least, the value to price ratio is exceptional. Maduro lovers should highly consider this one.
4 out of 5
great choice
Has a smooth draw
5 out of 5
Goode Smoke
These cigars are good from start to finish. Burn evenly.
5 out of 5
El Mejor Cigars
Excellent cigar for the value, tastes great and actually lasts quite a while. I plan on ordering more
2 out of 5
Expresso plus aggrevation
These were overall rolled too tight. A few had a good draw and a nice even burn. I would put these at extra full flavored especially toward the end. Most of them required several corrections and a few were not smokeable due to being rolled too tight. Wrappers were the only real highlight.
5 out of 5
Good smoke
This cigar was smooth, full of flavor, and nice after a great meal.
4 out of 5
Great smoke for a great price
Great everyday value smoke. The kind of cigar you give to your brother in-law and still smoke one yourself at the same time.
5 out of 5
Purchase and delivery were executed
Purchase and delivery were executed with no issues. Thanks for the great service
3 out of 5
Was hoping for more
Good cigar , but the flavor wasn't there as advertised. Not bad for the price though. I gave it 3 stars.
5 out of 5
El mejor expresso Churchill
Smooth taste. Slow burning. Incredible aroma.
4 out of 5
Great value. Good smoke
Great value. Good smoke
5 out of 5
Great cigar
smooth taste with a mellow aroma. Long lasting. Madura wrapping compares nicely to more expensive brands.
Customer Testimonials
I'm fairly new to cigars, and before this I had stuck primarily to flavored and milder ones. The description caught my eye, so I bought a 5 pack. It has now become one of my favorites. Great burn, not too potent, great on the palate. I highly recommend it, and you will not be sorry.
RC of Minerva, NY
Great cigar for the money. Well worth a try.
CM of Webb City, MO
Got this one in the Toro size & I have to agree with DC from Portsmouth, VA. I'm a dark chocolate lover & this one really impressed me & delivered from first light right down to the nub. Very good draw, not overpowering & no bitterness at all. I actually had it while drinking a cup of coffee but I'm thinking next time I'll pair it with Maple Crown Royal. Yum Yum!!
DR of Portsmouth, VA
Such a well made good tasting cigar for a great price. Has a very light coffee taste without the sweetness. Very well made and a great smoke. Only drawback is a few went out midway when left unattended for a minute. Other than that 1 of my favorite cigars!
JG of howell, NJ
I don't think its a bad cigar for the price. I do agree the construction isn't the greatest, but I can deal with it cause of the price. I think the flavor isn't all that bad. I think it's a good cigar to have in the humidor for those days your working around the yard or are not sure if you'll have enough time to finish a high price cigar.
JO of Worcester, MA
OUTSTANDING CIGAR! I LOVE THIS ONE! PLEASE CONTINUE TO STOCK THIS CIGAR. I will be buying more of these. Consistent burn, no relights required. Smooth, light draw. Flavor stayed consistent throughout. Better tasting than almost all more expensive cigars I've tried. A winner!
MS of Muncie, IN
Not the best smoke in my box, but they are pretty sharp looking and will be a great garage smoke or handout stick. Also would make a great daily puffer for someone trying to keep the budget low.
JS of Cheshire, MA
Great after dinner cigar, with a great price tag for the taste. I try to keep my "flavored" cigar humidor stocked with these at all times.
JV of Santa Rita, GU
Thumbs up wicked good!
LM of Suffolk, VA
First time I've had anything from El Mejor. Big fan. Reminds me of a dark-roasted espresso. Nutty overtones. In the beginning moving to a spicier flavor the closer you get to the wrapper. The Churchill burns hotter than your average 50-ring so dedicate some time to this one in order to really get the flavor. Overall, very happy with it.
JL of Boston, MA
I really like this cigar and have been saving my last one until I get more. I just don't want to be without one in my humidor. The flavor description is right on!! I gave one to a friend who loved it as well (he is a long time cigar smoker)!
SR of Caney, KS
Although I like this smoke a lot, lately they have been arriving in desperate need of drying out. They are too damp to smoke when I get them. Takes about 2 weeks before they are usable. I do like them though.
CN of Crossville, TN
Great Cigar, The El Mejor Espresso in the x60 Gordo does feel like a log. I love the thick robust wrapper, and the smell of the cigars was intoxicating. I smoked the first one right out of the box. I read some of these reviews that claim a cigar should be put into a humidor for months before trying it. I say it must be nice to have enough money to set this up. I don't work that way. I use USPS Priority mail it takes 2-3 Business days to arrive for $8.95. Once the cigars arrive I take them out of the sleeves and pack them into a good Spanish Cedar Humidor, separating each layer with thin cedar sheets. I use a cheep V-cutter so the end of my cigars don't unravel, and so I get to enjoy the wrapper, binder, and the filler. I smoke med-full upward sticks, with a guillotine cutter I get way to much smoke and No taste. try the V cutter. Awesome smoke folks this is a winner! IMHO
DL of Eugene, OR
These cigars are great. They are nice and smooth from beginning to end. The dark wrapper is the best part. They actually taste like there is a trace of coffee inside. The exhaled smoke even smells like coffee. Really worth the price!
JC of Middle Village, NY
Rich, nice and smooth all the way through. Will buy in another size.
GP of Irvington, NJ
Good flavor but very inconsistent on the draw and burn. Good cigar for the money but not one I would pull out with friends to smoke.
KE of Oakboro, NC
My favorite morning smoke. Great with coffee.
CF of Steeleville, IL
Great stick! No complaints here!
JB of Santa Monica, CA
