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Drew Estate Larutan

Formerly "Natural" by Drew Estate


The Larutan cigar line by Drew Estate is a cigar you have to try. Each is handmade in Esteli, Nicaragua with a host of different gourmet long-leaf tobaccos from Syria, Haiti, Turkey, Dominican Republic and St. James Parish. Exceptional draw leading to incomparable flavor. These cigars impart a unique, distinctive taste which you won’t find anywhere else.

Each size in the line is a different blend and therefore offers a very distinct flavor profile. Below is a quick summary of each different size:

Larutan By Drew Estate:

Big Jucy: an extra-big, extra-juicy, Jucy Lucy
Clean Robusto: 
naturally sweet and rich
Dark Angel: 
a chunky torpedo with a rich, sweet, and complex medium-full flavor.
black as night; delicately seasoned; hints of mocha
Dirt Torpedo: 
a bigger, dirtier version of the Dirt in a Torpedo size
medium to full with superior balance in richness and sweetness
an intriguing flavor, aroma, and rabbit-in-a-snake appearance
Jucy Lucy: 
Cameroon wrapper; small size; hint of caramel, smooth
Medusa: a funky culebra offering 3 rich, mocha-filled cigars in one.
a 7"x44 lonsdale version of Dirt. Natural Dirt Blend.
mocha cappuccino taste; hearty flavors
Root Deluxe: 
a 6"x50 version of the Root that comes individually tubed
Shorty: dark, slightly sweet, and rich. Hints of mocha and chocolate.

Larutan LTD. by Drew Estate: 

A series of limited edition offerings designed to create unique experiences unlike anything else in the Larutan line. Click below to learn more about each blend.

Ltd. Irish Hops: dark, rich, creamy, with a sweet finish; complex and medium in body.
Ltd. Pimp Stick: Cameroon wrapper; medium-bodied, major flavor; exotic blend; rich, smooth, subtle

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Big Dirt Torpedo (5.0"x54)
Box of 24In Stock$194.34
save $34.9818% off
Box of 24 + 5 CigarsIn Stock$232.77
save $72.4131% off
Big Dirt Torpedo (5.0"x54)
Pack of 5Backordered$40.50
save $4.0010% off
Big Jucy (Corona) (5.0"x46)
Box of 24In Stock$178.34
save $32.1018% off
Box of 24 + 5 CigarsIn Stock$216.77
save $69.5332% off
Big Jucy (Corona) (5.0"x46)
Pack of 5In Stock$37.15
save $3.6510% off
Clean Robusto (5.0"x50)
Box of 24In Stock$206.34
save $37.1418% off
Box of 24 + 5 CigarsIn Stock$244.77
save $74.5730% off
Clean Robusto (5.0"x50)
Pack of 5Only 3 Left$39.00
Dirt (Corona) (4.0"x43)
Box of 24In Stock$158.34
save $28.5018% off
Box of 24 + 5 CigarsIn Stock$196.77
save $65.9334% off
Dirt (Corona) (4.0"x43)
Pack of 5In Stock$30.00
Dirties (Cigarillos) (4.0"x32)
Pack of 50Backordered$90.00
save $16.2018% off
Dirties (Cigarillos) (4.0"x32)
Pack of 10In Stock$18.00
save $1.508% off
Egg Maduro (Figurado)
Box of 1In Stock$23.60
save $4.2518% off
Elixir 5-50 (Tubed) (Robusto) (5.0"x50)
Box of 18In Stock$190.75
save $34.3318% off
English (Toro) (6.0"x52)
Box of 24Backordered$214.34
save $38.5818% off
Box of 24 + 5 CigarsBackordered$252.77
save $76.0130% off
English (Toro) (6.0"x52)
Pack of 5Backordered$40.00
Jucy Lucy (Cigarillos) (3.0"x38)
Box of 40In Stock$189.90
save $34.1818% off
Box of 40 + 5 CigarsIn Stock$228.33
save $71.6131% off
Jucy Lucy (Cigarillos) (3.0"x38)
Pack of 5In Stock$21.00
Natural Egg (Perfecto)
Box of 1In Stock$23.60
save $4.2518% off
NDB (Double Corona) (7.0"x44)
Box of 24In Stock$210.34
save $37.8618% off
Box of 24 + 5 CigarsIn Stock$248.77
save $75.2930% off
NDB (Double Corona) (7.0"x44)
Pack of 5In Stock$39.50
Root (Robusto) (5.0"x55)
Box of 24In Stock$218.34
save $39.3018% off
Box of 24 + 5 CigarsIn Stock$256.77
save $76.7330% off
Root (Robusto) (5.0"x55)
Pack of 5Only 5 Left$41.00
Root Deluxe (Toro) (6.0"x50)
Box of 10Out Of Stock$119.97
save $21.5918% off
Overall Rating4.68 out of 5 Based on 47 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Drew Estate Larutan”

