Edgar Hoill O.S.O.K. (One Shot One Kill) Cigars
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Edgar Hoill O.S.O.K. (One Shot One Kill)

Like shootin’ fish in a barrel!

Edgar Hoill fans come in all forms....cigar aficionados, art fanatics, photography enthusiasts....long story short, the brand is more than just a brand, it’s a lifestyle. This Hollywood photographer turned cigar maker captures powerful photos riddled with meaning. In the same breath, his cigars are full of passion and feel totally authentic, resulting in some of the most unique cigars on the market.

Offered in 10-count boxes, O.S.O.K . (One Shot One Kill) cigars are complex, Nicaraguan puros loaded with personality. The result of a combined effort between Edgar Hoill and Christian Eiroa (of Camacho fame), you can expect very big things. But it should come as no surprise that at the end of the day this duo crafted a cigar serving up a big, bold, spicy profile. Full-bodied and filled to the brim with rich nuances, O.S.O.K. shoots....and scores. Plus, each vitola in the line boasts a distinct shape for an experience all its own.

PackIn StockMSRPPriceQtyCart
Cabroncito (Corona) (4.0"x44)
Box of 25In Stock$210.50
save $13.006% off
Callejero (Salomon) (5.5"x48)
Box of 10Backordered$114.20
save $11.2110% off
Desmadroso (Salomon) (7.0"x52)
Box of 10Backordered$124.20
save $12.2110% off
Travieso (Pyramid) (5.5"x54)
Box of 10Backordered$104.20
save $10.2110% off
Overall Rating5 out of 5 Based on 4 Ratings

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5 out of 5
Great stick
Great stick
5 out of 5
One Shot Nailed It!
Based on the mixed reviews, I wasn't sure what to expect. But when I got an opportunity to score a box at an insanely low price, I took the plunge. I'm very glad I did. This is a fantastic cigar! Well constructed with a good, easy draw. Burns slowly and evenly. Attractive, dark brown wrapper. Nice flavor. A little spicy and a little sweet. I also like the Aztec or Mayan (I'm not sure which) artwork. As I said, I'm very happy I tried the O.S.O.K. Desmadroso.
5 out of 5
Can't review the smoke as they were sent as a gift. Service was great and they arrived quickly.
5 out of 5
Great smoke gave a few
Great smoke gave a few of them out and everyone who had one thought it was an outstanding full to medium cigar. Well done
Customer Testimonials
As an artist Hoill has given us a beautifully marketed cigar. Unfortunately that's about all I can say about my experience with OSOK. The construction was horrible; so bad that I never got any real taste from this stick. And I tried for about 30 minutes to get this to draw. This came straight out of the humidor of a local B&M so I know humidity wasn't an issue. Just a horrible experience.
LF of Mint Hill, NC
It's a nice cigar, but not worth the high price. $7-7.50 each is fair enough for this [the largest and longest size], but I would never pay more. I am a Camacho maduro lover [the old ones from Christian Eiroa] and this one just is not a full flavored one...maybe a notch down to a strong medium. It was good and had an even burn but the last 2" were bitter although smokeable. Even so, I nubbed it. I bought a fiver...hopefully the others will be a bit stronger.
Although I'm not much for extravagant packaging, this is a very good stick. Medium in body, a woodsy-sweet smoke with an even burn. A little pricey, I would forgo the packaging and the bandana for a better cigar and pricing.
The packaging was nice, the band looked spectacular, the cigar....not so much. the draw on it was brutal, to the point where my face hurt, and i couldn't cut off anymore without destroying the cap. the flavor was almost no existent for the first 1/3 of the cigar, then there was a little flavor, but by then my face hurt so bad from trying to draw off the cigar in an attempt to taste it i couldn't really sample it, then the draw got really tight again, i ended up throwing the cigar away a little past halfway, which was almost an hour and 45 minutes into it, the only detectable flavors from the cigar itself was spice, lots and lots of spice, i would say go ahead and try one if you absolutely have to, but your money is best spent elsewhere.
TF of Farmington, MN