El Mejor Expresso 6 X 52 Maduro. Really good smoke for the price. Have never been let down by this cigar. Thanks for this offering CI. If you haven't tried them, now is the time to do so.
Another great find. Slow even burn. I love how the flavors change as you smoke down the cigar. One of the best medium bodied cigars I've smoked without the huge price tag.
JS of Manlius, NY
Best cigars you can buy for this price. I went through four boxes now. Can't believe how well they smoke.
TN of Nanticoke, PA
Very spicy at the end of the cigar. It packs a punch.
EW of Virginia Beach, VA
Incredibly impressive cigar, especially for the price. This thing beats my usual go-to budget sticks. I think I have a new favorite.
DS of Windsor Locks, CT
Really nice cigar. Some cigars are cheap and acceptable, this cigar is cheap and very good! This cigar is a great value and offers a very unique flavor. Construction is solid and the overall experience with the entire bundle was excellent. I have no hesitation recommending these, buy them without feeling like your settling for some crapy cigar without flavor.
Great value for the get what you pay for with the construction quality. I will definitely buy these again, though.
JL of San Diego, CA
Best low price cigar I have smoked by far u will not be disappointed. It starts rough first couple draws but give it a minute and nice flavor kicks in and the price is a steal will recommend to any cigar smoker.
LA of Ridgewood, NY
An excellent smoke for the price. I smoke 2 cigars a day and find the cost manageable. I'm all over the place in trying to find quality cigars and the Espresso always come back around and hard to resist. It works for me while sipping scotch on my deck, and that's a good formula.
GJ of Osceola, IA
This cigar is delicious. The only problem that I have with it is that it has a ridiculously hard draw.
ES of Indianapolis, IN
These cigars were exactly as advertised. Nice taste and a nice, even burn. Ash was solid as oak. I just ordered another box of these bad boys.
Bought for $29.95 on sale price. Great buy. MMAO bid price of $30.00 rejected. MMAO not what it seems. I will enjoy anyway. I will be back to see if its a fluke or not. Cya!
TR of Kutztown, PA
Good cigar but the 50 ring is sized at 48 or less.
RL of Syracuse, NY
.... All of them burned uneven and didn't taste good at all almost unpalatable
DW of Columbus, OH
Sadly, one cigar I did not enjoy. I never discovered a hint of expresso; in its place, a bitter cocoa that lingered through the length of the stick.
JR of Fulton, AR
Perfect with a good full flavored coffee. They bring out the best in each other. The aroma inhaled from the pre-burn of the El Mejor Espresso cigar whets your appetite for the goodness of the cigar. Tastes of cocoa and coffee linger on the tongue, and then you sip your favorite coffee and voila! Maybe add a splash of your favorite adult beverage. That's it. They compliment each other to the last puf and the last swallow. The cigar burns perfectly and lasts long. What a great way to spend an hour.
JB of Seguin, TX
Solid construction and an excellent draw compliment this flavorful treat! It is always a pleasure to find a cigar in this price range that exhibits the qualities typically found in much higher priced sticks.
Really a nice cigar! Nice flavor, good burn and construction. I would have recommended this cigar at $8.00, but at this price... it's a real treat!
I really liked them. A good everyday smoke. Please don't buy them all, I need to order more.
JC of Alliance, OH
Just got a bundle of the Espresso 5.5 x 50's..... amazing. I'm a big fan of Padron and these are as close as you can get, without breaking the bank. Smooth draw, great hearty flavor. Awesome smoke.
OG of loma linda, CA
Recently tried these , did not burn too evenly , I thought it was a little over rated.
SS of Syracuse, NY
One of the better gems in the bundle, but not a top shelfer. A reasonably priced throw-away, and I mean throw-away. Half of the bundle were exactly that...thrown away after 1/4 burned due to core burn or simply nasty aftertaste. The good ones were actually good...wished the others were the same but wishes don't come true.
Overall Flavor of the cigar is nice. Every cigar burned horrible though with lots of holes / hotspots in the filler. This is definitely not a driving cigar more of a porch cigar. Not sure I would purchase again which is a shame since i liked the flavor. Consistency to me is more important though. 3 stars out of 5 in my book and I would hope they could get better quality control in the product.
Opened the bundle as soon as it arrived. Punched small hole...noticed very fresh soft to the touch and tasty on dry puff. Toasted the foot,lit and took a few draws,found it to be quite tasty from the get go with smooth awesome flavor not espresso like...but no doubt a Maduro sweetness! Burned even & long never losing flavor...found it to be the best cigar i recall at an economical price!!! a Must try for any cigar will not be disappointed...:)
CH of Philadelphia, PA
The taste and aroma is great but the outer leaf seems almost fireproof resulting in severe tunnelling in the 2 that I have tried. If they could find a wrapper leaf that burns at the same rate as the filler it would be a great cigar.
There are a lot of us looking for a great cigar at a reasonable price. Look no further. El Mejor Espresso is everything you want in a cigar, without the sticker shock. Well built, even burn and rich flavors. I tried an experiment: I got my wife to get one of my premiums and a El Mejor, light them and hand them to me, all while my eyes were closed. After 5 minutes of smoking, I knew I was smoking 2 different cigars, but couldn't tell which was the super premium and which was the El Mejor. They are that good. Take my advice: Don't waste your time getting a box. Get 2.