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5 Star
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5 out of 5
Great, smoker, good flavor, nice
Great, smoker, good flavor, nice all around.
5 out of 5
Great cigar, tried Irish hops but like the English better. Great flavor and easy draw. Service from CI was outstanding as usual.
4 out of 5
Smooth smoke. Sweetened tip.
Nice dessert cigar.
5 out of 5
One of Drew Estates best!!
One of Drew Estates best!!
4 out of 5
Good smoke nice burn enjoyed
Good smoke nice burn enjoyed the size didnt take 2 hours to enjoy and solid flavor profile. Would recommend
4 out of 5
Unique cigar
Nice sweet flavor and nice aroma.uneven burn.But overall in my rotation
5 out of 5
Small package
A great little cigar with a big flavor!
5 out of 5
My favorite cigar!
5 out of 5
Excellent choice in cigars!
5 out of 5
My favorite. Love the flavor.
My favorite. Love the flavor. Ordering another box today
5 out of 5
Great taste
Great taste
5 out of 5
Sweet and Delicious
Beginner cigar smoker here - this was my first full box purchase. I love these cigars! They are maybe too sweet for some, but perfect for my taste. Goes great with a Buffalo Trace old fashioned.
5 out of 5
They're my favorite!
They're my favorite!
5 out of 5
Great cigars. My go to
4 out of 5
This is a loosely rolled cigar. Descent smoke if your into flavors.
3 out of 5
They were ok but not really to my taste! I always try different sticks an sometimes you get this!
5 out of 5
Great cigar for a quick smoke
These little guys are great when I want to get a quick smoke in. Flavorful and short 20/30 min burn Time.
5 out of 5
Great flavor
It is sweet, but it is a great flavor! I will definitely be buying more of these.
5 out of 5
MMM mellow-medium-maduro
Absolutely purchased this little gem out of curiosity but was pleasantly surprised. It has everything you would expect out of a maduro spice, leather & cedar but this cigar also boasts foot smoke that smells of dark chocolate.
5 out of 5
Favorite cigar
Must try.
4 out of 5
Fast convenient and a great
Fast convenient and a great value!
5 out of 5
Great cigar
Smooth creamy mellow
4 out of 5
Nice and smooth taste
Nice and smooth taste
5 out of 5
Goto for those short on
Goto for those short on time. Sweet, smooth, and tasty.
4 out of 5
nice a little
good to repeat
5 out of 5
My Favorite!!!
My favorite cigar!!!!
5 out of 5
Second best flavored
Second best flavored
5 out of 5
My DE favorite...
What a girl that Lucy is... Outstanding flavor.
5 out of 5
My favorite, go-to cigar
My favorite, go-to cigar
5 out of 5
The Natural
Good cigars and great service
5 out of 5
Great taste. Nice smell
4 out of 5
Nice little smoke
I really like the taste of these. My only complaint is that the cigar usually starts to fall apart towards the end of smoking it.
4 out of 5
Read it, its a small cigar!!!!
Good smoke as a quick break in the day. These babies are small!!!!!
4 out of 5
They were definitely a little dry. But overall great smoke.
5 out of 5
These are my favorites
I love the Drew Estate line of cigars. Always love the natural series, and the Acid series. These are a medium bodied cigar with chocolate overtones. These are definitely my favorites, I’ve purchased several boxes of them over the last couple years.
5 out of 5
Sweet smoke
Bold yet mild, a true flavor cigar easy and enjoyable to smoke. Good draw, taste and stays lit until the end.
5 out of 5
Great cigar
These are great cigars. Good burn good smoke all around great cigar. I definitely purchase again.
5 out of 5
so far so good
Just started using CI. Delivery takes a bit . but so far product is good .
5 out of 5
Good Smoke
liked the smoke
4 out of 5
Dirt torp
More sweet than dirty!
5 out of 5
Smooth Sweet Smoke
Very smooth, chocolate sweet. Good for a day in the field.
3 out of 5
Drew Estate Larutan Big Dirt
Just o.k.-Not my favorite
5 out of 5
Drew's review
As usual, the cigars are quality
5 out of 5
One hell of a good smoke!
I didnt know what to expect but i thought let me give it a try after all it is by Drew Estate, live the wonder flavor that it leaves in my mouth, i got a good smoke and it burned nice and even. Definitely adding to my top 10 list.
5 out of 5
Good even burn and has a sweet touch. Another great buy from drew estate.
5 out of 5
Always fresh and flavorful
These cigars are always very fresh and full of flavor. I was looking for a replacement to my discontinued Kahluas and I definitely found them.
5 out of 5
Favorite cigar
I don’t always like sweet cigars but when I do this is my all time favorite, always keep a few in the box
Drew Estate Non-Traditional 5-Cigar Sampler  5 Cigars Deal

Drew Estate 5-Cigar Taster Sampler just $1!

For a limited time only, with purchase of select Drew Estate Larutan and Deadwood boxes you can add a Drew Estate 5-Cigar Taster Sampler (worth $38) for just $1 more!!

For a lot of cigar connoisseurs, nothing can beat the taste of pure, rich, tobacco. But every once in a while, you might crave something a little different. That's where infused cigars come in. Infusion is a careful process that involves the meticulous balancing of essential oils, botanicals, curing processes, and the right tobacco to compliment them in order to create a completely unique experience.

The king of the infused cigar is undoubtedly Drew Estate. With Jonathan Drew at the helm, this company has been responsible for the most interesting and amazing infused cigars on the market. Beginning with ACID, Drew Estate's portfolio now contains dozens of perfectly infused gems running that gamut of strengths and tasting notes. Assembled in the Drew Estate Non-Traditional 5-Cigar Sampler are five examples of DE's infusing expertise, with flavors ranging from smoky and rich to sweet and creamy. If you love infused cigars or just want to mix up your rotation, you can't go wrong with the Drew Estate Non-Traditional 5-Cigar Sampler!

The Drew-Estate Non-Traditional 5-Cigar Sampler includes:
1 - Kentucky Fire Cured Sweet Just a Friend (6" x 52)
1 - Deadwood Sweet Jane (5" x 46)
1 - Larutan Dirt Torpedo (5" x 54)
1 - Kentucky Fire Cured Swamp Thing Toro (6" x 52)
1 - Larutan Irish Hops (6" x 52)

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