Economy Cigar Cutters

Packs of 20

You know the deal here

These are cheap cigar cutters. They aren't pretty. They don't have a warranty. The plastic is cheap, the blades are cheap, and they probably won't last very long. But don’t hold that against them! Quite simply, these things get the job done when you're in a bind. Hell, I have upwards of 20 of these affordable cigar cutters and I couldn’t be happier... One in my car, a few at my desk, one in my backpack, one on the back porch, one in the garage. They're everywhere because they're the cheapest cigar cutters on the market and it doesn't matter if one breaks, if you drunkenly misplace ‘em, or if you’re cheapskate friends walk away with one… at these prices, you can afford it! Let’s be real, you won't find any cigar cutters on sale below these prices. Drop a handful in your cart and never go cutter-less again.   

Black Single Blade 1 Finger Cutter  Cigar Accessory Sampler
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42% offsave $25.01
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Black Single Blade 1 Finger Cutter - 20-pack
Black V-Cut 1 Finger  Cigar Accessory Sampler
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78% offsave $124.81
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Black V-Cut 1 Finger - 20-Pack

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