A true gem when sold as a Friday Night Fight Deal versus Indian Tabac Super Fuerte Maduro a few years ago. Picked up 2 bundles of torpedoes on sale recently and experienced serious burn & consistency problems (tunneling-like smoking a straw!, tight spots and uneven burning which made them taste and smell like burning rubber). About half burnt and drew excellently with a nice ash and flavor profile.
Excellent flavor and burn. Great after meals. Worth keeping in the rotation.
DD of Reddick, IL
I hate every single one of you that wrote a positive review for this stick. Look at what you've done; now they'll never be in stock!
JR of Las Vegas, NV
Not as good as others. A little weak on the espresso, but overall not a bad smoke for the price.
Wow, I'm smoking my first as I type and did I say wow yet? This is just what I have been looking for: a smooth, medium bodied cigar with a lot of flavor for 1.50 a piece. First half inch was just ok, but when you hit the 3/4 of an inch mark, it's like getting hit in the face with a bag of coffee beans. Wow, I will be buying these again probably in bulk.... Just send a whole truck load. Thanks CI.
DB of Weatherford, TX
My friend and I received a 20 pack of these after reading the reviews....It looks great on the outside but ....I had to struggle to keep this stick lit the whole way. It did have good flavor, but too much work to smoke....
I love maduros in general, so I had to try this one. The price and the Espresso band attracted me to will leave your fingers and lips brown.... It seems to be water based however, and has a slight bitter taste to it. The espresso and the coffee are very mild....Other than that, and some burn issues, it is a good tasting cigar. It's a solid 80 in my book.
AS of Pasadena, CA
Hit and miss. A few of the cigars hardly had any flavor.... A couple were delicious and burned very well. Not over-flavored, maybe even under-flavored, ....if you like strong flavored cigars.
I have been smoking cigars for over 30 years and have had at least 150 blends and labels including authentic Cubans from Punch, Cohiba, and Monticristo. More recently, I have had at least 30 maduros from CI and their sister store from the $1.50 arganese to the $8 to $10 gurkhas. The best ones were El Mejor Espresso, 5 Vegas "A" the Indian Tabac maduro and the Perdomo Lot 23 maduro. These 4 are a lot better and less money. If you like mild to medium maduros with a toothy wrapper, these 4 are it. Forget the rest... you will find no problems with light, draw, burn, and wrapper, and they all taste very smooth and flavorful. Even the IT maduro and 5 Vegas were not as strong. El Mejor Espresso is the best maduro I have had hands down!
This is a great cigar for the price. I would definitely purchase these again.
TB of Columbia, SC
Not Bad...tasty cigar!!
HH of Fort Drum, NY
bold with an even burn. A good Maduro for the price. No hints of coco or coffee but a good cigar with a jack and coke.
JG of Los Angeles, CA
The Vector Diesel multifunction lighter I just bought has turned the El Mejor Espresso into a fantastic go-to stick, especially for the price. Just keep in mind to use the Vector Diesel's 3mm punch first - that way you'll know what is the best cut for the stick.
DS of San Antonio, TX
The El Mejor Espresso....a very tasty gem...
KB of San Francisco, CA
Tasty cigar. Fairly smooth with good full flavor. The construction issues (tunneling especially) takes it off my list of future buys.
SI of Foxfire, NC
This is a cigar to try. Not for the novice. Great flavor to the nub. Great smoke and smell. Worth way more than what it sells for.
HC of Harve De Grace, MD
Sorry, but add this one to the "unsmokeables". Tried it at every possible humidity level, and then some. Great to light the fireworks with, but that's about it.
LT of Dracut, MA
The El Mejor Espresso are absolutely beautiful to look at. The dark, oily wrapper just begs your to pick it up and light it. The smoke was rich and the flavor was fantastic. I did, however, experience burn issues with a few sticks. Some would tunnel, leaving the wrapper unburned. Some would go out rather quickly and require numerous re-lighting. I personally find these cigars to be medium-bodied, but they do tend to hit me a little hard as far as strength is concerned. I've gotten light-headed a couple times from these, despite having smoked other full-bodied cigars chocked full of ligero. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. Despite some minor burn issues, I'd definitely recommend giving these beauties a try.
CY of Lawndale, CA
Not a bad smoke flavor wise, but either can't keep it lit or it canoes. Maybe I'll leave them sit in the humidor and see what happens.
MR of Jacksonville, FL
ok, lot of burn issues! so, left some in a old cigar box without a humidor to DRY OUT....1 week....good....2 excellent!!! smokes well and still a lot of flavor!!!! no harshness at all...I Like
LP of Bakersfield, CA
Even better when they get age a few months in the humi!!
DP of East Orange, NJ
I am not a fan of box pressed sticks. I am gonna make an exception in this case. The smooth rich taste counters some of the burn issues. This is well worth a corner in the humidor.
TM of Dillwyn, VA
I love dark maduro box pressed cigars like Nica Libre and Rocky Patel Vintage 1990s. I just finished my first El Mejor Espresso robusto size and wow, what an outstanding cigar. It was so good that it just became my new favorite. Tons of thick creamy smoke with subtle hints of cocoa and dark coffee. A+. I'm now off to buy another bundle or two before they're sold out.
PG of Green Bay, WI
I'm a fan of El Mejor Emerald and I like maduro cigars. So this Espresso should have been a slam dunk "love it" for me. But, not so much. I smoked a 5 pack of properly humidified torps and they didn't really ring any bells with me. Burned inconsistently but not really a bad cigar. I just didn't find anything to make me want to smoke more of them. It sounds like many others love them. Just shows to go ya. Different smokes for different folks.
RJ of Haslet, TX
