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Enter the double-fisting monk.

This one probably should have debuted years ago. But…there was just one problem: beer. That’s right, beer. You see, Jonathan Drew is a beer-chugging maniac - he loves the stuff. So one night while knee-deep in the sauce, he came up with the idea of blending cigars to pair with different styles of beer. He immediately put the wheels in motion…but hit one major bump in the road.

Binge drinking is hard. So is precisely pairing tobacco with just one style of beer. But after tons of hard work, and a slew of hangovers, it’s finally time for the masses to reap the benefits. Simply pair each of the following blends with the corresponding style of beer, and watch the fireworks go down. Like a lock and key, they were made for each other.

Hefeweizen – A crisp and smooth Connecticut that’s loaded with nuances of cedar, sweet cream, vanilla, and pepper. Mellow.
Imperial Stout – This dark and rich maduro blend delivers hearty notes of chocolate, coffee, sweetness, and spices. Medium to full.
American IPA – A surprisingly unique profile filled with smoky-sweet notes, and hints of pepper, fruit, and oak. Medium.
Porter – This deep brown-colored maduro offers a toasty tobacco core backed by rich, sweet notes of cocoa, espresso, and honey. Medium.
Triple Belgian – Spicy, complex, and brimming with flavors of earth, fruit, and pepper backed by a warm, rich aroma. Medium to full. 

