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Drew Estate Natural Ltd. Pimp Sticks

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Keep your Pimp Stick strong!

Natural Ltd. Is a small-batch extension of Drew Estate’s beloved Natural line that takes Jonathan Drew’s creative genius to the extreme. At play here are some of the world’s finest and most exotic tobaccos, expertly blended to generate a luxurious taste sensation unlike any other on the planet. First up in this limited edition series is Pimp Sticks, a blend that’s causing BIG waves with DE lovers.

Pimp Sticks comes in one size, and one size only — a 6” x 52 perfecto that’s hand-rolled with various strains of Dutch tobaccos, long-fillers cultivated from the black soils of Esteli, Nicaragua, and a gorgeous, toothy Cameroon wrapper leaf. This cigar offers up an exotic blend and an unparalled burn. It’s incredibly rich, smooth and subtle, yet bursts out with a big bouquet of flavor.

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Pimp Sticks (Perfecto) (6.0"x52)
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Overall Rating 3.72 out of 5 Based on 25 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Drew Estate Natural Ltd. Pimp Sticks”

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5 Star
4 out of 5
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5 out of 5
Very nice cigar..
5 out of 5
Great Smoke
Love these infused cigars. Drew Estate Rules !!!
2 out of 5
Not So Sweet.
The Natural Pinp Stick is a smooth cigar, but didn't have the sweet taste that the Robusto does. Wasn't what I was looking for so I sent them back. I ordered some Robustos this time and ready for them.
5 out of 5
Very Nice Smoke
I tried these on a "Make me an Offer" deal and was not disappointed. These beauties are a real treat. Do yourself a favor and add these to the bucket list.
5 out of 5
Managing Director
Excellent site & service.
5 out of 5
Nice draw. Great flavor.
1 out of 5
Harsh not what I excepted and was to much to send back using UPS
5 out of 5
Great Cigar
This is a great cigar. Taste, burn and construction is definitely a 5. A little pricy.
5 out of 5
Great Cigar
Very well constructed, Excelent burn, Suttel pleasing flavor. Excelent, relaxing smoke.
2 out of 5
Drew Estate Natural Ltd. Pimp Sticks - Sadly Disappointed
I had previously purchased a box of Drew Estate Natural - English Toro and absolutely loved them, so I thought I would try another variety and bought a box of the Pimp Sticks. I am sadly disappointed with them. The cigars themselves literally smell like they came out of a manure field and the taste is equally as bad. Even the smell of the smoke is offensive. I hope this was just a one-off bad batch, but I would be very hesitant to buy these again. I'll stick with the English Toros.
2 out of 5
Not so good
I am a big fan of Drew Estates, but the Pimp Stick did not hit the mark. Although flawlessly constructed with a gorgeous vein free wrapper, the flavor reminded me of a lady's perfume! I snubbed it after about a one inch burn.
4 out of 5
great and fast delivery
Got the cigars quick they were for my older sisters wedding and were well received.
5 out of 5
Excellent cigar
Excellent cigar
1 out of 5
Drew Estate pimp stick
Very disappointed in this cigar. Burn was lousy, had to continuous relight. On two of the 5 the wrapper was cracked and falling off before I even lit it. Taste wasn't much better either, and I usually like Drew estate cigars. Wouldn't buy again period!
3 out of 5
Good not great
This is a good cigar with chocolate and coffee notes. I wanted something a little sweeter. I like to switch between medium to full cigars with somethiing sweet.
3 out of 5
Decent stick
I actually ordered these hoping for some hint of the same sweetness of the Dirt but was disappointed. It is still a fairly smooth cigar but just not my taste.
5 out of 5
Very good cigars. Nice creamy
Very good cigars. Nice creamy flavor, goes well with a cup of coffee.
5 out of 5
Pimp Stick
The Pimp Stick is a delightful retreat from my regular medium-full sticks. If you've ever smoked or smelled Flying Dutchman pipe tobacco, the Pimp Stick is reminiscent but it is nonetheless a true cigar. I have sometimes tasted momentary hints of campfire roasted marshmallows as well as dreamsicle notes that come out of nowhere and then they vanish. I am aware of the wrapper unraveling issue. Leave them in your humidor for a week or so and smoke them carefully.
4 out of 5
Still had a good cigar taste !
I love drew estate cigars. This stick didn't have a harsh taste of coffee or mocha but just right. It was still like smoking a good cigar but not a crazy infused stick
5 out of 5
Nice smoke
Got these at a super price. Love the smoothness, nice draw. ..thanks again..I just ordered 10 Kuba Kubas..
4 out of 5
construction is great aroma is
construction is great aroma is super taste is so so
1 out of 5
Pimp stick is a Dip stick
Very disappointing,they were a little dry and the wrappers on them were cracked and peeling.I smoked some .They were sweet like they were flavored.
3 out of 5
Not a bad cigar
I really enjoyed the taste! It even had a perfect draw. The only problem with these is that 4 out of the 5 i recieved all had the outside wrapper crumble and flake off. Other than that they are a decent cigar.
3 out of 5
Nice shape and size.
The shape is interesting especially when lighting the tip. It is milder than I thought it would be, I have only had this cigar in the robusto size before and it is a different blend of course. It started to unravel in a spot on each end but didn't become too much of a problem.
5 out of 5
Love these!
Love these!
Customer Testimonials
This one is my all time fav! They will always be in my humi!
I received a 5 pack of the Irish Hops and was extremely impressed; my wife even enjoys this cigar. She will smoke the occasional Acid Tea Infusion and on a rare occasion a traditional cigar, but prefers a smooth smoke. The Irish Hops made me think I needed coffee instead of Scotch, it was like smoking an Irish Creme Liquor. Sweet and smooth, even the smoke was smooth and flavorful. This is a great dessert cigar, enjoyable after a nice dinner or anytime you want the dessert taste without the calories. I first paired this cigar with a Laphroaig with decent success, but after tasting the cigar I decided to try a younger and bolder Highland Scotch, with great results. The small bite and oak flavoring of a 12 year Macallan, was smoothed to a cocoa, Irish creme, and subtle scotch flavoring with the Irish Hops cigar. The cigar can be overbearing if you do not have a pallet for sweets. This is not an everyday smoke for me; however, it is one I will continue to enjoy when I want to step away from my traditional medium to full bodied cigars. I also think it makes a great transition cigar for friends who claim smoking a cigarillo or gas station, paper wrapper cigar is cigar smoking. It provides the sweetness they prefer, while introducing them to a full sized stick. Enjoy and Keep up the Fire.