As a fan of box pressed cigars, I love these El Mejor Espresso beauties...well constructed, flavorful, and consistent make this stogie a winner in my book.
DC of Goodlettsville, TN
these are great solid smokes !! nice construction ! a great cigar for poker night !!
SW of Chino Hills, CA
Just wanted to say how much I enjoy my El Mejor Espresso Churchills! Great taste, mild smoke, nice ash, like the flavor of this very much! Just ordered my 2nd bundle! Very good smoke for any price! Better than most all the cigars I've smoked for 2-3 times the money! Highly recomended!
RH of Stillwater, OK
Beautiful, is the first thought that came to mind as I started smoking this cigar. I enjoyed every draw on this smoke. I was so enthralled by it's flavor and consistency that I wish I was carrying another right then. It has definitely become one of my top ten to enjoy. I can't say smoke, because it is more of a pleasure, than just a smoke. If I were to recommend a cigar to someone this would be one of the first out of my mouth. Out of all the cigars I have bought in mixed bundles, this one has been the biggest and best surprise.
DF of De Queen, AR
Have to say I agree with just about everything good written here about the El Mejor Espresso ... can't believe the number of times I've passed over this cigar (in the humidor) in favor of other sticks. It was my 3rd (others were name brand) cigar of the day ... and it was by far, the one I enjoyed the most. Found it to be very smooth, creamy, not strong but with good flavor, a touch of sweetness to it ... and no burn or draw problems at all ... I had to stop 1 1/2 - 2 inches before the butt (game ended) ... but it was a pleasure to smoke up until then.
SP of Northern, VA
Decent cigar. And I am saying this after getting a little ill after the smoke. I've been smoking light cigars lately so this may have been a bit strong for me. Didn't burn as well as I would have liked but the taste was wonderful. But even after all of that this cigar impressed me enough to give it another chance.
MT of Memphis, TN
Ever since I bought my first El Mejor 12-cigar flight sampler, I've found myself reaching for the Espresso more and more often. El Mejor makes some of the most consistent stogies that I have had the pleasure of smoking. Stout construction, effortless draw, and incredible taste. It's all one could ask for. The Espresso is amazingly similar to the Padron 3000 Maduro in taste. There's a burst of flavor at first light and this square-pressed beauty billows clouds of smoke thicker than J-Lo's posterior. My mouth is watering even as I type this... thinking of the earthy core surrounded by notes of cocoa and dark chocolate. The flavor profile stays the same, even down to the nub, but I've yet to lose interest in one. This is a perfect morning smoke, or after dinner cigar. Going back to my comparison to the Padron: I've always had a problem with the Padron 3000 turning bitter about half-way through. This is not the case with the El Mejor Espresso. It is consistent, flavorful, and presents a gratifying aroma all the way through. With the CI price tag, it's a premium taste that you can enjoy every day without feeling guilty.
DC of Portsmouth, VA
This one surprised me! When I got my first bundle, I noticed these cigars were a lot smaller in size than I am used to seeing in the same noted ring sizes. I torched one and the dang thing kept BEING there in my hand ... an hour went by ... I STILL was only about 2/3 through the little stick! Oh....and did I mention...the FLAVOR? By FAR the best of the Nicarauguan Maduros I have ever smoked...smooth creamy cocoa and coffee, all the way to the nub! Draw was a bit tight, but I suspect that could be due to the obvious copious amount of tobaccos packed into this little jewel..another highly recommended ones from the guy in the big red truck:) I have a few drying out here to check for improved draw, they ship pretty damp...
JM of Dripping Springs, TX
This is my favorite everyday smoke. Burn is a little uneven, but the taste is excellent (9.8/10). Tastes of chocolate and earth, and every one I have smoked have been consistent from start to finish.
Just received these yesterday and couldn't wait a couple days for them to rest in the humidor so I sparked one up right away and it is an amazing cigar for the price. It started with a very strong full bodied taste and about an inch into the cigar it mellows with a very subtle cocoa flavor. My only complaint would be that I had to relight a few times or keep puffing on it to keep it going. Could of been just that cigar. Their appearance also makes them look like a way more expensive cigar.
JL of Church Hill, TN
I was looking forward to trying these given their description. I received them yesterday with my order and sparked one up right away. It is a nice cigar for the money. It was a smooth consistent burn, slight hint of cocoa. Will be a nice morning or after dinner smoke.
These are one of the best so far of the CI stimulus i've had, the description fits these babies to a T, and best of all they really do burn slow. This one almost lasted too long >.< Completely enjoyable start to finish
RS of citrus heights, CA
I just smoked one of the Torpedo size. This is a steal for the quality of cigar. Goes great with a good Brandy.
RL of Albany, OR
There's two sides to this cigar but let me say this, I will keep coming back to it. It's awkward for me to rave about something you smoke.. but if you're contemplating this and another cigar, read on.. I took my humidor on vacation with me this year. The first morning I took el mejor down to the dock with me along with my early morning espresso to bask in some cool morning sun. I got about half way through my cup and tossed my coffee in the lake and kept the cigar becasue it tasted better. I don't drink cheap espresso. With that being said.. the construction leaves a bit to be desired. It lights fine, the first inch leaves you a little disappointed, but if you've had one you know the middle is (as with many) where it shines. It burns as bumpy as a mile of back country highway and usually needs a relight. But for the flavor it's tough (very tough) to beat. Good aroma, beautiful toothy wrapper, and I will keep enjoying these and friends will keep sending their accolades. Makes me smile every time. Enjoy.