Overall Rating4.39 out of 5 Based on 18 Ratings

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5 out of 5
5 out of 5
My favorite
Smoking Monk is my "go to" cigar. They are smooth, with a good draw and good taste.
3 out of 5
Smoking monk
Great flavor but is not well made
4 out of 5
Good cigar . Great deal with the free sampler. Well constructed. Drew Estate cigars are always good. Would buy again.
5 out of 5
By itself, with a Porter, even a dark ale, great cigar any way you slice it.
5 out of 5
Quality and consistency
These sticks were slightly cheaper than the other Smoking Monk SKIs, but they are just as fine. Easy draw and even burn. Mild to medium. A great morning cigar, yet flavorful enough after a meal or with a good whiskey or full-bodies beer. Consistent taste from foot to band. One of the best bargains in the Drew Estates line, but no sacrifice in quality. M
5 out of 5
I wait for these to come on sale. Nice relaxing cigar. Happy to get some more!
4 out of 5
Pirate 101
Very good. I was hoping for them to be a little milder, that is the only reason I didn't rate them 5 stars. This was the first time I ordered them. I feel I got my money's worth. I'm still looking for my ultimate cigar, but these are a good step in my quest.
2 out of 5
Not a fan. Very little flavor, bad burn, decent draw. Compared to others DE lines, I am disappointed.
5 out of 5
Great smoke
This is my all time favorite cigar, taste ashe smell the entire package and most reasonable cost
5 out of 5
Better beer and more!
When you want a clean crisp beverage to go with that delicious meal typically you pick a lager or a wheat beer, light clean and refreshing. Johnathan Drew has prepared a wonderful blend that comes across the same way, light clean and refreshing. This Toro not only makes a great pairing with wheat / white beers but it is so much more with a mild smooth flavor. Boasting a creamy vanilla finish with only a hint of pepper this should be the stick of choice when you are searching for something mild.
5 out of 5
The Smoking Monk Hefeweizen, a heavenly experience
Very mild with a myriad of great flavors. Great draw from start to finish and held together the entire journey. Drew Estate rocks and I will purchase more of these beauties. Perfect size smoke for any occasion....
3 out of 5
Not bad but milder than
Not bad but milder than I expected.
5 out of 5
I'm really surprised at some of these reviews. Regardless of how well this smoke pairs with a beer (I haven't actually tried a pairing) this is easily one of the best cigars I've ever tasted. Smooth, flavorful, and consistent all the way through. Even tastes great after I chop the end off and smoke the last third of it days later. Highly recommend.
4 out of 5
A very nice smoke!
What's not to like about Drew Estates! The Hefeweizen is a medium - mild cigar with a hink of leather and pepper, a tad "grassy". Burns evenly with a perfect draw. I would recommend highly for those that don't care for a "full flavored" smoke. I have tried all five flovors and they are all good.
5 out of 5
Great selection
Variety of cigars is fabulous & they are also the freshest
5 out of 5
Surprisingly Spicy
Great flavor from beginning to end. A wonderful spiciness not mentioned in the description. I've shared a couple and both have raved about the spicy flavor.
4 out of 5
Went well with the Hefeweizen I chose, (apologies for forgetting the name at this time). It was my turn to supply cigars for our clubs monthly herf. It was received well and most of the discussion was centered around the vanilla scent when first lit. It was quite strong but we either became accustomed to it or it lessened as time went by. Other flavors were not so noticable but that could be my inability to taste as well as others. All in all, a pretty good cigar on occasion, but not one I'd want to smoke daily.
Customer Testimonials
Drew Estate has hit another Home Run. This medium-bodied smoke is filled with notes of dark chocolate, coffee, and caramel. A+++
I also do not know where people are getting the impression that these cigars are infused. The cigars are meant to be paired with the type of beer they are named after. That being said the Stout, IPA and Heffe are the two that I have tried and they pair wonderfully with their ale counterparts.
BO of Stevens, PA
This review is for the Imperial Stout: I received this cigar from the cigar of the month club and it spent about two months in my humidor before smoking it. The burn was great with plenty of cool smoke and burned to the nub - though it needed a couple touch ups, not a huge deal. The draw was perfect. More importantly, the flavor. I sat down with a Samuel Smith's Imperial Stout and had really been looking forward to this combination since I first saw the stogie. The cigar reminded me a lot of pipe tobaccos and while I don't think this was an infused cigar (which I'm not opposed to), the flavor certainly reminded me a few I've had. I've had a few cigars that paired very well with dark beers, but for me, this was definitely not one of them. The flavor came off as too sweet and was definitely less than an ideal pairing to the beer. I'd still like to try the other varieties of The Smoking Monk, but I don't think I'll be revisiting this one. Not by any means a bad smoke, but the flavor was just not it for me.
CL of Reno, NV
I think these cigars are a hit or miss. I've smoked 2 porters and 2 IPAs. Let's start by saying that neither seemed to be infused cigars. I think some people are confused between infused and mixing different tobacco to give a unique profile. These are more like the natural line (not infused), than the Acid line (infused). That being said, I really really enjoy the porter cigar. Pair with a nice porter and you're in for a real treat. On the other hand, I didn't enjoy the IPA cigar at all. Either way, if you are into craft beer, you should at least give these cigars a try.
BC of Riverside, RI
So, I have smoked the porter and the IPA. Let's talk about infusion. These cigars don't really taste infused. Don't get me wrong, it seems borderline, but they are NOT on the level of the Acid line when it comes to infusion. They are a very unique smoke. I personally enjoyed the porter cigar very much; I would buy it again. Not sure about the IPA. Maybe if it was in a variety pack.
BC of Riverside, RI
I've gotten these cigars and they are very good. I would get this cigar again... it's the best for the money.
The Smoking Monk was an enjoyable smoke paired with my morning cup of coffee. I did taste heavy hints of chocolate and mocha. I think it's infused, for I'm not a fan of infused cigars. However the flavors of this smoke was a perfect blend! I enjoyed every puff, as a female cigar smoker, I will definitely buy more. This cigar wins my vote as an easy after work smoke or morning mellow draw to start my day!
NP of Montgomery, AL
I had the Smoking Monk Imperial Stout last night. It had hints of pipe tobacco in it. Even my wife noticed and agreed. It was a nice smoke with an easy draw. Paired with bourbon nicely. I'm considering a box at this point.
I just bought the 5 pack of the porter smoking monk. They didn't taste like infused cigars to me and I don't care for infused cigars to begin with. These were really good, I may have to try the others to see what the other reviewers are talking about. Maybe these are just well blended cigars that give off the impression of being flavored when they aren't? Genius Drew Estate
JC of Medley, FL
I just finished a Smoking Monk Hefewlezen. I asked my wife what she thought and she said she loved the smell of that stick. I ordered a box. This is a great cigar! It had hints of pipe tobacco, cherry and chocolate. The burn and ash were awesome, and the flavor is like nothing I have smoked. It is stated that it is not infused, but I don't care. This is my new favorite. :)
Just got my pack of American IPA; paired it with a nice strong Caldera brewing Hophash IPA. I am still new to cigars in general, but do like most of the offerings by Drew Estates. I do not mind the infused styles and the Kuba Kuba is a long time favorite. This was not an infused cigar, but its flavor profile did go very well with the beer. Quite enjoyable together. A bit close to my upper end in strength, but overall a nice cigar.
DM of Conway, AR
The Imperial Stout is OUTSTANDING ! Ordering for the second time !
MD of Hicksville, NY
I tried this on a lark. Can't believe it, the Stout really tasted like a stout! Just enough of a taste, but no where near overwhelming. I really like this smoke.
DB of North Babylon, NY
I bought a 5 pack of the porter cigars on Joes cigars. The price was right and it seemed like something different. Now I've read some reviews saying that these cigars are flavored but the the porter cigars are not. These are good cigars and they do pair well with a dark porter. If they are ever on sale again I'm getting more and I'm gonna try the other ones to see if they are just as good and if they are flavored. I don't care for flavored cigars, but like I said, the porters are not. I like them!
RR of Cedar Park, TX
I have tried 3 of the 5 and none of them were infused. Not sure what made the other reviewers believe that they were infused. The Imperial Stout was my favorite, but all were excellent.
SL of State College, PA
I bought the Hefewiezen thinking it would be a delicious Connecticut cigar to pair up with a wheat beer. Not so. It is flavor infused and it had a chocolate undercurrent. It smoked well and it was pretty ok for the beginning, but after a while, it was just a flavored cigar. I was rather disappointed. I bought a 5 pack and I guess I can give the other 4 away. Be careful, these are flavored cigars.
Love Drew Estates offerings but this is an infused cigar. I bought the Triple Belgian thinking that it was a blend of tobaccos as the ad copy states, but was very surprised smoking my first one that it was an infused cigar! Not my thing. As far as a flavored cigar goes, it's ok, and it does taste a little like the Belgian beer, but don't buy these thinking they aren't flavored. They are.
Drew, I love every cigar you've ever made.... That said, I was excited to smoke the Imperial Stout Smoking Monk... However, I was struck immediately by the aroma of the foot. It reminded me of some cheepies I have in my humidor called Petreus. Sadly, the cigar tasted exactly the same to me as the Petreus as well. It's not a bad flavor but if I didn't know any better, I'd swear you took the Petreus cigar and just rebranded it under your namesake. Sorry, I have to say "pass" on this one!