Nice medium bodied stick. Rich good quality tobacco! Not a favorite as I prefer a creamy retrohale, but the taste was good & more smooth then strong. Excellent burn with no touch ups. I would definitly keep in humidor rotation just for a good variety. Try it.
First cigar was bitter but the ones after that were quite smooth. There is a lot of smoke and the draw was effortless with a good, light sweet after taste. They burn a little fast for me but over all a good cigar. The price was a bit high for a good cigar vs. a great cigar. Will not buy again unless the price comes down.
I have made multiple orders for this cigar because it is delicious. I am honestly not a fan of flavored cigars but this cigar soothes my pallet. I enjoy it with a nice root beer while in Afghanistan.
Smooth smoke, it doesn't get any better than this. me and my golfing buddies love this cigar. boo yeah. thanks again drew estates, keep going.
Well I just had my second Irish Hop and they are an amazing cigar to buy. Very sweet smooth smoke. Shipping was extremely fast. Ordered it on the nov 16 got them on the 22 of nov over here in Afghanistan. nice- thanks, you guys keep up the great work will order some more.
I recently had the pleasure of sloberin all over a batch of Drew Estates fine cigars without a doubt the best I have ever smoked.
I tried the Irish Hops when I was on leave in June 2010. Bottom line, this is an outstanding Stogie! It has a nice medium flavor with nuiances of coffee and dark chocolate. I am going to buy a box when I get home from the "Sandbox."
I'm almost finished smoking an Irish Hops by the ingenious cigar makers at Drew Estate...almost finished because after almost 2 hours of pure bliss I don't want it to end. From the honey sweet head to the silky smooth smoke, this cigar is perfect. As a veteran smoker of the Acid line, I have to say that this one is a keeper. A nice break from the typical, run of the mill smoke! Hats off!
Irish Hops rock!!! Buttery smooth and very consistent from start to finish. I'm ruined on all other cigars now!!! Be warned!!!
The Dirt Torpedo is one of the finest smokes i have ever had . Very smooth and mild nice burn {slow} for a short surroots. Drew estates is the best so far that i have found and the acid are good to.
(The Irish Hops) from (Natural Ltd. by Drew Estate) is nicely made - a perfect burn and draw as I have found with other Drew Estates products. The taste of this one was not for me - The tobacco taste was too mild, and the infusion was too strong. If you like the milder cigars, this may be okay. If you like things a bit stronger, this one will probably not cut it - Try one of the other offerings like the Kuba Kuba, Def Sea, or Earthiness for more tobacco flavor.
I am a real fan of the Irish Hops(Natural Ltd. by Drew Estate) . I have recently bought a couple of boxes and my wife just bought me another for my birthday, yesterday. They are becoming my favorite smokes. I am not a big fan of flavored stogies but this one is just about perfect IMHO. Try them out.
Drew Estate cigars are great, especially the natural! They are very sweet, but have some strong flavors too. Drew estate is the man! Every cigar is also great by him!
Typically I am not one for flavored cigars because I believe that my taste has matured beyond smokes that taste like fruits or cream or honey dispite my young age. This caused me to avoid Drew Estate cigars for a long time. I picked this cigar up Natural Ltd. by Drew Estate simply because It said Irish on it and thought that I was obligated by my hibernian heritage. I lit up and was blown away by the taste. The smooth, almost creamy draw instantly relaxed me the way only a great cigar can. Now I always have at least one in my humidor. This may be my favorite cigar! I suggest this cigar to everyone now, no matter what taste preference you have.
Wow! I've tried many a cigar, but the Irish Hops has to be hands down the best! Tastiest ever! But please, don't take my word for it, as there'll be more left over for me! Dan
Just tried the Natural Ltd. (Irish Hops).. I have a new favorite!! The taste is like a pleasant drive down a long road with a pretty girl that smells real good, you don't ever want it to end. The combination of tobaccos is perfect and Drew Estate has done it again. Thanks CI for gettin the vitolas to me quickly and at an excellent price. The Hopper is a must have Cigar.
The pimp stick is the perfect partner for a good glass of whiskey. It has a cornucopia of flavor. It is one of my favorites.
My girl was flippin through your catalogue and saw the Pimp Sticks ad (Drew Estate Pimp Sticks). She laughed and said I should try them. I said why not and what a stroke of luck that was!! For me, this is the cigar that all others are compared to! Sweet and smooth flavor and perfect burn.
When my neighbor and I found out about the "pimp stick" (Drew Estate Pimp Stick) we had to try it. The first one I smoked I fell in love with. I can say without a doubt it's my favorite. I would recommend to anyone
Spicy... (Drew Estate Pimp Stick) tasted like the La Vieja Havana's first run. Loved this cigar.
Whoa!! Whatta smoke (Drew Estate Pimp Stick)! I bet Superfly woulda been proud to smoke one of these babies.
We smoked some of the Pimp sticks tonight. He said it is the best cigar that he has ever smoked! They are definitely winners. Anyhow, I smoked it half way and still had the ash on it before it fell.
I think one of the best tasting and aromatic pleasing cigars are the Drew Estate Natural's, Pimp Sticks, Mixed Elements, etc. Whenever those pop up I'll jump on 'em. By the way the 1 day only special Upmanns in the glass tubes you offered a couple weeks back are awesome! I'm pretty sure you probably have the best pricing on the planet! You guys must sell a ton of cigars. Keep up the good work