MB of Longview, WA
this cigar tatses great, it looks to be as good as it gets. It started off ok, then it started to smoke wonderfully, good amount of smoke and flavor not too strong. toward the end it burned uneven.
KT of St Paul, MN
Beautiful, dessert-like, alost edible (El Mejor Espresso). The flavors in this cigar are wonderful. Initially, a blend of pepper, molasses, and butter. After an inch or so, the espresso comes in with chocolate soon following. I love this cigar for the flavor. However, the construction lacks a lot. I have smoked a few of the torpedos. All of them have had uneven burn and clogs to the extent that I had to cut a section off of the cigar a re-light it. But for the price, I didn't mind.
SS of Winter Haven, FL
I have gone through about 6 of the churchills (El Mejor Espresso) and have found the construction to be fine and the burn even. The flavors are subtle and depending on your palate, you may taste a wide range of flavors such as coffee and chocolate but, they are a little too mild for my tastes. My only complaint is that they will not stay lit once you get down to the last 1/3. This is when a cigar really has a chance to show great flavor or fall on its' face. However, overall I would have to call this a pretty good smoke for the money and a great smoke for the golf course.
DM of Clayton, CA
I have written before about how tasty the "El Mejor Espresso" is. My question,,,,,,why no 5 packs?
VB of San Francisco, CA
I can't say enough good about this dark rich smoke (El Mejor Espresso). It has a smooth draw with lots of smoke and rich full flavor with notes of coffee and everything dark and good. I would love to let some rest in my humi but they never last.The price makes them even better. Keep doing what you do CI.
DM of Westminster, VT
Believe it and cast your doubts aside. El Mejor Espresso This is exactly what I had to do, originally being very skeptical about this cigar, and boy am I glad I did. For a bit over 2 bucks you get a great tasting, smooth smoking, well constructed cigar with enough backbone to let you know that you are smoking it. A solid medium body with a good zing on the palet and a chocolaty-slightly sweet flavor. Would I call it "the pinnacle of cigars?" No. But for 2 bucks I call it a great deal and a really nice cigar. Enjoy, all.
DM of Mequon, WI
This is an excellent cigar. (El Mejor Espresso) Perfect draw, firm ash and an absolutely even burn. Beautiful construction and excellent flavor. This one has found a permanent place in the box.
MC of -MeadeLeesburg, VA
My Dad, who had never tried El Mejor Espresso but sent me some out here in the desert becasue they looked good. I was curious and decided to share the bundle with my buddies so we could all try them. What turned in to giving 4 to some friends turned into giving away about 12 of them after word spread. I'm down to 3 after just a week and a half. I'm am certianly going to keep a closer hold of my next order and am going to have to send some back to my dad as a thank you. Bottom line, a dozen Soldiers in Iraq think this is one of the best smokes we've had in a long time. Good thing they are available at such a great price.
TP of Al Taqaddum, Iraq, AE
just got these baby's (El Mejor Espresso)...all i can say is WOW! em
sm of jersey city, NJ
The Espresso part of the El Mejor Espresso name is fitting. The taste of the wrapper itself was very coffee-like. The cigar tasted of fine, dark, rich espresso, with a hint of cream. While full flavored, this dark and oily cigar was never bitter or harsh. Just a pleasure to smoke with my morning coffee.
SL of Watauga, TX
This cigar is one of the best I've ever tasted. I lucked out getting a El Mejor Espresso rubosto in a sample pack and loved it from the first puff. The delicious coco-coffee flavors and smooth silky draw are sheer pleasure! The way it feels in my hand and burns long and smooth I can't stop smoking these Dark Brown tasty treats. Just try one and you won't be disappointed...Guaranteed. I'd travel near and far, for this truly Great Cigar!
JH of Floral Park, NY
What a great cigar! The El Mejor Espresso Robusto is super tasty, with a great burn and loads of smooth smoke. I'll agree with other reviewers, the notes of coffee, cocoa and the faint sweetness of this stick reafirm the name. Very pleasant experience. Get some of these in your humidor, given them a few days, they only get better.
ST of brandon, FL
These babys are just nothing short of AWESOME! As so many have mentioned, the El Mejor Espressos have exquisitely luscious notes of cocoa and coffee, just fabulous! These have quickly moved to the top FIVE on my all time favorite list and will be a part of my regular portfolio of everyday smokes. I would EASILY rate these at 92! Thanks so much CI for making these available to us, and at such an AFFORDABLE price - please don't sell out of these gems any time soon!
DB of Federal Way, WA
A dark, medium cigar with plenty of excellent flavour. (El Mejor Espresso) The draw, it seems, is typically just a wee bit tight but this makes for a nice, slow smoke. I've often had to give the burn a bit of attention, but this in no way causes a problem. Very good cigar.
MC of MLeesburg, VA
One of my buddy's slipped me one of these. (El Mejor Espresso) I had seen them in your catalogs but I was hesitant about buying them because of their low price. All I can say is WOW! This bad boy blew my mind. These babies could easily fetch for double the money. The oily leaves and creamy taste had me begging for more. I can assure you that there is a place in my humidor designated for these. That reminds me, I'm almost out. Thanks CI for bringing us this gem.