Natural Ltd. Irish Hops by Drew Estate

Steve R

Some of you may realize the cigar I am writing about right now and navigate elsewhere on our glorious web site in search of another fantastic deal. But those of you who enjoy Drew Estate cigars will surely appreciate knowing, Jonathan created a new addition to the Limited Natural line, and it has arrived.

I’ll be perfectly honest. I love traditional cigars, and don’t care for much of anything else. But, there is only one factory on the planet today that can modify the traditional cigar using exotic tobaccos, pipe tobaccos, oils, botanicals, infusions, etc...and create something amazing: Drew Estate. Among this factory’s interesting blends, I will gladly pick up a Natural Root, ACID '5' (if I can find one) or Legends Drew Estate any time of day. Needless to say, it wasn’t hard for me to try Jonathan’s latest creative venture, Natural Ltd. Irish Hops.

The cigar looks and smells nothing like its older brother, the Ltd. Pimp Stick. It’s a 6” x 52 toro sporting a dark and toothy maduro wrapper. Currently, I am still waiting on the types of tobaccos used, but after burning a few, I can tell you it tastes like Nicaraguan long-fillers, aged, inside an impressive broadleaf. Once I learn more, I’ll be back to update this review.

The pre-light aroma is pleasant, offering a sweet, spicy scent, which is amplified once the cigar is lit. The initial flavor is sweet, with a long, rich aftertaste. Very sweet, in fact, but this quickly fades into an afterthought, as the filler leaves take control. The texture of the smoke is most enjoyable. Thick and velvety, the smoke seems to cling to your palate long after each puff, leaving behind a rich tobacco flavor. Throughout the burn, a truckload of unique nuances bounce around my palate. Some taste like coffee, others like cream and liqueur. And then there’s an unusual spice in betwixt. Craziness...but I like it. Still, while trying to figure out these flavors, I can’t get over how smooth and silky the cigar is. The ash is the blackest I’ve ever black, I am often fooled into thinking the cigar isn’t lit. And I’ll be damned if this thing doesn’t refuse to go out. The second half is exactly like the first flavor-wise, but you can easily tell the cigar has positioned itself squarely in the medium-bodied department. In fact, Ltd. Irish Hops kinda reminds me of ACID ‘5’.

Like any of Drew Estate’s exotic blends, it’s important to try this cigar with an open mind and eager palate. If you are a fan of Drew Estate, I’m sure this cigar will please you. If not, give it a try...there is enough rich, tobacco flavor to keep you interested, and hopefully help introduce you to the distinctive blending talents of Drew Estate.

Natural Ltd. Pimp Sticks

You've got to be kidding me! Webster's Unabridged defines "pimp" to be "one who provides gratification for the lust of others." Interesting! That's not exactly the vision that comes to mind, but I guess I have a lust for cigars and my pimp could be any one of the manufacturers that produce them. So, you could say I've been smoking pimp sticks for years. Just don't tell my wife, she won't understand.

I've been hesitant to reach into the humidor for this one. The regular Acid line is fairly aromatic. The Ltd Def Sea and Kong Cameroon are my favorite. But, I really have to be in the right mood. On the Natural side of the house, these cigars are more "normal" (besides the names) and I've really enjoyed the Leche and Root. (Have you seen that Acid Egg?) Maybe the name is throwing me off, but I'm not sure what to expect from the Pimp Stick. Cameroon wrapper with strains of Dutch filler tobacco grown in Nicaragua. (To be honest, I've never heard of such a thing - strains of Dutch filler tobacco? - sounds exotic.)

This morning I received an email from my good friend Jim. We've been bantering lately about some strong cigars (like Diesel, Cusano Killer Cameroon, and others) and much to my dismay he writes "I received my CI Natural Collector's Box. I tore it open and lit up one of the Pimp Sticks. What an OUTSTANDING cigar!" I almost called the paramedics to find out what this imposter did with my friend Jim. He assured me he was ok and that I had to try one.

The Cameroon wrapper is smooth and a little veiny. Each one is impeccably rolled with a unique shape (each cigar in the box has a slightly different contour and length.) I snipped the head of this perfecto and lit the foot directly without clipping it. Oooh Nellie! It fires up nicely and immediately starts to burn smooth and even. A subtle, mellow aroma immediately fills my office - I can't place it exactly, smells a bit like Anisette (an Italian liqueur often put in coffee.) The flavor is quite tame, but with a little zap! at the start. From the cut end, I see some bright yellow leaves - perhaps some ligero is weaved in giving the cigar a little extra bounce.

The ash is chalky white. It doesn't hold for much more than a 1/2 inch, but the draw is wonderful. The flavor is subtle, and mellow, with an occasional zap! thrown in. The burn is consistent and can be offered as the perfect pre-dinner smoke. The flavor disappears quickly with no harsh tones, no aftertaste, but keeps you coming back for more.

I'm smoking this one in the office and it's perfectly suited for the task. Often, our telephone reps complain their eyes are burning when I fire one up, but not today. I may try this at home and just tell the wife I lit one of the 12 giant votive candles we have around the house. I bet it'll work - the aroma is very pleasant and not overbearing.

From start-to-finish, this stick holds consistent flavor right down to the nub. It never burns hot and could serve just perfectly as my palate cleanser before I head out for some steaks.

Natural Ltd. Pimp Stick by Drew Estate

Steve R
Drew Estate is known for their Acid line, a series of unique, aromatic blends. Whenever I am in our retail store and recommend a Drew Estate product, I see the gears inside their head start to turn, and there’s no doubt in my mind that they’re thinking ‘flavored’ or ‘aromatic’. Considering my DE recommendations usually include the Natural line, this is not a good thing. The Natural line is not flavored, or aromatic. Actually, none of Drew Estate’s cigars are flavored – say that word in Jonathan’s presence and you may lose your tongue. But I digress; the secret behind the Natural line is the use of exotic tobaccos that you won’t find in your more traditional cigars. Leaves from Haiti, Turkey, and various other places are used. Even some of the world’s best pipe tobaccos are blended to create some of the cigars within the line. And let’s not forget the names. They’re great, and my favorite is the Pimp Stick, which is why I tried it so long ago, and am trying it again today.

With a name like Pimp Stick, I feel like I should be smoking this while cruising in a tricked-out Cadillac with shag carpeting. Unfortunately, my ride is the shop, so this desk will have to do. I’ve always enjoyed the pre-light aroma that this perfecto promotes. Cedary sweet and very pleasant. Already, I’m glad I am revisiting this cigar. I fire it up and it all comes back to me. An explosion of flavor ranging from a light sweetness to a rich toasty note that lingers long after the cloud of smoke above me clears. The flavors seem to amplify as I reach the thickest section of the cigar, and for once, my co-workers are not complaining about the smell (I smoke a lot of bad, BAD samples). The Cameroon leaf helps transform this blend into a solid medium-bodied smoke, and adds a slightly nutty flavor to the mix. As it tapers down, the flavors begin to mellow a bit, ending with a creamy, relaxing finish. Complex would be an understatement; this cigar is a roller-coaster ride for my palate. You won’t catch me enjoying a Pimp Stick every day, but I’ll be more than happy to revisit it on a regular basis.


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