BC of Cumberland, RI
A very nice Suprise (El Mejor Espresso). Great flavor, lots of dark choclate and coffee notes. Smooth with a pretty good draw.
KB of Los Angeles, CA
I'm always looking for a new cigar to try.I just got a catalog from CI and saw this bueaty (El Mejor).This was the best try I ever had.This cigar will always be in my humi.I hate to give this to good of a reveiew for fear they will sell out.
DB of iowa city, IA
Quite honestly, I read and re-read the comments about these cigars. And, quite skeptically, I ordered up. I have got to say, I received one of the finest maduros for the price, I have experienced yet! Wow, what a great smoke!!! My usual is Rocky Patel's Indian Tobac Maduro Super Fuerte. These El Mejor pack as much flavor and have as much or more great maduro character as the Indians, and they are rolled to perfection. I have found a new daily smoke. I highly recommend them.
JE of Modesto, CA
I have had El Mejor cigars on my mind for two years ,and let me tell you when i ordered my torps in feb of 07 i tried one and it knocked my socks off,i only wish i would have tried them sooner.these cigars are outstanding and i will always have an ample supply in my humidor.CI really delivers.
JZ of cincinnati, OH
The "El Mejor" is now a staple in the humi. Beautifully put together...great flavor...nice solid ash and they are hard to put down. You save some over the Drew Estate Java without losing on the palate. And best of all "THEY ARE FREAKIN AVAILABLE"! Grab some....Give them some humi time and enjoy.
VB of San Francisco, CA
I don't let party guests smoke my Ashtons anymore. Too much waste! So, I was looking for a smoke or two that would impress and not cost a ton, but did I say "impress"? Yes, I did, and then some. Every guy who's ever smoked one (El Mejor) asks me where I got them, why I was spending so much on smokes, and if he could take one home with him! These smokes are freaking fantastic and impress every time. They are a welcome addition to my humidor and are in a neck and neck race with Fidalgo as my favorite smoke (Ashton, I love you, but you simply can't hang with the taste offered at this price!). Fantastic deal, CI. Keep 'em coming!
NP of Salem, NH
These El Mejor are some kinda fine...I tried a little "sampler" with five each of the assorted available sizes...What a fine semi full flavored relaxing smoke!!! Smoked one while playing a quick nine this afternoon....Beautiful fall afternoon; great smoke..Had a lovely time despite playing like s$%t...Now, in my book that says a lot about these cigars...Keep them "specials" coming CI and y'all will never lose me as a customer..
TC of Lake Cormorant, MS
I finally tried one of the "El Mejors" when CI had that great email deal. For that reason, "El Mejor" has just recently become one of my top, and I mean top cigars. This cigar gives you everything a genuine maduro should give you and more. I can't say enough good things about this puro and if you haven't tried one, but you are a maduro lover, this is a must!
JA of Cincinnati, OH
As I suspected, my anticipation was well rewarded today when my order 'Undercard #2' arrived. This brand is eveything CI said it would be. The start was uneventfull but quickly did turnaround much to my delight, it was rich, robust and enjoyable. El Mejor is a true sleeper and an exceptional value. Only CI could have master minded such a deal. Thank You
DL of Pittsburgh, PA
Ohhhh man, this is one extraordinary smoke! El Mejor literally knocked me out. A 90+ cigar without a doubt. A sophisticated smoke, with awesome flavor that builds to a crescendo soon after it's lit. This blend transported me to another dimension. It's that good. Mocha-chocolata-ay-ay indeed. Superlative construction, graceful draw, I can't say enough. Stack up CI because I WILL purchase again. Highly recommended.
MG of Utuado, PR
Damn great cigar (El Mejor) for the money. If you like "Rocky P. vintage 90 and Java" then this cigar is for you. Think of it as a cigar with the best of both cigar brands in one. I will definitly buy more.. Try one you cant beat it for the money...Yummy..
RG of North Vernon, IN
Yummmy! Outstanding smoke (El Mejor) for the money. Uninspiring start, but quickly turns into a flavorful treat that smokes perfectly all the way to the nub. I bought the torpedo, and had to keep reminding myself to smoke it, not eat it. This will be a regular in my humidor. Thanks, C.I.!
ED of Frisco, TX
Thank you for the recommendation! The first couple of draws (El Mejor)were a bit harsh but smoothed out to a rich, complex coffee/chocolate flavor quickly and remained steadfast to the end. Draws easy and steady.
CS of West Des Moines, IA
Beautiful wrapper. First few draws were uninspiring, but quickly smoothed out to a rich, smooth espresso-like taste throughout. An outstanding smoke (El Mejor) -- especially at the price!
DK of Melbourne, FL
Very surprising for a cheap cigar (El Mejor). Lots of and espresso. I only drink water with this cigar so that I only taste the cigar and nothing else. It's that good. Nice slow burn too.
YB of McKinney, TX
Starts rough but finishes with great mocha-like flavor (El Mejor). A basically very pleasant surprise in the taste department.
NB of Stony Point, NY
Best low cost cigar (El Mejor) I have smoked in last two years. This one is beautiful, great flavor start to finish. Oily, dark, rich, I could keep going on about this one, try it.
SS of Stevens Point, WI
Received my cigars on monday and let me tell you I was very happy with the flavor and draw of this cigar (El Mejor), this is one I will be enjoying on the golf course this summer!!
KM of Cape Cod, MA
I just received my bundle of El Mejor torps yesterday and thought I'd try one on my ride home from work. It was absolutely delicious! A rich, flavorful smoke with enough complexity that kept me wanting more when it was gone. Thanks for the recommendation!
JV of New Hartford, CT

El Mejor Espresso

Brandon S

El Mejor, literally translated means “the best one’ or, “the great one”. Truly a fitting moniker in this case because the El Mejor Espresso is an excellent cigar no matter how you “cut” it. Nicaraguan cigars are most often likened to the Cuban cigars of old. They are typically stereotyped as being medium to full-bodied and spicy with a rich and robust flavor profile. While these kinds of smokes are still readily being produced and exported from Nicaragua it is, in my opinion, unfair to blindly label all Nicaraguan cigars as full-bodied and peppery because it just ain’t true. Case in point, El Mejor…

These gorgeous smokes are indeed rolled in Nicaragua but they are anything but spicy. Comprised of a select blend of Cuban-seed Nicaraguan and Honduran long-fillers and finished off with one of the most oily Mexican maduro wrappers you are ever likely to see, these cigars just scream “smoke me!” Pick one up and you’ll see what I mean. I’ve become very accustomed to the 6.5X54 Torpedo size which starts off with a mellow, chocolatey burst and then quickly transforms into the roasted coffee-like flavor not unlike a heavily roasted espresso bean. I’ve come to enjoy this particular flavor very much and as a result it has become my new “go-to” cigar. Interestingly enough, the El Mejor is not an overly complex cigar. At the half-way point and even approaching the nub, the flavors are very much the same as they were an inch in. The ash is as solid as cement and requires a firm strike to break it loose; clear evidence of the quality and care put into the creation of each cigar. Lastly, at between $2 and $2.25 per stick these cigars are nearly addictive….but in a good way I assure you!

Bottom line: If you’re a fan of rich and creamy maduro cigars, El Mejor is a “must try”. Shake up your magic 8-ball if you must but even it will agree that “all signs point to yes”.

El Mejor Espresso


As the saying goes, "beauty may only be skin deep, but ugly goes right to the bone." But this is one beauty that's got a pretty face and delivers the goods, in all respects from substance to flavor to construction to price. Bold statement. If you're a maduro nut, the new El Mejor "Espresso" blend will wow you. I received a small advance shipment a few weeks ago (the full shipment to arrive next week) and I gotta tell you, I was blown away. Keep in mind, I approached this blend with caution at first based on my experiences with the old El Mejor. See, the old El Mejor - the original green label - always flummoxed me. When it was good, it was truly great....and if you were patient enough, 6-12 additional months of rest in your humidor without exception turned a great smoke into an almost legendary smoke. Yep, that's right old friend....bordering on legendary. But the thing is, it tended to be spotty. For some reason the consistency just wasn't there from shipment to shipment: see, some months they were simply stunning while others you went home disappointed. Inconsistency like that is a killer. A cigar can be the greatest in the world when it's on, but if it's only good half the time that's a sure way to frustrate a brand's loyal following (and I know because I read the countless letters!). Recognizing this, the green label has been phased out until those consistency problems were ironed down. No doubt it will be resurrected some day hence, but the point of my telling you all this is so you don't confuse the two.

Having bored you to tears, let's move on to the new El Mejor Espresso ("maroon label") line: Espresso is made by none other than Nestor Plasencia in Esteli, Nicaragua. At first glance this thing is really gorgeous: it offers a jet-black, smooth, chocolately Mexican maduro wrapper that's very appealing, thick, oily and black as night. And combined with its crisp, hospital-corner-esque, tight square-pressed finish, the Espresso series looks like a chocolate candy bar. Spark it up and it's got an initial smoky flavor and charcoal-like aroma. It settles down into a cool-burning cigar delivering deep, rich flavors including subtle nuances of cocoa and black coffee, even a touch of sweetness. smoother than you'd think, this lush, medium-bodied blend features a creamy texture and aromatic character. emitting incredibly viscous gobs of billowing smoke with each pull. The packaging? Well, it ain't sexy, just plain mazos of 20, nothing ornate. But the cigar speaks for itself and the incredibly reasonable price tag reveals nothing about the quality of the smoke inside. Highly recommended.

El Mejor Espresso


These hit the dock about 2 months ago, I loved the original box-pressed El Mejor, albeit slightly inconsistent but they were a hearty Nicaraguan puro with a beautiful and tasty Nicaraguan maduro wrapper. Now that they seem to have fallen off the face of the earth, this new "Espresso"-version appeared. The fact that it was called "Espresso" scared me for some reason, but now I'm smacking my head against the wall wondering why I didn't sprint to the dock when they appeared. "You idiot!" I've said to myself 20 times (after each cigar) as I burned through a whole bundle of the torpedos last week.

About 2 weeks ago, I was scanning the website and saw that 3 out of 4 sizes were already out of stock. Wait a second, could that be correct, they just came in??? Something doesn't smell right, could I have just missed a true bargain, our customers finding them out before I did. So, I reached deep into my nickel jar (and for about $2 a stick, I didn't have to reach far) to try for myself a sample or two of this strange phenomenon. Needless to say, those two didn't last long and I was quickly hoarding my own supply before the vultures cleared out the Torpedo size as well.

This is a genuine winner, the term "Espresso" characterizes its coffee-bean dark and oily Mexican maduro wrapper, there's no flavoring as the name might imply. Square-pressed much like the original, the gentle draw and ease of which you capture the complete flavor of this blend fills your senses quickly. The maduro wrapper offers a sweet start and spicy finish that lingers. The body is soft to medium with a delightful sweet aroma that quickly fills the room. I sense a slight coffee undertone, attributed to the typical richness of Nicaraguan and Honduran tobaccos. And rich it is, like smoking a Guinness Stout, so if you like your cigars flavorless and ultra-gentle, skip this one. That's not to say it's strong, quite the opposite actually. You could smoke these all day without impairing your equilibrium.

These probably go enormously well with a hearty steak dinner, personally I paired it with a cheese-steak lunch and I couldn't be happier. The most wonderful aspect of this cigar is that the flavor holds steady throughout. Lately, I've been looking less for a cigar that "changes" as you smoke it. Perhaps I'm getting old and boring, but consistent has been more appealing to me. I like to know my slippers are in the same spot I left them this morning, so when I pick it up again after 5 minutes, I like to know it's the same it was before I set it down.

I'm not sure how this slipped my bargain-hunting paws, but I'm psyched to have been enlightened by a beauty that caught me off-guard. It'll never happen again, I promise.

Spark'em up,